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Avoiding you

Why? She thought. Why him again?


The sound of her name brought her attention back to the people sitting at the table in front of her.

"It's me. Andy. Don't you remember?"

She stared into his piercing blue eyes and all the memories she had let drift away came rushing back to her. Her knees became weak and she gripped the corner of the table to steady herself. She remembered now.

She couldn't speak. All her words had disintegrated in her mind. She just stood there and stared at him with her mouth hanging slightly open. It had been six years and she never thought this day would come.

As fast as the shock paralyzed her body, it went away and was replaced with anger. Fire coursed through her veins as she remembered how he so carelessly forgot to write to her. Not even a goodbye letter. She had loved him and he had just forgotten her like she meant nothing.

"Oh, yeah. Hi." She said flatly.

Andy frowned slightly at her tone. "Well, uh, what are you doing in L.A.? It's amazing to see you. You look so different. But a good different." He secretly hoped her answer would be she came to see him.

She looked from him to the girl next to him who was giving her the stink eye.

Ignoring his question and the girl sitting next to him, she said "Are you gonna order something or what?" She was so fed up with people treating her like she meant nothing. It made her feel like nothing.

After taking their orders down, she retreated to the kitchen to find Carolina and McKenna. She needed some moral support and some good friends to vent to. Even though she had only been working for a few hours and just met these girls, she already felt like she knew them so well. She felt like she was with her family; the family that actually payed attention to her instead of how her real family had treated her.

She pushed the door to the kitchen open, leaving it to swing back and forth behind her. She gave the order to the chef and set her elbows down on the stainless steel counter, resting her head in her hands.

"Lily, are you okay?" Carolina stood next to her, placing a hand on her back and rubbing it in circles.

When Lily looked up at her, Carolina stepped back. "Oh my god, are you sick? You look like you just saw a ghost."

Lily's face had been drained of all color, leaving her complexion a pasty white.

Lily shook her head. "No, I'm fine." She stood up straight and looked at Carolina. "Can you take over table five for me? I-I can't do it... I'll take over one of your tables if you want."

"Maybe you should go home..." Carolina suggested. "You really don't too good."

"I'm fine." Lily insisted. "I just can't go back to table five..."

"But why?" Carolina furrowed her eyebrows.

"I'll explain later." Lily said. "So what table am I taking over?"

"Who was she?" Juliet snickered.

"Just an old friend." Andy said, staring at the green cloth napkin on his lap.

"Sure..." Juliet rolled her eyes at him.

"Come on, Juliet. Don't be like that." Andy threw his napkin onto the table in front of him.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes again.

He sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. He didn't understand why she was feeling so threatened by Lily. She never acted that way around any of his other girl friends.

A different waitress came by and dropped off their food. "Just let me know if you two need anything else, okay?" She smiled at them before turning to leave.

"Wait." Andy stopped her. "Where's Lily? Can I talk to her?"

"She might be in the back, let me go see." Carolina said before turning to go back to the kitchen.

"The guy at table five is asking for you." She said as she walked into the kitchen.

Lily groaned. "Tell him I went home sick or something. I really just don't want to see him right now."

"An ex?" Carolina guessed.

"I'll explain it later." Lily said impatiently.

Carolina turned back out of the kitchen and straight to Andy's table. "I'm sorry, she went home sick." Carolina lied.

Andy's shoulders dropped and he sunk down in his seat. "Oh... Well... Can you tell her that Andy would like to see her?" He handed Carolina a scrap of paper with his number scribbled on it.

"Sure. I'll give this to her when I see her." Carolina nodded and went back to the kitchen.

She thrust the scrap of paper at Lily. "Andy would like to see you."

"God, kill me..." Lily mumbled.

"What's going on?" McKenna walked in. "Are you okay, Lily?"

"I'm trying to find out what's going on, myself." Carolina put in.

"I told you, I'll explain later." Lily said for the third time.

"Is it a boy?" McKenna asked.

Lily ignored her while just staring at the numbers written on the paper.

Carolina nodded. "Andy." She said.

"Alright, you're both staying over at my place tonight and you, missy, are going to explain all this." McKenna decided.

Lily crumpled up the scrap of paper and shoved it in her pocket before pushing past Carolina and McKenna to get to the swinging kitchen doors.

Andy wanted to talk? Let's talk.


You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC


10.0 18 Votes


hmm. I never thought about that. Maybe! :)

thatscalledyes thatscalledyes

Another Sequal!!?

Bvb67! Bvb67!
Why did you have to end the story D: plzz write another sequal or something :( i need itttt i just love this story
xEmmaBVBx xEmmaBVBx
Alexx11812 Alexx11812
Such a great story