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This Is Our Sweet Blasphemy- Christian Coma Fan Fiction

Chapter 2

Chapter 2-
Everyone’s cars get picked up and everyone double checks that they’ve got everything. Jinxx calls Sammi before we get going. CC and I go to the shops with Jake to quickly pick up a few things:
24 cans of Red Bull
12 cans of Wild Cherry Pepsi (CC insisted)
3 bags of Doritos
3 bags of salt and vinegar chips
5 bags of random lollies
CC had to buy a tooth brush and we get a few movies as well.
After we pay for it all we head back to the bus and get ready to leave.
“Here’s to touring!” Andy says raising his bottle of Whiskey.
Everyone repeats what he says and then goes off to do their own thing.
“What do you want to do? Jinxx and Ashley went to sleep and Andy and Juliet are off in Andy’s room.” Jake and CC ask.
“Build a fort in the ‘lounge room’ and watch movies!” I suggest.
“Sounds like a plan.” They both agree. “Jon, do you want to watch movies with us?” Jake asks.
“Maybe later, I’ve gotta drive for a while.” Jon replies from the front of the bus.
“Okay cool.” Jake shouts back so Jon hears.
“Does anyone here know how to make a fort?” I ask.
“Of course I do!” CC says with an excited tone.
Jake and I get out the movie collection while CC makes the fort.
“Wow, you really do know how to make a fort. And it fits all three of us.” Jake says as we sit in the fort.
CC smiles proudly. “So what movie are we watching?” He asks.
“We narrowed it down to Grown Ups or 21 Jump Street,” I explain.
“21 Jump Street,” CC replies.
“Jake?” I ask.
“21 Jump Street sounds good,” Jake smiles.
I get up and put it into the DVD player and we sit there with some lollies and some chips.
21 Jump Street finishes and it’s now 6pm. (A/N: I felt like making it this time)
Everyone’s awake apart from Juliet, which means I’ll get to say hi to Andy.
“Watch this,” Jake grins. “BATMAN’S HERE!!”
“WHAT? WHERE? OMG OMG WHERE?!?” Andy yells knocking over the pillow fort.
“HA!” Jake says proudly. He sticks his tongue out at Andy.
Andy fakes being sad and then sits down next to me and CC.
“So, Luna, how are you?” Andy asks.
“I’m okay I guess. Some fanboy just knocked down my pillow fort.” I joke.
“Well excuse me!” Andy laughs.
“How are you Andy?” I ask.
“I’m good; I better go before she wakes up.” Andy sighs as he hugs me. “Sorry, I really do want to spend time with you and CC but you know, I can’t.”
“Why are you even with her if she controls you more than Ashley controls his dogs?” CC asks.
“I don’t know. Love does crazy things to you,” Andy shrugs.
I decide to keep my mouth shut because I’m scared that if I start I won’t be able to stop. Andy walks off and Jinxx walks over.
“What do you guys want for dinner?” He asks.
“Anything, it doesn’t bother me.” I shrug.
CC on the other hand yells “MEXICAN!!”
“Will you kindly shut the fuck up? I need my beauty sleep.” Juliet growls from Andy’s room.
“You’d need to be sleeping forever for it to be called ‘beauty sleep’,” CC laughs poking his head through the door.
“Fuck you!” She says.
“Well someone forgot to take her bitchy pills,” Ashley smirks walking past her room with a can in his hand.
“Andy, make them stop.” Juliet sobs.
“Come on guys, please?” Andy asks sympathetically.
“Andy, look at yourself!” Jinxx says. “You’ve turned into a fucking shit head.”
“Don’t talk to me, I’m going to drink. Is anyone coming?” Andy asks. “Whoever is, I’ll see you there.”
Andy storms off the bus and Ashley, Jake and Jinxx go to the bathroom to fix their hair. They leave the bus and follow in the direction that Andy walked off in.
“Are you going to go?” I ask CC.
“Nah, I’ll just stay here with you. We can play video games.” CC smiles.
“Okay cool, just let me go and put a hoodie on, it’s getting cold.” I say getting up and walking to my bunk where my clothes are. I grab and black and white striped hoodie and put it on. I walk back into the lounge room but before I can I’m shoved into the floor. I hear Juliet laugh and then I hear her heels click against the floor.
I feel CC arms around me as he helps me up.
“Christian I’m fine.” I sigh getting up on my feet.
“No, you’re not. You’ve got a blood nose. Come with me,” He says.
CC walks me into the bathroom and sits me on down. He cleans up my nose and then we go back into the lounge room.
“Can we just watch movies? I’m too tired to play anything now, sorry.” I ask CC.
“Of course, what do you want to watch?” He asks.
“Your choice.” I smile.
He puts on Jackass 3D and we sit back and watch it.
Andy and Juliet stubble through the door, completely wasted and the rush over to their room.
“Ha, how’s yourrrrr nose bitchhh?” Juliet slurs.
I bury my face deeper into CC’s chest and we keep watching the movie.
“I’ll talk to Andy about it in the morning,” CC sighs.
“Please don’t. I don’t want him to know.” I plead.
“Okay fine, but I’m going to tell him eventually.”
We go back to watching Steve-o bungee jump in a toliet. This movie never gets old; the Jackass crew will always have a special place in my heart.
About 15 minutes later Jinxx, Jake and Ashley walk through the door.
“Well look who it is.” CC jokes.
“We’re actually not drunk. We went there for a little while, had a drink and then went to get Mexican like someone asked.” Jake smiles holding up three bags of food.
“I’m so happy right now, I could kiss you Jake!” CC smiles, jumping up from the couch and running over to Jake. CC licks Jake’s face and then we all go and eat our food.
“What part of the ‘no sex’ rule did Andy not understand?” Ashley asks.
“All of it clearly.” I reply.
“I’ll be back in a second,” Ashley says getting up.
“Ash, what are you doing?” Jinxx asks.
“That’s what I was going to do.” Ashley smirks.
The movies finishes so everyone starts cleaning up the ‘lounge room’.
“I’m going to go to bed, see you guys in the morning.” I smile.
“Night Luna,” They all reply.
I give them all hugs and head to bed. I go to bed in my clothes because I’m too tired to change.


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