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My Dear Biersack

The Accident

It's 5:00 AM, "Perfect Weapon" sounding in my phone woke me up, it was Moly calling to say that she was coming to my house in fifteen minutes. Today is July 11st... hours went slower than never but the day finally came, coincidentally today's also my dad's death aniversary so it's a day very nostalgic to me, but I actually can't avoid being excited about this concert, which will be an unforgettable experience... and now rest just hours. Moly and I have been planning this day from so long time, we must be at 6:00 AM in the place and it was already late. Just when Moly called I got up from bed and quickly was ready, then we started to walk the road. When we were there, we saw too many fans on the place but actually we was expecting more so we installed our stuff and prepared us (mentally and physically) to spending all the rest's day there. Hours went desperately slow, while we was trying to distract each other talking about what we would do in front of them, how it would be and many irrelevant things, our infinite eagerness was preventing us to talk coherently, and even more because as less time was resting, more and more fans were arriving. After that insufferable time of waiting (which was near nine hours), they finally were letting us come in. Everyone was getting ready and I quickly opened my little bag looking for my ticket, but terrified I saw that it was not there... desesperated, I searched over and over again everywhere and I didn't find it. How the fuck was this possible? during all the day I personally assured of bringing my ticket secure with me, in my bag all the time, it couldn't be lost now, this should be some kind of bad joke... "Moly! Where's my ticket?!" I asked her, startled. "What? It's not with you?" "I don't know it's not in my bag anymore! Moly, where the fuck is my ticket!" "I swear I don't know it!" "I have to find it!" I said looking violently between the fans. "There's no time Alice! We're going to come in now!" "Damnit! What do I do now?" "Just... hide yourself and don't let me go!" I did exactly what Moly said, I tried to mix up myself with the crowd by the way best I could, we were getting it... Moly just passed her ticket and we were already in. Yes! I felt blissful, until I realized that a man was taking my arm strongly, and I wanted to die when I heard him saying: "Hey! Your ticket please" "I... I lost it..." I said, setting down all my hopes and almost brusting into tears, but that man had no compassion and throwing me back said: "Get out, please" "But it's true please believe me! I just lost my ticket don't do this with me! please!" I protested, but my tears and shouts didn't work. The situation was confusing and that man was so fucking intransigent, the guards led me out and they adviced me to don't come in again, even Moly tried to convince them about my lost ticket but they were impossible. It wasn't worth to keep trying, so I moved my head negatively to Moly and she came in seeing me with the same frustration's expression as mine. I honestly couldn't believe what was happening to me... outside there watching all that excited fans passing, I felt an impotence that was only traduced in tears. Between all that people I saw my cousin Meg (who's actually a BVB fan because of me) and many familiar faces. I couldn't take that injustice anymore... I decided to keep trying, so when I was absolutely alone out there I searched for my ticket in every corner of the place, not finding it again. Then I went to the backside of the place looking for any possible entry, there were two doors which I tried uselessly to open. I wanted to keep searching but I suddenly saw two men (clearly drunk) getting close to me. I didn't hesitate to run out from the alley, but horrified I noticed the men running behind my back. Just then, my desesperation forced me to run with all my strenght, and guided by the adrenaline I ran and ran in any direction until it seems like I have lost them. When I stopped I saw around me to be sure, but in that moment I heard behind my back a car approximating, I turned, and when I thought that nothing worse could happen to me I saw a big truck coming straight at me. I just stayed paralyzed by the fear because it was already too late to run, so I closed my eyes and prepared myself to my death. In less than one second I felt all the weight of the truck's cab on me and a mortal hit in my head against the ground. I was pretty sure I would die in any moment, but surpirses doesn't ended yet... inmediatly the car's driver came out dropping a cigarette, car's others people also did, but I couldn't believe it... they were Black Veil Brides! and the driver was Andy Biersack...


Thanks for reading! Want more chapters? Just let me know! :)


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