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Falling from the sky.

confessions of the past

We all sat in the front room of Sammi's house, all eyes on me. "I think we should start from the start Scar." Sammi said, squeezing my shoulder. I took a deep breath, and started. "Ok, when I was 15, I met a boy at my school, Kevin. He was sweet and kind, and it didn't take me long to fall for him. By the age of 17 I had moved in with him, and everything was fine...for a while." I said, not looking anyone in the eye. "When is was my 18th birthday, we went out to a bar. He had a fake ID so we could have as many drinks as we wanted. When we got home, he started an argument with me about someone who I was apariently flirting with at the bar, and it lasted for ages, until he......" I couldent carry on. I looked at Sammi, and she took the hint and went to get a can of beer and a tissue. ".....He hit me." I said quietly, daring to look up at everyone. There was a look of horror on Andys face. He came and sat beside me, and held my hand. I looked and smiled at him, then Sammi came in and I took the beer and the tissue. "He went straigt to bed, and I spent the night on the sofa. In the morning he apologised and said it was the drink that had done it. I believed him and stayed. He was so sweet and kind, like he was the first time I met him, but then after about 4 months, He hit me again, the again a few weeks after. It got so recent that I was hit nearly everyday for over 5 years. I dont know why but I thought I coudl change him, make him better. But I couldent. One day it got so bad that he beat me until I couldent walk, then he picked me up and......and.....threw me down the stairs...." There was a deadly scilence. Sammi tapped my hand, and took over. "He left her there, while he left the house. He thought he would come back and she would be sitting there waiting. While this was happening, had been trying to call her, and she wasnt picking up. was concerned about her, so I went around their house. The door was unlocked, so I went in, and saw her. I thought she was dead until I saw her chest moving up and down. I called an amubulance. Once they had examined her they came and told me that......" Sammi drifted off into scilence, I looked up to see tears in her eyes. I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. I deicided to continue. " There was only a 10% chance that I would ever walk again, he had shattered the bottem half of my back, and the top of my legs. I still have trouble now with them. The doctor had told her that all my wounds were none acidental, and that he suspepected that I was being beaten by someone, and had been for a long time. Once I had woken up, Sammi asked me what had happened, and I told her everything. After a few months I could walk again, and I got my own flat. I have never seen Kevin again until a few weeks ago. He recognised me, and I'm terrifed that he is going to find me or any of you lot and hurt anyone of us and it would be all my fault and-" Andy stopped me by kissing me softly, and pulling me towards him into a nicotine and colone smelling hug. I cried into his shoulder. "Shhh babe. Nothing going to happen to you or any one of us. Not on my watch." He said, rocking my back and forth, stroking my hair...


Thank you :)
i just love your story, i was crying the whole time, it was so good (;
thats the last one for today, hopefully going to finish the story either tomorrow or the day after, thank you for your support :D x
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14
I'm going to need more of this lol! I'm so glad she woke up
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@fridaysbloom working on it now as we speak ;) x

Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14