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Andy Biersack One-Shot

After The Party

-----ANDY'S POV-----

Instead of dressing up like Batman, I decided to dress as a vampire. I wanted to match my girlfriend so, why not? As I finished darkening my eyes, I picked up my vampire teeth and put them in. The glue tasted like orajel, awful and weird. I put on the rest of my costume and went to go see how her's was coming along.

"Babe?" I asked, knocking on her bedroom door.
"Let me put the teeth in and I'll be ready," she replied.
"Alright, the party is at Jake's house by the way."
"I'm ready! Cover your eyes."

I did as she told me and heard the bedroom door open. I heard heels click on the floor as she got closer to me. Suddenly, I felt her chest against mine. Her lips grazed up my neck, sending shivers down my spine. I could feel her corset through my suit (typical vampire costume) and I smirked.

"Open them," she whispered in my ear, taking a step back.

I opened my eyes to a breath taking sight. She was wearing a short, black mini skirt with purple sequins, a purple corset with black lace, black high heels with studs, and a black cape with purple lining. Her eyes matched mine and her lips were blood red. She smiled, revealing her 'fangs' and I have to admit, it turned me on.

"Y-you ready?" I stuttered.
"Yes I am, darling," she cooed. "And after the party, you could get a treat."
"Likewise, love."

-----TIME LAPS-----

The party was settling down and I couldn't hold back anymore. I needed to feel (Y/N) against me. I needed her to know what she had done to me. Just as I thought that, (Y/N) sat on my lap and pulled me into a heated kiss. Instantly, I tangled my fingers in her hair and tugged. She tilted her head back and I licked the exposed flesh of her neck, earning a horny moan.

"A-Andy," she whispered.
"Yes love?" I asked, looking into her eyes.
"Let's go home."
"I want to play tonight," I chuckled.
"As what, darling?"
"I," I whispered, "will be the vampire and you get to be my helpless victim."
"Mmm, I like that idea."

Without another word, I scooped her up and, getting in the car, drove home. She kept me in the mood by running her hand up and down my thigh, dangerously close to my length. She started palming me and I moaned softly, wanting more. Just as I thought that, she did something I never imagined.

She tugged at my zipper, my erection springing free, and I felt her grip me then lick the tip. I moaned loudly and pressed on the gas a bit by mistake. She giggled, sending vibrations through my whole body. I moaned again and she began sucking my member. I looked over and saw her fingering herself. Jesus Christ, what did I do to make her so horny?

I was pulled from my thoughts as I felt myself going down her throat. I gripped the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles were turning white. I stopped at a red light and took this as an opportunity to let go a bit. I leaned my head back and moaned, feeling her stroke me as she sucked the tip. The light turned green and she deep throated my member, making me hit the gas again. We were almost home and I could feel myself getting close.

I heard her moaning as I pulled into the driveway. Instantly, I turned the car off and pushed her head further down, causing me to go further down her throat. Finally, I felt my release coming and fast. She bobbed harder and stroked me faster, wanting me to cum in her mouth. I gripped the steering wheel so hard that it hurt and released myself down her throat. She swallowed up everything I gave her and moaned as she did so.

I zipped my pants up and got out of the car, running to the passenger side. I opened her door and she practically jumped on me, throwing her arms and legs around me, as she kissed me passionately. I moaned into the kiss and pushed her against the car door, closing it as I did so. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she moaned as I swirled it with hers. I pulled away and she began our little game.

"W-what do you want?" she asked nervously.
"Don't worry, love," I said caressing her face, "I'm not going to hurt you."
"What are you going to do?"
"Bring you into my world," I said carrying her to the door, cupping her ass with my hands.

I opened the door and, kicking it shut, ran up to our bedroom. She removed her teeth, heels and cape. I removed my shoes and, since I didn't have a cape, began role playing again. I have to admit, this was very enticing.

"Don't try to escape, you're mine."

I didn't give her time to interrupt. I pushed her against a wall and she moaned. I let my lips graze her neck lightly. I kissed her sweet spot, earning a moan in response. I began sucking on it and, without warning, I bit down hard. The teeth fell off and I chuckled seeing the dents they made in her neck. Tossing them aside, I licked the spot I bit and she started panting.

"(Y/N), you're enjoying this aren't you?"
"Yes, Andy," she moaned.
"Tell me what you desire, and it shall be yours," I explained, wrapping her legs around me again.
"You. I want you, Andy."

Without another word, I tossed her on the bed and bit her neck again. She screamed/moaned my name and I kissed my way down her chest. I sat her up and unlaced her corset. She wasn't wearing a bra and I instantly got hard. I tossed the corset aside and pulled her into my lap. I sucked on her left breast while massaging the other in my hand.

(Y/N)'s fingers grabbed fist fulls of my hair and tugged. I bit down on her nipple and she drug her nails down my back. I released her breasts and began unbuttoning my shirt until she ripped it off me. Feeling rock hard, I waisted no time. I yanked my pants and boxers off in one swift motion and, kicking them aside, pulled her skirt off.

"No panties?" I asked. "That's kinda hot," I smirked as she blushed.

I tossed her legs over my shoulders and gripped her hips, pulling her entrance to my mouth. The second my tongue went inside her, she screamed. I licked each wall as I gripped my erection and began pumping myself. I felt her buck her hips and I pushed up on her g-spot with my tongue. I stroked myself faster and began thumbing the sensitive bud on her clit as she turned into a moaning/screaming mess. I felt my release coming again and her walls clamped around my tongue as she came, I met my release soon after.

"A-Andy," she moaned, "p-please."
"Please what?" I asked playfully.
"I-I need you in-inside me. Right now."

-----ANDY'S GF'S POV (YOUR POV)-----

He gripped my thighs and spread my legs wide. I was very nervous, this being my first time. Apparently Andy could tell because he caressed my cheek with his fingers. He kissed my forehead softly and gently pushed into me. I winced and shut my eyes tight and Andy held dead still.

When I was used to the feeling of his massive length inside me, I opened my eyes and nodded. He pushed deeper in and it didn't hurt as much. Andy slowly pulled out, then pushed back in and the pain subsided. All I could feel was sheer bliss. His massive length stretching me, his lips kissing me, his hands caressing me, everything was so perfect.

He sat up and I was pulled on his lap. He gripped my hips and lifted me up then pushed me back down, thrusting up as he did so. I threw my head back and screamed, feeling hot as hell. Andy's lips sucked on my sweet spot, marking me as his. I began digging my nails into his back as I rode him. It felt so amazingly good that words can't describe it.

"(Y/N)," he moaned, "you're so fucking tight."
"Andy," I moaned in response, "it's so good. Mmm, h-harder."
"You sure?"

I was thrown on my back and my knees were pushed up to my chest. Andy suddenly became an animal and he thrust deep into me, a low growl escaping his lips. I screamed as he hit my g-spot with each and every thrust. I wanted more of him though. Just as I thought that, I felt something else pleasing me. Andy was gripping the head board with his left hand and thumbing my clit with his right. He was also sucking on my neck as he continued making love to me.

I couldn't take it anymore. I tackled him on to his back and slammed myself down on his dick. He gripped the sheets and screamed, throwing his head back. I swirled my hips and felt him twitching inside me.

"Fuck!" he screamed. "Ride my dick baby! Oh my fucking God!"
"Ugh!" I moaned. "Andy! I'm so hot baby! I-I think..." I trailed off feeling a warm tingling sensation in my lower regions.
"Shit! Don't stop baby! Y-you're guna...c-cum but...don't...stop! Fuck! You're so fucking good!"

I felt myself release on him and I screamed his name. I dug my nails into his chest and, hearing him moan, began to slow down. I was then pushed on my hands and knees and felt Andy licking me. I gripped the head board and whimpered.

"What is it baby?" he asked, teasing my clit with his tongue.
"Andy, please fuck me?"
"Fuck me!"

I felt his dick ram into me so deep that it came crashing through my cervix and into stomach. I dug my nails into the head board, leaving claw marks, and bit my lip. Andy was palming my breasts as he began fucking me senseless. I was pulled to my knees, by my hair, and felt Andy's dick all over my g-spot. I began squealing and screaming wanting to cum again.

"Who do you belong to?" he whispered in my ear.
"Y-you! I'm all yours! Ugh! Don't stop!"
"Who makes you cum this much? Who makes you this wet? Who makes you feel so fucking good?"
"Andy!" I moaned, knowing what he wanted. "Andy! Andy, fuck me! Daddy!"
"What?" he asked. I felt him grow inside me so I knew it turned him on.
"Fuck me daddy!"
"Jesus Christ! That's so fucking hot! You're so bad," he moaned while spanking me.
"Ugh!" I moaned, enjoying every moment. "Spank me daddy!"

He spanked me hard, leaving a bit of a sting, and released my hair. I moaned and felt him crashing through my cervix and into my stomach, again, with each thrust. He was so relentless and I was enjoying each and every thrust. I threw my head back, screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Daddy! Right there! Yes!"
"You like that baby?"
"Yes! Oh daddy it feels so good! I-I'm gun-na...I'M GUNA CUM!"
"Me too baby! Me too! Oh! F-fuCK! OH GOD (Y/N)!"

We hit our releases at the same time and collapsed. We layed there for a while, trying to catch our breath, in a tangled mess of limbs and sheets. When we cought our breath, Andy layed on his back and I layed my head on his chest. He began playing with my hair and we both drifted into a well deserved, peaceful slumber.


There you guys go! I've been begged to write a one-shot! I've given into your plea! Your welcome! :)
Love you guys



Thank you, I feel honored

This is by far the best one shot on here


Haha, why thank you very much. ;)

Wow. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Hot damn girl.