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I found you so I will keep you


►Lucia POV

Zed gave us one last day before it will all go down. I woke up without Andy near me he told me he got something to do last evening. I dressed myself and went to zed. "You told me I should wake up early today, so I did" was the first thing I said when I saw his face. "Well a good morning to you too." He said in a sarcastic voice. "Okay just follow me and try not to wake everyone, I will bring you to someone who can help you or better said us all." So I followed him we went to a park it was really early so there where only some jogger and people with their dogs, and this one men I could remember and find under thousand of people. Zed leaned against a lantern and let me go first. "Well I see you growed up, it's nice to see you after all this time breathing and healthy."

The eyes in which I looked where the same as mine he growed old that's for sure but he has the same air around him like way back. "D..dad" I felt like my breath was taken away, after all this time just like nothing happened he just stood there, acting like nothing happened and everything will be alright in the end? Or did he just come to just leave me again alone? "Luci you know even if you think I may lie I love you, but I couldn't and I can't stay with you but I can help you, help you even if the price will be to high..." "Just say it old men." Interrupted him zed."well you know there is a way.... to stop the big war of everything what will happens but the price.... you will not like it. "

He looked down on the floor like he was searching something or catching the courage to tell me what's going on."Luci the price is you." "What?!" Was the only thing I could say. "What do you mean me? Am I a trophy or something like this I'm not a price tell me what this is about." Zed rolled his eyes." Just tell her old men we ain't got all time." "Watch your tongue zed. Okay Lucia listened, tomorrow will be full moon, you will have to come here stay right where you are at the moment show your wings and..." He stopped and looked sad at me."and you have to kill yourself with this sword right through your heart, your blood will fall down on the ground and end the endless fight that's what you where born for it's your fate." Huh? What did he say?

"You are joking aren't you?" He smiled gently at me put the sword in my hands and just disappeared with a silent 'no'. Back one the way home zed stayed silent. Back home I hide the sword in my bag and waited for Andy to come back. He took a long time but late in the night he came back. He didn't tell me where he was but I didn't care I was just happy to see him so I snuggled up to him but he shoved me away. "Not today Lucia I'm tired just let me sleep." Was all I got so I turned around and went to sleep the next day the bed beside me was empty again and the others told me Andy would come back later.

I was preparing myself this day I couldn't bother that he would maybe not be by my side at my last moment. The later it was the more of them left the house and told me 'I'll be back soon' it was ten in the evening and I had to go to the park so I took my bag and went to zed. "Zed?" My voice sounded a bit teary. He turned around. "Oh is it already this late?" I nodded and he took me in a long hug. "Zed? Promise me to take good care of Luke." He blushed and looked confused at me. "How did you know?" I giggled. "Zed I'm not stupid or blind just promise me already!" He sighed "Well alright, I promise." I got out of the hug and said a silent "see you later." The park was dark and it was really cold outside, I put my bag beside me and spread my wings out "so this will be the end."

►Andy POV

Another day slaying those beast they just won't give up. Just one more and I will go home I just have to keep in mind I do it all for Lucia. As I was about to kill the last one of them for today this one began to speak. "Well it will soon end anyway she is about to end it all!" What the hell was he talking about? Well now it's to late to ask him. I went home and there wasn't Lucia. "What the hell is this!? Where is she?" I yelled at zed. "Calm down you would know If you would have listened to her, well but I give you a hint, she is at the park and today is a full moon." I didn't listen till the end whatever was in her mind I just had to stop her and take her back home where she will be safe. As I arrived at the park there stood my Lucia with her wings spread wide I just could look in amaze as she abrupt turned around a scared look on her face. And just now I saw the sword in her hands. "Who is there?!" She said into the darkness. "Lucia?" Was all I could say while I came out of the shadows what are you doing?

►Lucia POV

Shit I wanted to do this without regrets! "Andy? Do you love me? Will you always love me? I do but I can't no longer stay with you, I have to go for you and for the rest of this world but I love you more than anything in this world, you gave me hope again, you brightened up my life again, you showed me what it is like to feel happiness and love. All my life I was just there wondering is this what I deserve not being loved and left behind by everyone ? But then I found you you gave my life back a sense and without you I wouldn't have made this decision." There was something warm on my cheek oh it where my own tears they just came out without me realising it shit. "Lucia ? What is this about ? Of course I love you.. Wha wait put the sword down Lucia stop this it's not funny no wait Lu......."

►Andy POV

I couldn't stop her suddenly she just heaved the sword up and thruster it in her chest as she fallen to her knees and all in some seconds I ran to her. "Lucia! Lucia! Stop this don't joke like this please I love you please don't leave me please Lucia!" A smile appeared on her lips and a quiet whisper said. "I love you to."

........I found you so I wanted to keep you


Hay it was a long time :)
Well a lot of shit happend in my life and I couldn't finish all so the end here is a little abrupt but it's like I wanted it at the beginning I hope you liked it anyway and it's to your taste :D I thought chapter 20 would be a good number to end this .... Or something like this. Well truth be told I lost my savings of the story or better said my PC crashed a while ago when I did something for school anyways Thanks for reading this story till the end.

~Chie ღ


Omg I finally finished I'm tearing

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

Hehe you again :) thanks if you really loved it :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Yes really :3 you don't have to thank me because I really like your story :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Ohhh god loved it!!!