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Seasons Are Changing and Waves Are Crashing


The lady with scraggly, dirty blonde hair stood at the window, her silhouette the only thing visible to the rest of the street. She watched, silently, as the 2nd truck this week backed up the new neighbours’ driveway. The beeping sound the truck created was the only thing heard about the tranquil house as He wasn’t there.

The lady savoured the time she had alone and dreaded the time she wasn’t. She found the silence comforting, although not as comforting as the hum of music. Her music taste jumped dramatically, depending on her mood. When she wanted a gentle world – a world full of good – her choice was classical of all different paces. When she wanted to vent her anger and portray her world to the rest of the planet, her choice was death or heavy metal.

The new couple came out their front door and met the man who jumped out of the front of the truck. The girl judged the pair as they conversed with the driver. The woman was skinny and loved showing her legs as everyday she’d worn high ridden denim shorts and it wasn’t the time for shorts yet. Her hair was currently brown but it had obviously been dyed several times but it didn’t look bad. It was tied up in a loose bun at the crown of her head. She was wearing a baggy t shirt which was so baggy, the neck of the garment hung off her shoulder. The tall man next to her was just as skinny, perhaps skinnier. He had jet black hair which contrasted with his pale – and what looked like flawless – skin. He had tattoos down his arms and the woman thought him mysterious. That was all she could see from the upstairs window.

The woman stepped away from the thin white cloth that hung along the window behind the curtains. She took hold of the drapes and pulled them to the centre of the window, shutting out the light. This was a room often where His acts of ‘retribution’ against her occurred. She’d hidden the situations from the last neighbours, which were there for 5 years, and planned to do the same for the new ones. She wasn’t stupid. She knew they were going to be inquisitive – prying about the people living near them without the intention of being intrusive – as they’d merely moved in.

“This is so exciting!” I sang with glee as Andy walked into the room I was in the middle of. I was in the middle of our new living room! We’d just bought our first place together.

“Yes but there’s much to do,” Andy said, looking around the high ceiling and light in the centre.

“That’s good because we can fix it up the way we want to,” I said, not expecting a reply. I had patterns of wallpaper and paint colours running through my head.

“This is going to be great. What do you want to start with first?” he asked as he came up behind me, put his arms around my small waist and placed his head on my shoulder.

“We either start with the bedroom so we have somewhere to sleep as soon as possible,” he smirked at me and kissed me lightly underneath the ear. He knew that turned me on. “Or...we start here – the centre of the house – and then continue a theme throughout it.”

“I know what my head’s telling me but I certainly know what another area of my body is telling me,” he purred into my ear. I groaned, spun around in his arms and had my lips consume his. We stayed like that for a few moments.

This was going to be perfect. We’d just bought a 3 bedroom, two story house in a really nice neighbourhood. We were halving most costs such as the house, the bills and the bulk of the furniture. We weren’t too far out from the heart of the city and my and Andy’s friends were still living within fairly close range of our new property.

“We can get to that later,” I spoke softly as he pecked my left brow bone. I smiled at him courteously. I adored it when he did small things like that. I was a sucker for cute little displays of affection.

I looked to the floorboards first. They were fine, having been already polished and were an elegant, rich hardwood mixture of dark colours consisting of sienna, chocolate and chestnut. The walls were a plain white colour and the curtains were chestnut venetians.

Andy went over to the kitchen bench which was covered with catalogues and booklets from various furniture and decorative supply stores.

“What did you want to start with first?”
Andy and I stared at the downstairs living/dining room which was now complete. We had placed a long, rectangular dining table to the right of the room opposite the sliding doors to the deck and backyard. Facing the sliding door, the house made a U shape around the square deck. The deck was roofed and had a table and chairs if we wanted to entertain outside.

The living room opened up to a lounge room. We’d left the living room walls crisp white which then changed to a light grey and then darker charcoal grey along the right side to the back wall of the lounge room. As you went around the corner, from the living room to the lounge, there the TV was situated against a jungle red feature wall which contrasted well with the grey walls, black sofas and black entertainment unit.

There were lengthy, vertical, white framed windows on either side of the sliding doors and on the walls which made up the U shape. These windows lit up both the living and the lounge room superbly and had white linen hanging close to the window, enclosed by black royal drapes – Andy’s choice which I also loved. We’d taken into account every detail – every lamp, every shelf, and what colour and size it should be, and where it would fit. Everything was a muted colour except the red which gave it a warm, vibrant and spontaneous feel.

“I’m so proud of how this has turned out,” Andy said, flopping down on the black leather sofa.

“Me too. I am deadbeat,” I said, flopping down beside him. He pulled me into his lap and kissed my head. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“I would suggest a shower...” Andy said seductively, pressing his lips against mine as I came to straddle his waist. “But seeing as we’re redoing both the bathrooms and neither shower is intact at the moment, we’re going to have to wait,” he said.

“I told Jinxx and Sammi we’re going over tomorrow – for a shower and to catch up,” I said.

Around 7 months ago, Sammi and Jinxx told everyone the happy news – they were expecting! I have to admit, I never really suspected they were going to have children, at least not this early into their marriage. Sammi was now getting close to her due date and everyone’s very excited.

Andy gave a groan as I kissed up his cheek. His slim fingered, broad hands soon glided up and down my sides. I pushed my fringe, which was compressed to my forehead with sweat, back.

We’d worked bloody hard today. We’d only renovated the living and lounge room plus the decking. We weren’t putting in a new kitchen which was one of the reasons we chose this house. The kitchen had already been renovated by the previous owners.

Downstairs, at the front of the house on the left, was the spare bedroom which was adjacent to the hallway with the front door connected to it. The kitchen was at the front also, on the right of the hallway, which backed up down the right side of the house. After the kitchen was the downstairs bathroom and on the left of that was the music room which was next to the lounge. The dining room I described was situated between the long kitchen and the decking – the heart of the house.

Upstairs was a master bedroom with a walk-in-wardrobe and bathroom connected; another lounge area, hall and balcony. Upstairs was very spacious. Upstairs, we were only renovating the bathroom whereas downstairs, we had the spare bedroom, bathroom and music room to finish off.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun right now...” I whispered, climbing off his lap and pulling him upstairs and into the master bedroom.

The master bedroom wasn’t much at present, having a mattress with blankets in the middle with a large, framed, vertical mirror leant against the wall on one side and a lamp on the floor on the right. The walk in wardrobe hugged the left wall – between the upstairs hall and the bedroom – and then connected to the bathroom against the back wall of the house. For us, a mattress would do – for now anyway.

I pushed Andy down and flung off his singlet. He did the same to my daggy top. We weren’t dressed very nicely as we’d been painting, moving and assembling stuff. I meshed our lips together once more and yanked off his sweatpants. He was already erect and I licked my lips as he helped take off my denim shorts. He held my shoulders and laid me down, kissing my neck passionately. It wasn’t long before we were love making in the dark like there was no tomorrow.


Hello everyone reading this. I hope you liked it. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to actually post this but I’ve decided to. Please recommend if you know some people who’d like this story and feedback would be lovely.
I don’t plan for this to be a very long story just so you know. There’s more to come! (:
Subtitle description credit: To the Moon and Back by Savage Garden


no ! update please !

AnnieXBlack7198 AnnieXBlack7198

I love both of your stories, I had read the beginning two chapters of this a while ago before I made an account and can I say I'm glad I found it again <3 please update this as soon as you can because This is sooo creative and original- something most of this site lacks.

Whoa. I need another chapter
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@silhouette dreams.
Your wrong when you say that I like your story. You might want to say I love your story though, I'm anticipating an update soon ;3
Lolo_bvb Lolo_bvb
I'm not ending it there! I know, I'm sorry but my exams start this month! I have been slowly working on it but can't focus very well when I'm stressed on something else. I'll definitely update after they're finished or maybe even during them.

It's lovely to know you like it :)