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I don't owe you anything!

Just a little more then personal...

Sitting in the now silent court room as the judge read's over the case, the older man looked over the top of his glasses at me then at jake, then open's his mouth to speak, taking a deep breathe for what seemed like forever I almost started to tap my foot in antisipation.

"Mr.Pitts, you are aware that the standing chrages are 5 accounts of abuse, 2 accounts of rape and attempted murder?" He finally asked.

Jake's lawyer spoke up for him on his behalf. " Yes we are aware." the guy said.

"Then Mr.Biersack your aware that you are being counter sued for slander to character?"

My lawyer spoke up and said "We're aware. If I may present the opening of the case?" he asked, the judge nodded "Permision to call defendant to the stand?" My lawyer asked "Permision granted." the Judge said.

Jake took the stand after being sworn in, staring hard at me, as to tell me if this doesn't work like i want it to he's going to beat me to death. "Mr.Pitts, is it true that you and Mr.Biersack were in a relationship for 6 months?" Jake just nodded.

"And is it true that you and mr.biersack fought constantly within those 6 months?" My lawyer asked.

"Yes." Jake answered through clenched teeth.

"On file I have here the police report taken on January 4th writen by officer Kyles. See writen here is that Mr.pitts tried to strangle Mr.biersack, after beating him leaving several marks and a few wounds, Here are the picture's also with the file." He said pulling out the pictures of me and my battered bruised body from that night.

That was the night I had gone out with the guys, Ash, Jinxx and CC, to kareeoke and out to eat, I had forgetten my phone earlier that day, being rushed out of the house. I came home in a great mood, i was laughing and smiling still as I reached the house, waving happily to the guys as they left. i walked inside and saw jake watching tv on the couch, smiling I kicked off my boots and walked over sitting in his lap and kissed him on the cheek smiling, He pushed me off him and I landed against the glass tables metal frame, my smile faded instantly. "What wrong?" I asked.

"Where the fuck were you andy?" jake asked coldly, eyes still fixed on the tv.

"I went out with the guy's." I answered without hesitation, which pissed him off I guess because that was when he went fucking mental and started yelling and screaming at me, " WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU HAVE YOUR FUCKING PHONE?!" he screamed, standing over me now, my face looking like a deer in headlights I replied "I-i forgot it.." which was wrong to him and he kicked me in my side so hard it knocked the air out of me.

"You really went out with Ashley didn't you?!" Jake yelled, causing me to flintch as he rose his hand to me " I went out with Jinxx and CC!" I blurted out hoping he wouldn't hit me again, but that caused him to smack me.

Covering my face from that I bit my tongue and started to cry, I felt my self left up off the ground "You fucking whore..." Jake growled throwing me against the wall which knocked the air out of me as I hit and fell the floor my eyes wide and mouth hung open I stared at the floor, " WHO ELSE DID YOU FUCK?" Jake snapped storming over to me. "NOONE! I didn't fuck any one!" I yelled at him, which in turned caused him to punch me once more and throw another kick to my other side.

I curled up on the ground holding my stomach coughing and crying, something abotu jake's eyes changed and suddenly he was knelt at myside "Holy fuck what have I done?" he asked. I took my chance, got up and ran to the bathroom locking myself in, calling the police while he banged on the door and pleaded for me to come out.

"Mr. biersack... Mr.Biersack?" my lawyer asked, causeing me to snap out of my trance, "Y-yes, i'm sorry, what did you ask?" I responded, "Please take the stand and testify about the rape." my lawyer said to me quietly.

I took the stand and waited for someone to start talking, my lawyer approached me and started to ask question's "Mr.biersack, You have accused the defendant, Mr.pitts of raping you, please if you cloud describe what happened to the court?" he asked.

I swallowed hard and nodded "Well... that night he had locked me in the bed room after tying me down, and he didn't use rope, he chained me, like you would chain up someone in a torture chamber. It was terrorifying, then when he came in he was drunk and he told me that if i screamed for help he'd kill me, then taped my mouth..." I cut off and started crying.

My lawyer took me off the stand and sat me down at the table. Jake took the stand, and told his half, straight faced and cold voiced. He lied while he was up there, that hurt the worst.


So thats the first chapter :3 i know its sad isn't? comment are appreciated!


Why didn't you update? You realize that it has been one year, right?

Please update. I am a massive andley fangirl and I wanna read some!!! ANDLEY FOREVER
AshleighPurdy AshleighPurdy
Update :(
Alexx11812 Alexx11812
to be honest i love this story so far, it is so original and unique, and well sad... BUT PLEASE UPPDATE!
IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
Noooooooo Andyyyyyy >…
FallenBVBAngel FallenBVBAngel