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This is the story of us

Ashley and Hannah?

~Ash's POV~ While we were waiting to get Kitty and Andy from the hospital Hannah and i decided to get some food from our lovely kitchen. She sat down on one of the stoles while i dug around for some food. She looked up at me and smiled "purdy your crazy." "Thank you. and your beautifule." i hadnt realised i spoke my thoughts until she blushed and looked away. "Really ash?" she questioned my honesty. I walked over and grabed her hand "i have no reson not to tell you the truth. Your beatifule and amazing." She looked at the ground, i picked her chin up with my hand and had her face towards me. "Whats wrong?" i asked her. "I... No one really is honest with me about being pretty. Kitty is always saying i am. but i think its just because she is my sister." she said tucking some hair behind her ear. "Well that has to change!" i proclaimed. "Ash, calm down. No one wants to help me." she looked down again. It shocked me to hear that, i want this girl to know i love her and everything she is. I moved her head so were faceing again, i cuped one hand on her cheak and kissed her. ~Hannah's POV. HOLY BATMAN SHIT! ASHLEY FUCKING PURDY IS KISSING ME, ON THE LIPS!!!!! Calm your tits Hannah. I kissed him back and wraped my arms around his neck. When we pulled away i smiled like a stupid person. "sorry..." ash said. "for what?" i gave him a quizical look. "Kissing you. I just-" i cut him off by kissing him. This time when we pulled away he didnt apologize. "Ashley purdy, i need to say this-" this time i was interupted my him. "no hannah, i need to say this, I know im the whore and shit of this band but i fucking love you and ever since we meet that night i havent stoped thinking about you and i just want to love you and treat you like you deserve." he paused to breath. I couldnt beleive what i was hearing. "Hannah please be mine." he said. I felt my self start to fangirl inside, i kept calm and noded. "Yes i will be your girlfriend." i had to say the whole phrase to beleive my self and what i was hearing.


sorry its short im on my phone and its being gay


My Sweet Lilah My Sweet Lilah
we all do
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
awwwwww i know that song <3
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
@ScarlettVonCrossXD i will and Ash let Pandy read this, and STOP GOING ON HANNAH's SHIT! lol Love ya and tell Pandy hey and i will text you saturday! XOX ~Kitty
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
Kitty update ~Ash
Hannah left her laptop here on accident this weekend so hehe
BTW Purdy Girls I love you
My Sweet Lilah My Sweet Lilah