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The Love Thats Lost

Pulling a Andy

~~Kat's POV~~
I felt my body slam on the ground and shooting pain went into my chest. What the fuck is happening? I thought to my self. Then i heard people shouting my name. I was in to much pain to really think about anything but what just happend. "Kat can you hear me!" i moved my head to say yes but it hurt so much. I felt tears starting to escape my eyes and then thought hold it back you are strong. There was no way i was going to cry because i fell. I couldn't hold back the tears though, i soon felt a pair of arms wrap around my body, this only caused me to scream in pain. I soom heard our manager Jason come over and start talking "Kat where is the pain?" he was only 25 but he knew what he was doing.
"My ribs damnit!" i said feeling the pain slam into my chest. Then i was laying flat on my back and i could hear the roar of fans over everything. More tears where streaming down my face along with my first taste of Warped Tour.
"Okay Kat its me Andy, Tell me if it hurts to breath." he said down in my ear so i could hear him. I shook my head yes. I could feel him pushing his hand on my ribs to see how bad it was, I shouted in pain once he pushed right where i was in pain at.
"Son of a jackass biotch." i said out of breath.
"So Jason bad news there broken, More bad news we need a ambulance here cause moving her could cause more bad then good." i heard andy say to Jason over the crowd.


I am sorry i will have to go back and add more to this, i am having a deep depression right now i love you all


Yay I'm a kitten ^_^ <3
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors

don't cry!!
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme

when she fell she passed out, it was in her thoughts that all of it happend
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
This song gave me chills. And I think I might cry now.
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
At how she goes from breaking her ribs to writing a suicide letter. And why the chapters posted twice..
ErinElizabeth ErinElizabeth