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I found you so I will keep you


Lucia POV

He hugged me took me into our first real deep kiss and the took me bridal style up.
He kept going towards his bedroom oh god what does he want? I don't know if I'm ready for this! He laid me down on his bed looked into my eyes and said. "Don't fear me darling I won't rush things for now I'm happy enough to be beside you" and gave me a kiss on the forehead, nose and then on the lips. Just after this he changed into his pyjamas and laid himself beside me and cuddled up to me. "Good night my sweet heart." He said giving me a goodnight kiss. So I went to sleep too.

» » » Dreams « « «

"Get it already he can't be the one!" "We told you he's not your future." "He will find another one ... A better one." "Didn't you forget someone?" "Yes right try to remember." "You will put us all in unluck." "you should have never been born." "Why do you never listen to us?" " your ignorance will kill you one day!"

I shrieked up out of my dreams. "shit!" I said quietly because Andy is sleeping beside me he looked so adorable. I stroke his hair and the entangled myself out of his hug. I just needed to cool of my head or something like this. I hate this dreams, will hey ever stop? Just in this second I saw something outside the window looking right at me. I hesitantly rushed down the stairs out of he door and chasing after him. I don't know why but my body told me I have to. Suddenly the person stopped.

"Lucia.... Why have you be born?" What is this person talking about? "What do you mean ? Because of the love of my parents of course." "Love ha love to who?! They killed each other! That's no love!... Your mother she just, should've stayed away from what was mine! But that day when she told me she is pregnant from him, was the day she learned about the truth! After this her love wasn't as big as she thought! They tyres but of course faith did destroy them!" What is this person talking about? Mom died because of sickness, when I was to young for thinking and my dad leaved when I was 10 years old! The person turned around revealing her face and the knife in her hand.

"And you should have never been born !" She screamed while running towards me thrusting the knife in my stomach, I held my hand to where she thruster the knife ... It was warm.... It hurted. She looked shocked. "Oh my god no! This is not what I wanted ! I'm sorry oh god no! Lucia I'm sorry you where his remaining. I'm so sorry." She said and turned before my eyes into dust. "K..k..ky..." I couldn't talk ahead because my strength left me.


Hay... I don't know really it's maybe a little plot twist....
well but I hope you liked it and had fun reading it, thanks :)

~Chie ღ


Omg I finally finished I'm tearing

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

Hehe you again :) thanks if you really loved it :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Yes really :3 you don't have to thank me because I really like your story :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Ohhh god loved it!!!