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This Love Was Accidental

This Love Was Accidental; Prologue

I'm not really sure how me and Ashley became best friends. In-fact I was raised to hate him.

Hi, my names Bonnie, Bonnie Clarke. I was raised in the small Christian town Tight-Wood. The population being a mere 216 people.

Down here in Tight-Wood everyone knows everyone; and having a secret is rare. Things travel so fast in this place it's like high school. By this i mean news travels fast, very, very fast.

My dad, Derrik Clarke, is the towns Father. He raised me on his own, for my mother died when I was two.

I'm not sure why or how my mother died, but many stories are told around the town about how she did. The most common being that she killed herself.

My dad and elders in town reassure me that she didn't commit suicide, for destroying God's temple is a sin ans my mother was a holy woman.

But despite what they say, the kids in school outcast me for my mothers actions. Choosing to believe the rumors over the truth.

When I was the mere age of 14, I did something unforgivable; I harmed myself on purpose.
I'm aware it's a sin, but I prayed for God's forgiveness. Every time I do it I pray for God's forgiveness....

I just don't understand why God took my mother. For he is to love and care for all his disciples But he took my mother! I know I am not to question God, for he is my lord and savior but I can't help but second guess his intentions. Surely he sees how it's effecting me and how I'm struggling.

But she still hasn't come back.



Just a look into Bonnie.
Some character developmet, if you will


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