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Love Isn't Always Fair

I need my baby

Ricardo's POV:

"Nice to see you again Ricardo" Jake said smirking at me."Uhh HI Jake" I said a bit nervous. Well fuck. I didn't know what to do. "So...Where have you been Princess? I've been looking for you every where." I said looking at her beautiful dark brown eyes. "Running. Running from them. I need to get my baby. She needs me. Oms,I left her with them. Who knows what they'll do to her!" Lil Rebel started to shake violently. She told me this would happen and I would have to hug her and make sure she didn't move at all.

Jake looked totally lost and his eyes were watery. His daughter was crying and all he could thing of was calling Andy and getting a acoustic guitar and play "Savior" (My Princess's favorite song by them) After they played it 3 times she finally stop shaking and crying. "I have to go back" Lil Rebel whispered in my ear." You can't go back babe. They'll take you away from me again and your new family. I won't let that happen. You can't go back." I said shaking Rebel's shoulders. "Fine but I'm going everyday at three so I can see how she's doing." Rebel answered quietly.

"What's going on? What do you mean you need to get your baby?" Jake said in a sad but angry voice. "My baby sister,well she's not a baby.She's 9 years old." Rebel explained. "Well we can't just break in and get her. They can call the cops on us." Andy said. "Oh Andy,sweet gazelle legged Andy." Rebel said rubbing Andy's face with the back of her hand. She stopped since we were laughing. "See my biological father is one of those guys who thinks he can take care of his problems. He says police are stupid. So if you guys happen to be friends with Pierce The Veil and Kellin this could be fun." Rebel then finished." What are you implying? " Andy questioned. "Giraffe! Shut the fuck up! You are using big words! That is illegal." Rebel said pointing at Andy.Then she continued. "Andyways, Pierce The Veil their song King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens.


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There. Chapeter 10


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Im working on chapter ten

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