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My Savior~Andy Biersack Love Story~

Chapter 1

Nicole's POV
"NICOLE!!! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!!!!!!"I heard Christian yell. I sighed and went downstairs. "What?" I asked. He just glared at me. Then he slapped me. I fell to the ground and he started kicking me. I screamed in pain. He picked me up by my hair and punched me. I screamed in pain again.

"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!" he snapped. I felt the tears come to my eyes but I don't let them fall. He started beating me again. I was in a lot of pain but I couldn't do anything about it.

Christian got up and grabbed his knife. I tried to get away but he pinned me to the floor. I screamed in pain as the blade sliced through my arm. He got off me and cleaned his knife. I was still on the floor and he just left me there. I heard the door slam close and the next thing I knew, I blacked out.

Andy's POV

The guys and I were on the tour bus. We passed an abandoned warehouse and I swear I heard a scream come from there. I turned towards the guys.

"Did any of you hear a scream come from that abandoned warehouse??" I asked. "I did," Jake said. "Same here," Ash, CC, and Jinxx said. "Do you think we should check it out?" I asked. "I don't know. Wouldn't it be dangerous?" CC asked. "Yeah. But what if that Nicole Palic girl is there??" I asked. "Good point. Lets go," CC said.

Everyone else nodded. I told our driver to take us to the warehouse. We got off the bus and walked up to the warehouse. I sighed and we went inside.

"Jake and Ash, look upstairs. Jinxx and CC, check the basement. I'll stay up here," I instructed. They nodded and went off.

I looked around for a few minutes until I saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks.

"ASH!! JAKE!! JINXX!!! CC!!! COME OVER HERE!!!" I yelled. They sprinted towards me. "What happened?!?!?" they asked. I looked at them in shock. "Andy?? Are you okay??" Ash asked. "I just found Nicole Palic," I said in complete shock.



okay. and thank you

I_Want_S'more I_Want_S'more
@Nicole Biersack

ok and if you need an idea just ask, i maybe new here but i'm full of ideas.

i'll try but i can't make promises
I_Want_S'more I_Want_S'more
It's completely ok I just hope you write more soon.