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Gotta fix this

"You little slut." Jake said when Lily finally emerged from the bathroom.

"Jesus Christ, Jake. You scared the shit out of me." Lily held her hand against her rapid beating heart.

"Why'd you do it?" He asked, moving closer to her.

"I was drunk, Jake." Lily responded.

"Fuck, Lily." Jake threw his hands up. "Drunk or not, you still had sex with CC."

"Shh!" Lily clasped her hand over his mouth. "Andy doesn't know."

Jake reached up and removed her hand from his face. "He's not here. He already left with the other guys for our sound check."

Lily took a deep breath, trying to calm her guilty nerves.

"Lily," Jake continued. "You know Andy still loves you. We all know he still loves you. Just because he's blinded by Juliet right now doesn't mean his love for you isn't there. Just... think about that. Please." He turned to walk away from her but then stopped himself. "I'll see you backstage." And with that, he turned and walked off the bus leaving Lily to wallow in her shame.

Lily sat down on her bunk. She hadn't realized what this was going to do. Now she and CC had this big secret to hide.

Wait. CC.

Lily jumped up and her phone off the bed before running off the bus after Jake and towards the stage. She had to get to the stage and find CC before he told anyone about their night alone.
"Thank you guys so much for coming out today!" Andy shouted into the microphone, receiving a loud cheer from the crowd. "Five o'clock! Our merch tent! Be there! We love to see you guys and hang out. Come get some hugs and we'll sign some stuff. Thanks guys!" Andy jogged off stage with the rest of the band. He gave Lily a little head nod on his way off and kept going by her..

"Hey! Lily!" CC's voice called out to her as he reached his arm around her.

She shrunk away from him. "CC, no. I can't do this."

CC looked at her, confused. "What do you mean? I thought..." He trailed off.

Lily sighed. "Look. What happened last night was a mistake. I was drunk and lonely."

"Oh..." CC looked down at the floor. "This is about Andy... isn't it..."

"No... I mean, okay, yes but it's also about me. I just... I don't think of you that way, CC. I think of you as my best friend. My partying buddy. Not my friend with benefits or my boyfriend."

CC nodded. "Yeah, no, I understand. I'm used to hearing that... Besides, I know Andy still loves you and it's obvious you love him, too."

Lily gave him a half smile and hooked her arm with his. "You'll always be my best friend, CC." She smiled and they walked back to the bus together, arm in arm.

Now that the whole issue with CC had been resolved swiftly, she could now focus on her most burning question of all. What happened to those letters? Did Andy stop writing to her or did something happen to them? It seemed all the guys knew Andy still loved her but if he loved her so much, why did he stop sending her letters?

When they returned to the bus, Andy swooped in and wrapped his Lily in his arms. "Hi." He said, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"Uh, hi." She replied, hugging him back. "What's this for?"

He pulled away. "I just felt like hugging you." He admitted. "And I wanted to ask you something."

"Okay...?" She motioned for him to continue.

"Let's go out." He stated. "Just you and me. We can go get some coffee or something."

"Like a date?" Lily asked.

Andy shrugged. "Well, kinda but not like a date-date. You know? Like a friend date. I just figured it would be a way for us to hang out since I've kind of neglected you since we started tour."

Lily agreed with the neglect part. "Okay," She agreed. "Tomorrow after your set?" She held out her hand for him.

"Tomorrow after our set." He agreed and they shook on it.


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You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

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hmm. I never thought about that. Maybe! :)

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Another Sequal!!?

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Why did you have to end the story D: plzz write another sequal or something :( i need itttt i just love this story
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Such a great story