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I found you so I will keep you


Lucia POV

I life here in L.A. Since Kyle my stepmother moved with me here because of my father. I don't really know anyone at school and most of them just ignore me. As I finished to think about everything and nothing, home room ended and this meant no school left for today. I had the choice to go straight home or buy some monsters in the convention store so of course I went to the store, because you can never have enough monster.

» » » after the store « « «

Oh I think down this alley is a little faster way to get home but it's dark. Never mind I don't have the time to take the other one so I entered the alley. After some time I heard a heavy breathing from a darker corner I instantly spun my head around just to see a wounded men lying there. I don't know why but I couldn't just leave him there to so I got near him. "Can I help you somehow should I call someone?" I asked a little scared as I knelt down to him. The men looked up and I saw the clearest blue eyes I ever have seen. "No...maybe a little help, where am I and who are you?"His voice was deep but at the same time calm and he sounded hurted like yeah like oblivious someone really hurt him ."I'm Lucia you are in L.A....and who are you.... do you need some help maybe from a doctor?" I asked again. "My home is near here if you need anything, I can bring you over to my place... I could call a doctor or something.. Someone?" He looked at me confused, maybe I did talk to much."Andy ... My name is Andy." His voice was hoarse and died half through."So Andy ? Do you know anyone I could call, but anyways first of all you need some medicine and then you can tell me everything!"I said reaching my hand down, he sight but took it. "Alright!" He said loud.

» » » at home « « «

Luckily mom wasn't at home, so she couldn't complain about how I could bring a boy covered in blood home, I sat Andy down on the couch in the living room and now I need to get some medicine. When I came back Andy wasn't where I left him I found him standing on the balcony he looked sad and angry at the direction where the sun sets. I tipped lightly on his shoulder. "Uhm.. I don't want to interrupt you... but I found everything so ..... Could you please sit down again?" He walked back in and sat on the couch again, with a sad look on his face, I sat beside him and began to treat his wounds. "Hey cheer at least you aren't dead." I said smiling earning a angry look I sighted and treated his wounds again, he looked sometimes like he was about to scream but didn't. Soon I finished the bandages and looked at him asking "So it's all covered up should I call someone, maybe your parents?" He looked like he remembered something. "Of course you could call maybe Jinxx ."I gazed up at him confused. "And who is Jinxx?" He looked at me puzzled. "Well Jinxx is something like my brother and Mom in one, oh and his number is..."

» » » after the call « « «

I called Jinxx he told me it's to late for today and asked if it would be okay if Andy staid the night at my place, first I didn't know if it is a good idea but then I agreed. So now We sat in silence on the couch." Do you wanna watch a film?" I asked him a little nervous and instantly his eyes began to sparkle." Do you have batman?!" I giggled. "Of course all DVDs do you wanna watch it?" He nodded happily and I started the movies, I like them but I was to tired and after the second movieI did fall asleep.


Hay :) So this is my first fanfic ever.
I hope you like it so far and thanks for reading

~Chie ღ


Omg I finally finished I'm tearing

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

Hehe you again :) thanks if you really loved it :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Yes really :3 you don't have to thank me because I really like your story :3

TheBlackCat TheBlackCat

Ohhh god loved it!!!