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Break up

It's not like the letters just stopped after the first. They kept coming; all containing the same daunting message: Andy will never love you.

Lily was beginning to get frustrated with these messages and she just knew they had to be Juliet sending them. Somehow Juliet must have had this master plan to get rid of Lily since the beginning. It was as if she was mocking her old tradition with Andy by sending letters to her.

Today was the day that Juliet was leaving to go back to LA and hopefully these messages were going to stop. If it really was Juliet, they would stop coming and everything could go back to normal. Or at least she hoped so.

"Bye, guys!" Juliet swung her bag over her shoulder and waved to everyone. "And Lily?" She looked to Lily sitting on the couch beside CC. "I'm so happy for you and CC."

It was like that one last venomous jab to Lily's heart before she left. Juliet knew. She had to; and this was her way of getting the last word. This was her way to get that quick last satisfaction of making Lily feel horrible before she left.

Lily faked a smile as Juliet flipped her hair over her shoulder and sauntered off the bus with Andy following behind.

Again, the ride to the airport was long, awkward and full of silence. Andy could taste the anticipation of the words on his tongue. His whole body was shaking in fear of what Juliet was going to say and how she would react.

As they stood at the entrance to the tunnel that led to the plane, Andy knew that this was the time to do it. If he didn't say those words now, he never would. He'd be eternally stuck in this relationship and never get to be with Lily like he wanted.

"Juliet, I need to tell you something." He said, and watched her smile turn down into a flat line.

"Okay..." She said hesitantly. "What is it?" She could feel what was coming next. She knew what Andy was about to say. It wasn't like she didn't see it coming. Despite how much she hated Lily, she knew that this was probably going to be for the best. She could see he wasn't happy with her anymore. She saw the way he looked at Lily and even though she didn't show it, she knew that Lily had been lying about being with CC to save Andy.

"I think..." He trailed off. "I think it would be best if we stopped seeing each other." He said.

Juliet nodded and blinked back the tears that began to form in the corners of her eyes. "You're right." She agreed. The pain of the actual words was worse than what she thought it would be.

Andy was surprised by her response. He thought she would have thrown a fit in the middle of the airport and cause a dramatic scene but nope. She didn't even cry. He could see her rapid blinking and he knew she was trying to hold back the tears. She was trying to be strong for him.

"Bye, Andy." And she turned and walked away from him. As soon as he couldn't see her face anymore, she let the tears roll down her cheeks; black with mascara.

Andy hung his head and turned to go back outside to the cab to take him back to the bus. That had probably been one of the hardest things he had ever had to do before. But then he thought of all the positives that would come out of this. He could finally be with Lily like he had wanted since he was sixteen years old.

When he returned to the bus, everyone was gone. There was a little note taped to the counter:


We all went out to roam around and hang out with some of the other bands for a while. We'll be back soon.

--Jinxx, Jake, Lily, Ashley and CC

Andy shrugged, crumpling up the note and tossing it into the trash can. Figures they went out. Even though they didn't know he was going to break up with Juliet, they figured he was going to be moody because she was gone. Well, he was moody but not because she was gone for a few more months. She was gone forever.

He pulled back the curtain to his bed and before he could crawl in and curl up under his blankets, there was a note with his name on it resting on his pillow. He picked it up and unfolded it.


I know what you just did. Why? Why would you destroy a perfectly good relationship for that tramp? Lily? She doesn't love you like you love her. She hooked up with CC. Think about that. Drunk or not, I think she still knew what she was doing was wrong. That is if she even did have any feelings towards you. You've just destroyed your whole life for this girl that doesn't even care for you. Now what are you going to do?

Again, there was no name to indicate who wrote it. It was just mocking black words on a white piece of paper.


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You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

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Such a great story