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Love will Leave a Scar

Youth and Whiskey


I feel horrible that Andy had to know the truth but I think it's for the best. I was sitting next to Jake and I put my arm around him. "I love you." I said. "I love you too Jinxxy." He said laying his head on my shoulder. Ash walked in, "Hey Ash is Andy okay?" CC asked."Yeah he'll be out soon." He said. Just then Andy walked in. "Hey guys." He said. "Hey." I said avoiding eye contact. "I'm hungry!!!" CC Yelled. "Let's go eat."Jake said. "I'ma stay here." Andy said. "Me too." I said. Ashley eyed me before leaving. "Okay, we'll be back later." He said. CC closed the door and they left.

I sat on the couch and looked on my phone. Andy was watching tv. I wish I went because this situation couldn't get anymore awkward.

"Andy?" I said. "Yeah Jinxx?" He said calmly in his deep voice. I suddenly felt bad, I loved Jake so much but I kinda liked Andy too. "Umm you want something to drink?" I asked in a panic. "Sure, get me some liquor." Andy said. I got a bottle of whiskey and we passed it around until it was empty. "Jinxx, I loove you" Andy said drunkily. "I looove you too Andy." I said. I kissed him and he stuck his tongue into my mouth. his body was pressed against mine. He threw me on the floor and pounced on me. I let out a moan when he sucked on my neck. I turned him over and took off his shirt. I took of his pants and mine."Andy!!" I let out a scream as he rammed into me. The pain turned to pleasure and he continued. "Grrr" I growled seductively. He laughed and when we finished we got dressed.

"Andy we can't tell Jake." I said. "Don't worry, I won't." I starred into his stunning blue eyes. I kissed him one last time just as the guys walked in. They didn't see but Ashley looked at me with an expression that said, "What did you do?"

"Hey Jinxxy." Jake greeted me. I kissed him and we sat on the couch.


Those two did something, but whatever it was is over. I sat next to Ashley, he was writing in a journal. His chocolate brown eyes were gorgeous. I liked him so much but he must never know, no, never, ever. I went to the bathroom, I had to think. I heard Andy and Jinxx talking outside the door. "So we can never be together?" Andy asked. "No I'm sorry, I'm with Jake and I love him so much." Jinxx said. "Oh, well okay don't worry, I'll be fine." Andy said. I heard cowboy boots, Ashley must be in the room. "Guys I need some advice." Ashley said. "Shoot." Andy said. "I kinda, sorta, like...CC." oh my gosh!! "Congrats dude." Jinxx said. "What should I do. I wanna tell him but I don't know how he feels or how to approach him. "Just be honest with him, go for it, be risky, daring, I'm sure he likes you too." Andy said. "Thanks." They all left the room. I
left the bathroom and went in with them.

"Hey guys can I talk to CC alone?" Ashley said. 'Suure." Andy said."Noo problem." Jinxx said with a smile and a wink. "Am I missing something?" Jake said confused. "CC I gotta talk to you."

To be continued... :3


I left ya hanging.
:P Thanks for reading. I'll keep updating. please rate. thank you. comment <3


PLEASE UPDATE <3 <3 <3 It's a cliffhanger goddamn! ;^;

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I'm please update
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