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The Morticians Daughter

New Boy

its form time and the names are already being whisperd around the class;emo' 'freak' 'slut' 'fat' 'ugly'.
i just stick one headphone in and start drawing. after about 10 minutes the teacher speaks.
"right everyone this is andy,he has just moved here so all be nice"
i looked up to see a boy who was wearing a misfits t-shirt a pair of blqck skinnys and black converse.he had black eyeliner rimming his beautiful blue eyes.
everyone started laughing quietly and making sly comments. the only spare seat was next tom,at the back of the class in the corner.
andy smiled at me and sat down.
"i'm andy" "i'm alyssa" "may i just say i love your outfit" i looked down "thanks,i love batman soo much";i was wearing this----http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_69/set?id=71367581.
"me too." "hey can i see your timetable" i asked "sure" andy said handing me his timetable.
"you have all the same lessons as me" "great,be nice to have one person that i like in my classes" he smiled "same here" i returned the smile.
me and andy were standing at our lockers wich happend to be next to eachother when 2 jock going by the names of callum and mitchell came up to andy and started being a shit head.
"oh look,another freak,alyssa you now acctually have a friend." callum said
"do us all a favour and both of you go die" mitchell pushed andy slightly
"you any are nothing but a freakish faggot,andy,to be honest you should actually killed for you faggotness"
callum said.
this really pissed me off so i walked up to him and said "why dont you do US a favour and fuck off you cunt" "what are you gonna do then you pathetic lil girl,we are just soeaking the truth about your faggot friend andy here" mitchell said "oh i'll show you what i'll do" and i punched him in the gut and tackled him to the floor and punched him in the face.i grabbed my bag and ran off,andy hot on my heels.
i eventually got to my destanation;the abandoned park down the road from the school.
"are you ok" i heard andys deep caring voice behind me.
"yeah"i said wiping my tears
"why did you do that back there,stand up for me?"
"well it really pissed me off and i really care for you and i'm not letting a cunt like him talk shit about you and get away with it,i know it sounds rediculous coz we only met this morning but i really care for you" i said holding his hands. "i feel the same way" andy said hugging me .


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This is good cx

Love it :)
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