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Jinxx The Newborn Vampire?!?!?

The Cool Guys Save Me

Jinxx's?POV BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE- That's as far as my alarm went. I got up.and put on an outfit for today. I grabbed my pack, thindered downstairs, rushingly said ," love you mom." and left. I went up to the school doors after an hour of walking and went to my locker and was about to open it when a hand slammed my head into my locker. Before i fell, i saw Chris. They all laughed as i fell. Chris took my collar.and pulled me up and socked me square in the face as blood ran out of my nose. I tried to stand but Chris just shoved me back down and kicked me and him and him and his buddies laughed as i screamed in pain. Chris got on me and threw punch after punch, his friends joining until they all got pulled baxk except Chris. The punches the boys threw gave me limited eyesight but i could see the guys from yesterday beating the shit out of Chris and his friends. "Dint toucch him again. Got it?" The boys nodded then ran away like pussies. "Need help?" asked tje tall one. I nodded and he helped me up, his friends joining him. "I'm Andy, this" (he pointed to the claw mark guy) "is Ashley or Ash, this (the black tear guy) is CC and he always screams, andvthis is Jake." The guy with the two small lines under his left eye eaved. I waved back. I said, "umm thanks btw." Andy nodded. "Hey. Since school is out," as he said that the bell rabg and i collected my stuff from my locker. " You can hang with us?" I nodded. "I just have to check wirh my mom." I said. They nodded. "Mom! Mom! Can i hang with some friends i.made at school?" I asked when.i got home. Rhe guys were at where i first saw them. "Umm... yeah sure. Of coudrse tou can, honey." Awesmoe.


Be strong. Be faithful. to.ke please and read? BE AWESOME!!!!


Amanda_Purdy Amanda_Purdy
@futureMrs. Pitts
Hey! I just updated my story. 'Just give me a chance'! Just thought I'd tell you!
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl
@futureMrs. Pitts
Sooooo. Just out of curiosity, what state/country do you live in? Im not trying to be a creeper. XD.
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl

just kisding oka
futureMrs. Pitts futureMrs. Pitts
@futureMrs. Pitts
Although people consider us 'emo' we aren't. We are just different from them. Everyone is special and unique in their own way. Dont let their taunting and insults get to you!
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl