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Give Me A Sign, I Want To Believe


Allyson is a 17 year old girl finishing up high school. She’s had a few boyfriends but they all lied saying they really loved her when they really just wanted to have sex with her. She’s luckily still a virgin. Buy when her most recent “boyfriend” breaks up with her, Allyson smashes her phone and hides in a tree where she burns her skin with a lighter. Jake notices her while driving home from his final days at the studio. He’s broken up with Ella so she can take a rare modeling opportunity. Jake takes Allyson in and cares for her. Allyson doesn’t get what Jake sees in her. Allyson is in for a ride of a lifetime when she stays with Jake and befriends BVB.

Title credit goes to: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa by P!ATD

Jake does NOT have bulimia in real life. This story is purely fiction. Certain events in this story are based off of true events that have happened. I don't hate Ella. I actually adore her and wish i could have a relationship like hers' and Jake's.

If anyone sees this posted somewhere and it's not under this username or AdrianaFerguson, please tell me. I have my other story posted on Wattpad and i want this to be original. Please don't steal this story from me. i work very hard to write each chapter. <3

~Wolf Tiger <3


Allyson Marie Moore

Allyson Marie Moore

DOB: January 8th 1995 || Eyes: Blue gray || Height: 5' 3" || Likes: drumming, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Pierce the Veil, 3 Doors Down, KISS, MCR, a hint of Bruno Mars, only the songs that aren’t on the radio, Juliet Simms, Some Green day and Panic! At The Disco and wants a boxer dog. being with people she knows/ likes || Dislikes: Being alone in large crowds, constant nightmares, being alone || Tattoos: One on her hip that says Live Wild and Be Free. One her rib with her friends name, Casey, who died of cancer. Then one on her ankle. an anklet of shark fins sticking out of the water and then drumsticks tattooed behind her ear. || Disorders: Anorexia, burning herself, panic attacks

Jacob Mark Pitts

Jacob Mark Pitts

Jake is 5' 11" and 22 years old. He loves playing in Black Veil Brides with his 4 best friends. He loves his dog Trixy and his supportive family and friends. He is slowly falling in love with Allyson.


  1. Why Me?

  2. You've Been Off... Are You Okay?

    Jake explains to Jinxx what's really going on.

  3. Meeting Mom

  4. Am I Falling In Love Again?

    Jake is slowly getting feelings for Ally. But he's not sure if it's because of the breakup with Ella.

  5. Flash of the Past

    Ally helps Jake cope with the loss of Ella and they go for a walk to clear their minds

  6. Kissing in Trees

    Ally tells Jake something personal up high in a tree so no one can hear her. And then one thing leads to another.

  7. Hidden Love

  8. The Unplanned First Date

  9. First Day Back

    It's Allyson's first day back to school since the tour

  10. BVB goes back to High School

    BVB puts on a show for all of Ally's school

  11. Graduation

    Ally graduates today and she's as happy as can be

  12. Late Nights and Job Offers

    So Ally loses her V-card and in the afternoon she gets an amazing job offer

  13. Mainstage Scares

    A phone call could lead to a traumatic event...

  14. Not an update. Please read though

  15. Thanks

  16. You aren't alone just know that I can't save our hearts tonight

    *title goes to Carolyn*

  17. This is Raw, This is Real

    *title goes to Raw. Real by Cherri Bomb*

  18. Home Again

  19. What Have I Done?

    A good morning goes horribly wrong for Jake and Ally. And Jake never meant for it to happen

  20. Now I've Really Fucked Up...

    Will Allyson forgive Jake's mistakes? Or will she leave him in the dust?

  21. Back on Track

  22. Retweets and Deep Conversations

    Chuppy Returns...


@Bree Barham
thanks. No problem lovely. it was well earned and i love you too <3 :)
I loved it <3 thanks so much for the note at the end and i love you :)
Bree Barham Bree Barham
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Thanks :)
he'd crouch i guess i dunno. i didn't think about that
Really good story! Just wondering. How is it possible for andy to hide behing jinxx? Because he's giraffe
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@Bree Barham
everynight with me