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Falling from the sky.

Goodbye....for a while

(3 months later.)

Andy was in the bedroom, zipping up his suitcase. He was leaving for London in Less that 6 hours, and was waiting for the rest of the boys to come round, so they could all go to the airport. Me, Sammi and Ella were going with them until security, then we would have to say our last goodbyes. "I'm going to miss you so much Scar." Andy said, pulling me into tight, long hug. "Dont start this again else you'l set me off." I said, wiping some stray tears from my eyes. Andy laughed, and pulled me closer into a deep kiss. Before it could get to heated, We were interupted by a knock on the front door. I answered it, and found all the boys, including Sammi and Ella, standing there, suitcases and all. "We better go then." Andy said, grabbing is suitcase in one hand, my hand in the other, and left me to lock the door.

We had finally got to security. I looked around me. Sammi and Jinxx, Ella and Jake were all saying their goodbyes, kissing and hugging. I looked at Andy, tears brimming up in my eyes. "Hey don't cry babe." He said pulling my into a tight hug. "I'll ba back before you know it, I promise."
"I know, it's just that i'm going to miss you."
"And me you babe. Don't worry, I'll text and call you." #
"Ok Andy. I love you."
"I love you to." He pulled me closer and kissed me. To soon, Andy pulled away, smiled and went to stand in the line. Me Sammi and Ella, stood there, waving until they were out of sight. "It's ok darlings, they'll be back soon, and trust me, you'll get used to it." Sammi said, pulling me and Ella, (who were now blubbering mess's) Into a warm and inviting hug. Before long we were in the car deciding what to do next. "How about we all stay round mine tonight, a girly night in. I think it's what we all could do with one of those." Sammi said, looking at us both. "Thats a good idea, I think that we should have pizza." Ella said, her eyes brightening up at the idea. "Yeah." I said, Lets go get our stuff, and go straight there." I said. Sammi smiled and pulled into Andys street.


Thank you :)
i just love your story, i was crying the whole time, it was so good (;
thats the last one for today, hopefully going to finish the story either tomorrow or the day after, thank you for your support :D x
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14
I'm going to need more of this lol! I'm so glad she woke up
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@fridaysbloom working on it now as we speak ;) x

Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14