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Andy Biersack Is My Sex Slave

Sex And Hollywood

I wrapped my arm around Juliet’s side and kissed her neck. “Good morning beautiful,” I mumbled in her neck as I kiss and nibble her. She let out a small giggled and rolls around so she was facing me.

“Good morning Andy,” She says and smiles at me. I push her over and press my lips firmly against hers. My fingers slowly make their way down her body before gripping onto her hips. I slowly grind against her as I nibble her neck. She groans as I bite that one spot on her neck that really gets her off. I chuckle and mumble words into her neck, allowing my breath to linger on her skin.

It’s not long before I feel her hand run through my hair, her legs move to each side of me, giving me room to explore her body. I know I have seen her naked a thousand times, but it never gets old. Kissing her neck, and trailing my lips down her body before taking her nipple inside my mouth. I circle my tongue around it before moving down. I move down slowly and I know that I am teasing. But teasing is part of the game, it makes things interesting.

I slowly move her legs apart further and kiss up and down her thighs. As I move closer I breathe out, allowing the warmth to tingle her nerves. I slowly start to lick around her clit while I run my fingers slowly up and down her thighs. I give her a slight nibble and I hear her moan. “Hurry up Andy, I want you!” She groans as I continue to tease her. It wasn’t long before she pushes me over and straddles my hips. I smirk up at her and slowly enter.
I let out a moan as I feel her warmth around me. I close my eyes and grab onto her hips, pulling her up and down. Her hands run all over my chest then she leans down and plants her lips on top of mine. I feel her push her tongue into my mouth, and we search each other as if it was a new place. I could feel myself start to lose it, the pressure was starting to build. The feeling of her around me, the feeling of being inside of her and I knew she was feeling it to. I let out a small grin as I start to move her faster and faster, I joined in, thrusting up into her, going deeper and deeper. Oh my god, I could barely handle it. With each thrust I was getting closer and closer until finally I reached it. I moved deep inside of her, at the right angle and the right time. I heard Juliet let out a loud moan, her muscles spasm, clenching my throbbing member. I let out a loud moan, “oh god!’” It felts so amazing! I continue to thrust until I could not take it anymore. I slowly collapse, allowing my hands to full to my sides as Juliet runs her fingers down my chest. She leans in and whispers, “You are the best I have ever had.” I feel her kiss my lips before hopping off and moving away from the bed. I looked up confused, where was she going? “Baby?” I mumble, I could barely move, the pleasure had been to intense.

She looks over to me with a small smile on her face. “I am going on tour remember?” I am pretty sure she saw the colour drop from my face. That is right. She is going on tour for one month.

“Oh, can’t you stay just a little longer?” I ask as I give her the most adorable, puppy eyed look I could give. I see her bite her lip, oh god that makes me want to fuck her against the wall.
“I have to-“I interrupted her as I jumped out of bed and pushed her against the wall. My lips collided with hers and we moved in sync. I could feel it all starting to happen again. Twice in one morning, I am the man.


“So are we doing this or what?” Ashley asks as he sat down on the couch next to Jake. I looked over at the rest of the guys to see them all nodding in agreement.

“Yeah, we are doing this,” I answer and pass the laptop over to Ashley. He opened it up and typed in mibba dot com. We all look at each other for a moment; I think we were all hoping at least one of us would back out. Like seriously? Reading stories our fans have written about us? There will probably be some fucked up shit.

“I can’t believe we are doing this you guys,” CC says as Ashley clicks on the sign up link. We slowly fill the questions out, making up a fake identity to hide our real selves.

“What should we read first?” Jinxx questions as we look through the search results. We were searching for Black Veil Brides fan fictions; we were hoping to find something basic, not to sexual and not to fantasy like. Out of all the random stories one stood out, it had the same name as one of our earlier songs.

“That one,” I say pointing to the name of the story. “Sex and Hollywood,” I add and smile at the guys. The cover next to it looked pretty normal even though it was rated 18.

“You sure?” Jake asks, double checking that this was the one we wanted to read.

“Yeah let’s do it,” Ashley says and clicks on the link. Once we open up a story to read, we all agreed that we had to read it to the end. They only time we can stop reading is if we run out of chapters to read, it finishes, the author stops writing, or death. So it was pretty major that we picked the right one. And I found out very quickly that I should have skipped this story.

“Dude, check out the layout!” Jinxx says with a grin on his face. I let out a groan as I take it all in, whips and chains. How lovely.

“Shall I start reading then?” Ashley asked as he quickly scanned the summary, he had an evil smile on his face. We all agree that he can start, so he does. “Sex and Hollywood: The story of an 18 year old girl who has a passion for the dark sides of life. With straight black hair, tattoos and piercings, she is a real catch in the metal community. With a devilish personality but an innocent look, it wasn’t long before a certain famous rock star set his sights on her. Andy Biersack, the gorgeous-“

“Gorgeous? Come on, this is a little fan girl writing about you,” Jakes butts in. I laugh and shake my head.

“You jealous?” I chuckle and nudge Ashley to continue.

“The gorgeous front man from the band Black Veil Brides, his heart was stolen the moment he laid eyes on her. It wasn’t long before he realized just how dark this girl can get. A couple of spaces down it reads, disclaimer, I do not own the band Black veil brides or any of the songs that may be mentioned in this story. I do not own any other band members or songs that are in this story. The only things I do own are the original characters. Please do not steal, this is copy righted under New Zealand law.”

“So it is a story written by someone in New Zealand, interesting,” I say and look over at the other guys. We have never played a gig in New Zealand, but we had heard lovely things about the place.

“I wonder if the author is hot,” CC says with a big grin on his face. Quickly we decided to check out the girl’s profile. Her face was covered by a mask and her page gave out very little details about her. The most we could pick up was the fact she is 18, in her last year of high school and her name is Taylor. Taylor; now isn’t that a beautiful name.



I love it! please update soon!!!!

horror-hottie horror-hottie

this story is awesome and i absolutely love the title :) please update

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Crazy_scar_bvb Crazy_scar_bvb

I love it! Haha I think I remeber reading the old one

Bvb67! Bvb67!

please update soon :)