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My Dear Biersack

Dreadful Consequences

A bunch of images and memories were going over to my head when I fell to the floor, but they were making no sense. It was like an unfinished puzzle. I thought about my father, the concert, my death, my dream's meaning, and many others things. And they lost all kind of importance when I saw the guys getting off the car... it must be a dream or a vision because of my delirious situation. But the pain, the deep pain. I was feeling it going through every part of my body, it proved me that I was not dreaming. Even when I was sure about reality, it turned very confusing to me because I was dazed and almost unconscious, so I couldn't use correctly my senses. I also was sure about my death. I knew my life was about to end, but I wanted to stay alive just to look up at the scene: Chris, Jake, Jinxx, Ashley and Andy staring at me pretty worried. To be honest, Andy's reaction really suprised me. He quickly ran towards me and got on his knees looking at me tragicly sad, those singular blue eyes sticking on mine. Is this really happening? I could swear I was dreaming, because I dreamt about Andy before and now I had the same feeling. So I didn't really know why, but I said slowly:
"My... Dear Biersack?"
He seems amazed at my words. I noticed the look on his face, it changed. His beautiful eyes were shining now. He was staring at me like he had realize something great, and that deep look gave me the strength to hold on. The insufferable pain was killing me.
"Forgive me, please... hold on, keep you alive..." he said suddenly taking my hand.
Just then I found out my dream's meaning. It wasn't a dream or a nightmare, it was an advice. Maybe today is my death's day and I predicted it, or maybe this is the beginning of something new. I don't know, but I felt like the pain was pushing me to death and I couldn't fight against it.
Now the guys were talking things that I couldn't understand while Andy and Ashley were taking me to their car. I could barely breath and it was so hard to keep myself awake. I was sick. But I didn't want to die... not after this. On the road to the hospital, I noticed my head laid on Andy's legs. He was looking at me all the time and his eyes on mine were really heartwarming to me. Through all of it, I could hear voices saying:
"What will we do with the concert?" Jake asked.
"I don't know... it doesn't matter now" Andy said, seeing me very sad.
"How is she?" Jinxx asked. I realized he was the driver.
"She's dying! Please Jinxx go fast!" Andy replied, desperate.
And then I couldn't hear the conversation anymore, because the pain increased intensely and I felt like my head was about to burst. I was fighting against death... inside that car with my five idols. I've never imagined meeting them by this way, fatally ran over by Andy Biersack. Despite of it, I could never blame him or hate him for anything, 'cause I saw his preoccupation and regret on his eyes. He'll propably end up in prison because of this. But I wouldn't let that happen. So, when we were in the hospital I tried my best and I explained to the doctor about my accident. I said I just fell off my bike, the guys found me and took me here. The guys seem confused, but they understood what I was doing for them and finally confirmed the acts. Now doctors were bringing me to the room. Wait, Andy got close staring at me once again. I could see a tear falling around his cheek. He took my hand and whispered "Thank you". Blessed words. Just one "Thank you" by Andy was enough to make me feel the luckiest girl ever.
Doctors led me to the room. I felt a sharp needle on my arm and inmediatly everything turned fuzzy and I lost consciousness. I fell into a deep sleep. An empty sleep, without track of time, without thoughts, without feelings, without dreams... a distant and constant space. The situation was maddening. It was like being in a limbo between life and death. Am I still breathing or did I stop doing it? I wasn't really sure. But I knew one thing: does exist one reason why I must live.
Yes! Gently, my mind was getting away from that undesirable place, this uncertain lapse was ending. No, I honestly don't know how to explain what was going on inside myself, but I think I could say it in just one sentence: I returned to life. When I finally recovered consciousness, I heard exactly what I was expecting. Then, I slowly opened my eyes to see him in front of me like an illusion. It was Andy smiling at me sweetly, he said serenely:
"Alice... it's been more than three months since the accident happened. You have been in a coma during all this time, and I've been waiting for you to wake up..."


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