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My Dear Biersack

A Feeling & an Illusion

I just stayed thoughtful watching every faction of him. Could actually be real such a perfect human being? He was looking at me like an angel, with his beautiful smile.

"... A-Am I dreaming?" I asked finally, a bit confused.

"No... no longer" he replied smiling, but then he quit doing it and said "I'm so sorry, Alice... you have no idea. I didn't want to, I regret what I've done to you every day of my life. But... it was inevitable, there just wasn't another way"

"Another way?"

"We have so much to talk about, Alice. But the accident was not intentional, I swear" he said taking my hands "I'm going to gain your forgiveness"

"You already have it..."

"Thank you, but is not that simple. You're not an ordinary person to me and I don't want things to end like this"

"Andy... do you know me?" I asked. He stayed thinking in silence but then his eyes were looking straigh at me, I noticed those blue eyes with a lovely brightness.

"I hope so..." he said finally, always keeping his smile. I believe I understood why he said that, but I had no time to reply because we heard someone calling at the door. Andy reacts "I think my time here is over" holding my hands yet, he brings his face close to mine until he kiss my cheek. I felt the blush with his touch. I noticed his nice smell invading me. I liked it. "See you soon" he said leaving the room. And he just left, letting me with this strange feeling of hapiness and confusion.

The last thing on my mind was Andy's voice thanking me while I was dying. Now three months have passed since the tragedy and I'm alive, Andy's sorry and I have this new feeling for him. Everything seems like a miracle to me, waking up from a nightmare to see Andy's face... it's just too good to be real. I never thought I would meet Black Veil Brides by this way, even in my craziest dreams, they were just impossible to me. Despite the accident, I was feeling so fucking lucky! But I recognize, the situation's quite confusing. I can't forget how I felt when he talked to me, when he watched straigh at me, when he touched my skin. This was completely new for me, I have to discover what it is and I think's going to be very interesting.

Doctors didn't let me deepen my meditations, one nurse and two doctors came quickly to my room to check me out. They seem suprised.

"Good morning, Alice. How do you feel?" the first doctor asked, while the second was examining me.

"I don't know... strange. What date is today?"

"October 19th. You have been three months in a coma and we're honestly suprised that you woke up so quick"

"Yes, Alice. Fortunately your accident didn't cause serious sequelae and you'll be healthy within a couple of months" the second doctor informed me.

"We told your family, they are coming"

"Thanks. Doctor, there was a guy here. Is he gone?" I asked, but they looked each other confused, then the first replied:

"No one had visited you today, Alice..."

"But..." I heard Moly's voice coming across the hall and then she appeared at the door.

"Alice? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! Oh God!" she screamed hugging me strongly, we both were so excited. How I missed my old friend! Her hug brought me this rewarding feeling of relief. My aunt, my auncle, my friends, I had assumed I wasn't gonna see their faces again, that's why finding them all happy to see me alive caused inside me an infinite joy. I was feeling truly glad, like I've never felt before.

The calls, the nice words, the hugs, the flowers, the gifts and letters. All I received during my stay at the hospital really suprised me. Apparently everyone was missing me and they seem to be grateful for such a miracle. Deep inside I was feeling so happy, now I see my life from an optimistic view, the accident and the death's closeness changed me. Life granted me a second chance and I decided this is my chance to live my life. It's true, all the love surrounding me encourages me to keep going. But what encourages me most is this feeling for Andy, nice and weird, emerging inside.

Many people came and asked me how could had happened such a terrible tragedy, and I just told them "I just remember a bike and... it was dark. I'm not sure, the memories in my head turn fuzzy". But there wasn't any fuzzy memory, I can remember every detail with precision... I keep them all in my mind like a nightmare, and at the same time, like a dream come true.


Hey thanks for reading! I hope you like it :)
Tell me if you liked it or not, I actually do care about your opinions ^^


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