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The Darkness Loves you



The Little boys legs kept running. His heart beating fast in his chest, His lungs felt as if they weren't there and his insides left bare. The heels of his boots clicked and clacked against the cement.

He could hear the older man chuckling at his to attempt to run away. He only panicked more and more as his mind worries more about when the older would catch him and drag him to the Blacker than Black basement.

He rushed past many, His legs aching while the horror and voice in his ears only made him push forward. His turns were mocked by the dark haired Man. He could almost feel the man breathing on his neck as he would say, "You Can't run fast enough," as he chuckled and left the boy in the darkness.

The Raven colored hair stuck to his skin. He only wished that he could hide. He could Hide in the forest...No Too easy. He Could run to the forbidden dins, but Ash knew that place far too well.

This was it. He had no place to run once again. This game would continue on. For the younger boy knew he would reach a dead end and be trapped for the Tattooed man to grab him. He felt as if he'd been running for days. He most likely has been.

The little Game they played only hurt him. He would pass out once he stopped running. He pushed past people and he wiggled through the smallest places, begging for a little rain. The older would get what he wanted which was the fragile little stick gasping for air and close to a blackout. Then the younger would be dragged and fight with all his might till he was pushed into the brick wall and left in the darkness again. The Hawk Had caught his prey many times, and like all the times before, Ashley Purdy would catch Andy Dennis Dean Biersack and hide him from the world.



I just read the summary and my god.....

I'm intrigued!

Well, time to read and most likely cry. xD

Cloudy Cloudy
This is an amazing story, like one of those sad hollywood movies. I wish you would write more......
IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
awww please update soon i really like this
fridaysbloom fridaysbloom