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I Wish I Never Fell for you Andrew Biersack, you are Killing me Slowly

How'd you get in here?!!

I walked in my house something felt... Off. I walked in the living room and saw the guy from earlier. " thought I'd stop by. Didn't think you'd call me." He said. " HOW'D YOU FIND WHERE I LIVE?!!" " I followed you, DUH." He replied in a matter-of-factly tone." How'd you get in?" " I came in the ought the back, silly." He replied in such a smart ass tone I could do so many terrible things to that boy.. It drove me.. I don't know.. Crazy?.. Annoyed?... Yea. But.. I kinda... I don't know.... Liked it...

" do you plan on leaving anytime soon?"

"nope." He said popping the 'p'

"and why not?"

"cuz I'm pretty sure I heard of you. Aren't you the super vamp that dies?"

"Maybe. Depends. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? HON."
"depends, do you take it offensive I think you sarcastic fake-annoyed tone is totally,completely, & UTTERLY adorable?"

"A.) you SUCK at flirting, B.) leave."

" no.. Not until you swear on your LIFE to go on a date with me tomorrow at six."


"yep." He said popping the 'p' AGAIN!

"whatever, sure. Now, LEAVE!!"

" oka great. See ya soon.oh and remember..."


DUNDUMDUN... Suspense.


@Death is Just an Opinion

Skullqueen23 Skullqueen23
@Death is Just an Opinion
I did. HER name is Tamika. Yes she's white... ;0
Skullqueen23 Skullqueen23
awesomez XD its so awesomez