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Falling from the sky.

Broken bones and a Broken heart....


"Scarlett?" Andy asked me, reaching up an stroking my cheek, catching my falling tears. "Andy.." I said, breaking down. "You came, you all came." I suddenly got worried, looking around. I was looking for Kevin. "Wheres-"
"He's in jail, they arrested him after you came in, they suspect him of domestic violence." Sammi said, walking over to me and squeezing my shoulder. I looked around the room at the people who actually cared about me, the people who came. I smiled. I loved them all so much. I looked down at my ribs. Smashed. I looked at my arm. Broken. I seached around the room. "Has anyone got a mirror" I asked, looking at the girls. "I have." Ella said, passing it to me. "Yous sure you want to look at what he's done?" She asked, looking at me with her big brown eyes. "Yes." I said opening up the mirror. I saw my split lip and black eye. "Are well, not the first time i've had a back eye." I said, closing the mirror and handing it back. "He could of killed you..." Andy said, looking at me with his bright blue eyes. "You went back to him to save us. You could be dead and what would I do then? I'd probably die of a broken heart." Andy said, fresh tears forming in his eyes. "Hey..." I said, wiping them with my thumb. "He didn't did he, and as I said before, rather him hurt me that hurt you."
"But he could of-"
"I dont' care what he could of done or what he has done to me. The imortant thing is that your all safe from him, and were all back together." I said looking up at them all. They all smiled at me, and all gathered for a massive hug. After a while, a bubbly young nurse walked in. "Scarlett, now your awake, we need to talk to you about your boyfriend. We susspect some things, but we need you to tell the truth, if you don't he could get away scot free." She said, looking deep into my eyes. "Ok. When shall we start?"
"Whenever your ready."
"Lets do it now and get it out the way."

Me and the little nurse were in the room alone now. After a while two police officers walked in, and so did a doctor. "Right, we need you to tell us what has happend. Today, a month ago, when it started. We need all the correct information to get his locked away for good if he is guilty." Said one of the police officers, switching on a recorder. "Tell us what happened."
"A month ago, I went to him beacause he was treatening Andy and everyone I care about, and I made a deal with him that if I stayed with him, he wouldent and couldent hurt any of them. I left with him, and everything was fine for about a week, then he started to hit me. The night I got taken into here, he's been out drinking, and he came back to see me with a boy I had met at starbucks, he was keeping me company and we wernt doing anything. He chucked the boy out and started shouting at me. Then he hit me in the face, causing my vision to go blurry, then he punched me again so it cut my lip. I ran into the kitchen and he picked me up and threw me across the counter. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders and my arm, making me scream, then he picked me up and threw me across the room again, causing me to be winded, and I couldent breathe. He continued to kick me until he realised that he's really hurt me, then he picked me up, put me in the car, and drove me here where I got emergancy treatment."
"Why was your emergancy contact Sammi Jo Doll, and not your boyfriend?"
"Deep down I knew that something bad might happen, so I kept it that way, so if something did happen she would know and be able to help."
"You did all this just to save your friends?"
"Yes because they are all they have. With my parents dead, and no close realatives, they are my family and they mean the world to me. I would protect them with my life." Tears were now falling down my cheeks, and onto my chest cast. "I think we have all the evidence we need. Thank you, and were sorry for what you had to got through." One of the officers said. They all left, leaving me alone in my room, crying.


Thank you :)
i just love your story, i was crying the whole time, it was so good (;
thats the last one for today, hopefully going to finish the story either tomorrow or the day after, thank you for your support :D x
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14
I'm going to need more of this lol! I'm so glad she woke up
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@fridaysbloom working on it now as we speak ;) x

Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14