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Jinxx The Newborn Vampire?!?!?

The Daily Beating Turns Into A New Friendship

Jinxx's POV I was walking home toward my stone cottage, a comfy place. Yeah, right. Comfy. I call it a shack. "Now Jeremy," my mom used to scold me. (Jeremy is my real name, but I like Jinxx.) "You know that the landlady said we could stay here for free the first month and now that its past, she only demands less than half the real rent price because we have nowhere else to go. She's doing a lot for us, sweety." But I didn't care. I still called it a shack behind her back. I passed four guys who were all dressed in black and had black hair. The really tall one was smoking a cigarette. The other three were screwing around. Two were chatting and trying to chat with the ither one, but he kept screaming. I saw them give up. "Hi, Mrs. Rose." I said to thhe landlady. Shhe turned her head and smiled. "Hello, Jinxx." She's one if the ones who called me by my nickname. She said it as I heard branches snapping under heavy boots. "Jinxx, huh?" I heard someone say. I turned to find the dour guys I passed. "Nice name." he said. When he first spoke, his voice was deep loke this guys. That's when it registered. He was the one who cpmplimented my nickname and I hadn't ssaid a word yet. "Nicckname, actually." I.said. He nodded. "Well, Mrs. Rose, I'm going inside." She nodded and the guys left. The one ( I realized they all had black and white warpaint -also known as facepaint- on.) with claw-maeks down his neck came up to me. "Umm.. what school do you go to?" He asked. "Summerville High." I annswered. He nodded. "Us too. See ya there!" Today was good.


Sorry. I thought he should go to a high school and not go.to a middle school first. Will update. on this phone asap. (Its not my phone. u don't have one yet. I'm only 12.)


Amanda_Purdy Amanda_Purdy
@futureMrs. Pitts
Hey! I just updated my story. 'Just give me a chance'! Just thought I'd tell you!
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl
@futureMrs. Pitts
Sooooo. Just out of curiosity, what state/country do you live in? Im not trying to be a creeper. XD.
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl

just kisding oka
futureMrs. Pitts futureMrs. Pitts
@futureMrs. Pitts
Although people consider us 'emo' we aren't. We are just different from them. Everyone is special and unique in their own way. Dont let their taunting and insults get to you!
Outlaw'sgirl Outlaw'sgirl