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Welcome to the next three months of your life

"You remember CC, right?" Andy stood with Lily and CC backstage before the show.

"Yeah, of course I remember CC. I've never met another guy who's name is CC before." Lily gave CC a small wave.

"Good." Andy said, exasperated. "Well, you two hang out right here before he has to go on stage. Right here. Don't leave this exact spot."

"Oh... Kay?" Lily said as she watched Andy turn and run across the stage to the other side.

Now that Lily was taken care of, he could deal with Juliet. His plan was to keep Lily on stage right with CC and the rest of the guys, and keep Juliet, Sammi and Ella on stage left. That way, Lily and Juliet would have no idea that the other was there.

"Andy, baby!" Juliet called when she saw him. She pulled him into a stiff hug and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hi." He said out of breath.

"Babe, you're already out of breath. Take it easy. You have a show to perform." Juliet, ever the caregiver.

That was one thing Andy admired about her. She was always watching out for him and making sure he was take care of.

"I need you to stay right here, okay? The roadies and stage crew complained about people getting in the way backstage so I just... need you three to stay right here so you don't get in trouble, okay?" Andy felt a wave of nerves wash over him at his false words. All he could do was pray that she believed him. She could tell when he was lying.

"Oh... Yeah, that's okay." Juliet said. "You're always watching out for me." She smiled but then pouted. "So I won't be able to be with you until we have to say goodbye?"

"I'm sorry, but... That's just how it is." He explained vaguely.

"Black Veil Brides in five." A stage tech announced.

"I have to go." Andy said. "I'll see you after the show." He placed a kiss on her forehead and made his way to upstage so he could sneak behind the scrim to get to the other side of the stage.

The 'before concert' plan had gone smoothly. Now he just had to hope that the 'after concert' plan would go just as well.
Lily was amazed at what Andy and the boys had accomplished since they left Ohio all those years ago. She didn't even recognize any of the songs they had played since they were all new to her.

As she stood by and watched, pride filled every inch of her. If it weren't for her, none of them would be where they were right now. She always wondered what her life would have been like if she had never helped Andy with his band. Would Andy have a band right now? Would he have even left Ohio? Would she be the one kissing him goodnight every night instead of Juliet?

Throughout the show, she noticed Andy glance over at her occasionally. She would give him a cute little wave and he would flash her that perfect smile in return. When the show was over, CC practically threw himself onto Lily and dragged her away to the bus.

"CC, where are we going?" She stumbled over her feet as he pulled her along.

"To the bus!" CC exclaimed. "We have to get there before everyone else so we can get the best bunks!"

Lily rolled her eyes playfully and just went along. She wanted to see Andy but she realized that she would be spending the next three months with him.

Andy met up with Juliet shortly after the show was over and he walked with her out to the bus.

"I'm going to miss you..." Juliet said, a tear escaping and rolling down her cheek.

Andy wiped it away with his thumb. "I'll be back before you know it."

"C'mon Andy. Let's go!" Ashley called from the bus steps.

Andy gave Juliet a kiss goodbye before making his way over to the bus. The doors closed and the bus lurched away from its parking space.

Lily already felt uncomfortable with being on a bus full of men. It was just awkward because she hadn't seen these guys for six years. She felt like she barely knew them.

"Hey," Andy sat on the couch next to her.

"Hi." She shifted in her seat.

"Things will get better. I promise." He could sense her discomfort.

"Jake! Did you just fart?" Ashley shouted from the bunks.

There was a collection of laughter and Andy laughed a little himself while Lily grimaced. The face she made caused Andy to laugh a little more. "Welcome to the next three months of your life."


You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC


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hmm. I never thought about that. Maybe! :)

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Another Sequal!!?

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Why did you have to end the story D: plzz write another sequal or something :( i need itttt i just love this story
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Such a great story