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Forget Me Not

Fun Day

It was around noon. I should get Andy up, or he won’t be able to sleep tonight. I tip toed to my room and opened the door slowly. Andy was lying on his stomach, his head rested on one of his arms and the other arm stretched out across the pillow next to him. His hair lightly fell on his shoulders shielding his face completely.

“Andy” I said

He didn’t move or respond

“Andy” I said walking over to the bed

I tapped on his shoulder. He shifted and rolled on his side, his back was facing me. I smiled leaned over him to see his face, I poked him in the ribs. He twitched and moved. His eyes slit open, he moved his head and looked up at me. He looked so tired.

“Hey” I smiled

He smiled slightly and sat up, I moved. He ran his hands through his hair a sniffled.

“I thought I should wake you up, so you can actually sleep later” I giggled

“But your bed is so comfy!” he whined plopping down

“I bet you’re more hungry than anything else” I teased

He sat up quickly.

“Well…..i am a bit hungry” he said

“Thought so” I said

He swung his legs around the bed to get up. He slipped his boots back on and followed me into the kitchen. I searched through the fridge, nothing looked good to me.

“What do you want?” I asked Andy and closed the fridge

He shrugged his shoulders.

“ahh you’re no help!” I laughed and opened a cabinet

I saw ramen noodles, I glanced at Andy and back at the noodles.

“I’m fine with Ramen” Andy laughed

“YUM!” I cheered and grabbed two packages

I grabbed a clean pot from the sink and filled it putting it on the stove. I kept glancing at Andy as he watched me.

“What are you doing?” he smiled

“Oh it’s just…we used to make Ramen noodles all the time together, it was like our “thing”” I used air quotes

I dumped the bags in the water.

“Where’s Misty?” Andy asked turning around searching the room

“Oh, she’s probably with her boyfriend” I said stirring the noodles. I turned to look at him.

“Am I your boyfriend?” Andy asked stepping closer

“uhhh” I started “Well, I’d like to think so” my cheeks started to heat up. It made Andy smile.

I hadn’t realized Andy was towering over me. He smiled down at me. His hand came to my face, the back of his fingers brushed around my brow and his fingers tucked my hair behind my ear. He bent down slowly, I closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me. I could feel his breath faintly on my lips.

“I think the noodles are done” he said. I sheepishly opened my yes. He was leaning on the counter smiling at me, one eyebrow was raised.
Dammit. He did that on purpose. I returned to cooking I put it in bowls. Andy carried them to the table. I sat next to him, he took a big forkful and only got it about halfway into his mouth and dropped the fork.

“Hot hot hot” he said sticking out his burnt tongue fanning it

I just laughed. Andy glanced down at the few pictures on the table. I looked with him. That’s when I noticed my favorite picture of us. In the picture we were fifteen at the time, we were sitting in the back seat of a car. We fell asleep on each other. My head was resting on his shoulder and his head rested on the top of my head.
I remember that day
I was standing at the edge of a dock. There was water, it looked deep. I saw splashing.

“Sonny! Get in!” A dark haired boy sprung up from the water

I nodded my head no

“Sonny come on!” he pleaded

“Andy I can’t swim! You know that!” I yelled

“Then I’ll teach you” he splashed the water at me

It was cold, I laughed. I sat on the dock sticking my feet in. Andy swam over to me.

“Don’t” I said

He just smiled and grabbed my ankle.

“Andy I swear to god” I said

He yanked me down into the water. I went under sprawling like an idiot. I felt arms under my armpits and pull me up. Andy had me. He was laughing.

“I hate you” I splashed his face

“Don’t make me let go of you!” he challenged

I wrapped my arms around his neck instantly. He laughed.

“I thought so” he said
“Sonny, are you crying?” Andy said returning me back to reality

“Oh” I said wiping my face, I guess I was.

“You know what? I haven’t taken you out for a fun day yet like I promised” Andy said pulling me close

I couldn’t help but smile up at him. He brushed a tear away.

“We both need some cheering up” he rubbed my shoulder and got up taking my bowl.

“I know the perfect place to go” Andy said walking back to the table

“And what’s that?” I smiled

“Well, give me your car keys and we’ll see” he wiggled his brow



Ruth crawford Ruth crawford

Update! Please!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
This is still the best story i have ever read <3 i want more
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
Awe I haven't seen an update for this in awhile :-/
ScarsCanHeal ScarsCanHeal
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