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Diamonds On the Ground


Molly just hit the wall, finally. After a three year grieving sentence after her mother's suicide, she's finally lost it if she hadn't already. After attempts after attempts of suicide and recklessness, her best friend Jinxx takes a stand. As her best friend and adoptive brother, he feels it's his responsibility to get her help before it's too late. With her life in mind, he takes her on tour with him and his band, with high hopes that maybe she'll find that happiness does exist. The band of course accepts her as herself with open arms, but Andy a little more than the rest. Things don't go as smooth as Jinxx had in mind though. As comes love, comes challenges. And challenges aren't what Molly is prepared for, or could afford right now. Will she get through it? Will she battle her depression and win for that matter? Or will she give up and throw her life away? It's hard to say right now, but if your curiousity gets the best of you, you may find yourself knee deep in her drama, her love story. My job ends now.



Update soon, love the story (;

This is great! Update soon? :) I love it
CatCarlile CatCarlile