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My Dear Biersack

Dream & Prediction

There was me, walking on the empty streets among the dark night... absolutely alone, without course. Scared I see around me and ask myself "What am I doing in this world? Why am I still alive?". My life hasn't any sense at all, and inside that grim outlook I just was waiting the death, but suddenly someone come near my back and softly takes my hand saying "Don't be afraid... I am here". Instantly I recongnized his voice and when I turn to see him all my fears disappear, then I hug him saying quietly "My Dear Biersack!". Andy gets my hug with such an infinite serenity and I can feel their arms involving me, his solemn scent, his breath, his pulse, everything... we both were acting by the most normal way, like we have known forever because that's how we felt it. As we were enjoying that gentle hug, Andy gets near to my ear and slowly whispers me "Just keep alive... forgive me". Inmediately, Andy and all around me fades away and I open my eyes.
I was in my room laying on the bed, I looked around me bewildered... everything was a dream? but I touched him, I felt him! it was just a dream? really?! I honestly couldn't believe it. I swear, I never in my whole life had such a real and beautiful dream, so it was hard to convince myself about the truth. When I finally did, I started thinking... this could mean something, why did I call him 'My Dear Biersack'? I don't understand... why did he say what he said? I didn't find connection between these words, so I decided not caring about it, although I must to say that my dream left me very intrigued.
Well, my story is not very interesting. My name is Alice and I'm 18 or almost 19 years old. At present, I live alone in my father's house, he inherited me when he died. I know, it's unusual that a girl of my age lives alone but from my childhood I learned to be independent and just when I've got 18 I wanted to live in my own house, besides, it's part of a project that I have with my best friend Moly. She's like my sister, we both keep a singular love for the music and we're inseparables since I have use of reason. Black Veil Brides are our idols and much more than that, because I can say trutly that their music saved my life.
My dad died four years ago in a car accident very strange and my mother never cared about me, so my dad was everything to me... I owe him all what I am and have now, no one knows how I miss him everyday, music has been my biggest support to this pain. But after the tragedy my uncles accepted me in their family and I lived with them and my cousin the last years. Mi aunt Rose has always been adorable with me and I appreciate her very much, my uncle Teo is a strict and serious man but I have many reasons to thank him, and my cousin Meg hates me and always did because some unknown reason, by the time we lived together we never could be friends, until now she's arrogant and superficial and I just ignore her.
Recently, I've been very depressed because I broke up with my boyfriend Ryan, he changed too much with me and I understood that nothing will be the same so I decided that the best was to end our relationship... although now I'm not sure if it was, but anyways, in this moment there's just one thing that I can think about, something that I've been waiting for so long and now it'll happen in two days... just two days and Moly and I will be seeing Black Veil Brides in concert for the first time! playing all our favorites songs! We've waited so long for this and now only two days left... it's incredible, I barely can believe it. But my last night's dream left me very restless, finally I deduced that it's just product of my emotion for the concert and my depression for Ryan's thing. Moly agreed with me although she also showed very interested in my weird dream.
I always remember when my dad said to me "The most beautiful thing in life is to dream, daughter" but I actually, always thought that some dreams, for more impossible they looks like, can become real...


This is just an introduction to my story, I hope you like it :)

Want more chapters? let me know!


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