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Mysterious messages

Andy stood, waiting for Juliet to get off the plane. Immediately he felt an overwhelming sense of fear. He knew something that she didn't. He could already tell that these were going to be some of the longest days of his life. He didn't want to ruin her stay, so he planned to do it right before she left. He knew it would break her heart, but at least he didn't have to deal with her sobbing over him during the few days she was going to be with him.

"Andy!" She squealed and hurried over to him.

He smiled and accepted her hug. "Hi," He said. "How have you been?"

"Missing you." She admitted. "I'm so excited to see you again!"

"Yeah," His voice emotionless. "Same."

He walked her out to the cab waiting outside and they got in, allowing the cab driver to take them back to the venue. The ride was, in a word, awkward. Mostly it was just awkward for Andy. Juliet was acting as if everything was normal, because to her, everything was normal. Or she thought, anyway.

"Is everything okay?" She asked, half way through the ride. "You're acting kind of different."

"I'm just tired..." Andy lied. Well, it was half true. Tour life was pretty draining. But so was Juliet's constant peppy attitude.

Juliet accepted his answer and leaned back against the seat. The rest of the ride was painfully silent. Andy just wanted the next few days to be over already. He couldn't remember a time where he felt so annoyed with her. What was Lily doing to him?

That's when the realization hit him. Lily. What was he going to do about the two girls on the same bus at the same time? They both hate each other.

It was too late for him to do anything because at that exact moment, Juliet was ascending the stairs to get into the bus.

"What is she doing here?!" He heard her shout.

"Fuck..." He mumbled under his breath. "Make something up, Lily. God, please, make something up."

Andy climbed the stairs to see Lily standing in the hallway with a wide eyed look on her face. He could see her eyes praying for help. And the worst part? She was wearing Andy's Misfits t-shirt.

"I-I..." She stuttered. "I'm visiting, too. Just like you. I'm dating CC now. Didn't Andy tell you?"

Juliet looked to Andy with one eyebrow raised and a skeptical look playing among her eyes.

"Yeah," Andy went along. "I guess it slipped my mind. I was thinking too much of you." He saved himself with that last line.

Juliet's lips turned up in a big smile and at that moment, Andy swore that Juliet actually didn't hate Lily anymore. All it took was for Lily to become less of a threat and all of a sudden Juliet acts like they're best friends.


A day had gone by and it was still incredibly awkward for Andy. Lily was picking up on his vibes because she felt awkward now whenever she was with CC around Juliet. She was tired of constantly hearing Juliet comment about how they were such a cute couple and they really suited each other. She already felt bad about their one night stand. This was just making her feel even worse.

Andy and Juliet had just left to go somewhere so they could spend some time together alone and Lily was exhausted from putting on this act for her. She threw open the curtain to her bunk and was about to dive into the mattress and bury her face in the cool pillows when she saw something resting on top of her pillow. It looked like a piece of lined notebook paper with her name elegantly scripted on it. She picked it up and opened it.


Do you honestly think that Andy is falling for you? He already did that once and look where things ended up. He's grown up and learned from his mistakes. Open your eyes. Wouldn't want to see you get hurt. He's got a band to focus on and he can't have you hanging around and distracting him. He's not going to take you back after what you did to him. And why should you take him back after what he did to you? Leaving you, stranded in that god awful place alone? Just think about that. Not everyone around here is who they seem to be.

There was no name to indicate who wrote this. She read the note over once, twice, three more times before the words stuck in her mind. At first she thought it was Juliet. It had to be. Why else would she so conveniently leave with Andy right now and who else would want to try and split apart their obvious relationship? But the part about him leaving her in Ohio didn't click with her. Juliet didn't know about that. Juliet didn't even know who Lily was until they met at the restaurant. This was someone who seemed to know everything. But, who could that be?


You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC


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hmm. I never thought about that. Maybe! :)

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Another Sequal!!?

Bvb67! Bvb67!
Why did you have to end the story D: plzz write another sequal or something :( i need itttt i just love this story
xEmmaBVBx xEmmaBVBx
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Such a great story