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I found you so I will keep you

✭I promise✭

Lucia POV

Andy was happily walking out of the living room so he could get the other. The one left where only me and Zed. "Do you really love him? You don't even know him. I know you better than he will ever do." He looked at me begging. "Yes I love him it's like faith we met. I didn't even want to walk there where I did met him for the first time. But in my heart will always be a place for you." I smiled gently at him and gave him a hug. I heard someone behind us clearing his throat and parting us.

"I think Like this its better." Of course it was Andy and i couldnt stop a Little giggle. "So Andy what's the matter, we are tired as hell?" Now they all looked at Zed. Jinxx looked angry and he doesn't seam like the typ to get angry lightly. "He is a friend, even if he is a demon but good that we are at this topic now, well I think you should sit down first." Everybody did as Andy said on the couch left of us sat Jinxx and Jake, on the couch right of us sat Ashley and Cc, we sat on the couch in the middle it was formed like a u and right from me sat Andy while left from me Zed sat.

Zed got the word as first. "So well I know that you all hate me, but I'm hear because of Lucia... Because she is the one you might have heard from, the demonic-angel child and I hope you all know that she is important for every specie like us, so I hope you will help us in this fight!" Everybody looked at me with big eyes. "So she is it really I had a feeling but.... Can she show us her power? Like show her wings?" Jinxx asked.

"Well that's the problem she doesn't know how she can use them so we have to train and protect her." He looked like he remembered something. He pulled my shirt up but not to wide and pointed at the so good as healed wound. "She got stabbed there just 1 hour or so ago, is this prove enough?" In a second reaction the all said. "Wow, omg, it's true, I thought it was a fairy tale." And stuff.

Andy POV

"Put her shirt down creep!" I said angrily pulling her in my lap and kissing her on the forehead. "So boys will you help her...us?" They all nodded and then a loud awwe got trough the room. "Little princess did fall asleep." Said Cc happily. "Well I'm tired to so could maybe someone show Him his room? Good night." I didn't wait for an answer and did just leave caring her princess style. I swear to god if something will ever happen to her, I don't know how much people will die.

I laid her down on our bed she looked so peaceful like nothing can harm her and she doesn't have the weight of two world on her shoulders. Oh now that I looked at her closely her shirt was strained with blood. I have to change it oh god of course I had to blush now I took a shirt of mine out and took her shirt of. Her skin was so white and porcelain like, I had to remember me that I'm not some kind of pervert and put over her the new shirt. She curled herself up and I cuddled myself at her.

» » » Dream alert!!! « « «

When I woke up there was blood where Lucia should be. This can't be true. No! I have to find her as I ran down the stairs I looked at the sad faces of my friends. The told me she died, but the couldn't tell me how. The said it was to cruel to tell. Shit I should have safes her. How can I go ahead now ? I started to cry endless.

Lucia POV

I got waked from cries beside me, it was Andy he was crying my name. "Andy!" He didn't wake up. "Andy !!" I repeated louder but nothing changed. "Shit, ANDY WAKE UP!" I nearly screamed at him and shake him. He suddenly opened his eyes full of tears. "Lucia, thanks god." His voice was more of a whisper and he took me in a hug and didn't let go while crying on my shoulder. "Yes it's me and you won't get so easily away from me." I said in a gentle voice while patting his back. "I promise!"


So it's the next chapter again :) I hope you all liked it :>
and thanks for reading :]

~Chie ღ


Omg I finally finished I'm tearing

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

Hehe you again :) thanks if you really loved it :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Yes really :3 you don't have to thank me because I really like your story :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Ohhh god loved it!!!