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Forget Me Not


Today is a horrible day. It’s hardly even begun. Five years ago today, I was in a horrible car accident with my best friend. I remember that day, he took me to the park. I was head over heals in love with him, I got up the guts and kissed him. He was surprised at first but he kissed me back. I had known him my entire life. We were on our way to his house when a drunk driver ran a red light and struck the drivers side of the car. He was driving that day.
When I woke up in the hospital my parents told me he had died. I was in a deep depression. I went a whole year without consoling my feelings, then on the one year anniversary of his death I tried to kill myself. I am still alive today but I have to go to counseling. I have to follow strict rules for the safety of my well being. Everything set me off. Everything. I was isolated from computers and television. It wasn’t so bad. I just kept to books. I couldn’t go anywhere alone. I always had an escort with me.
When I was a bit more stable, my mother had re married. Her new husband abused me in everyway I could imagine. The thing was, I never cut myself, I just wanted to wipe out my entire existence.
The only thing good about today is it’s the last day of counseling for me. I am finally stable enough. I probably wouldn’t have had such strict rules to follow and had a more normal life, but in that five year time period I tried to kill myself several times.
I waited outside my counseling center for Misty to pick me up. I met her at my counseling center a few years ago, so she knows how I feel and she’s my only friend. She understands me, knows how to take care of me. I’ve been living with her for about a year now. I saw her car pull up, I hopped in.

“Well hello sweetie how’s your day going?” she asked, the sun shined on her bleached blonde hair

“eh” I said

“Sonny be happy, it was your last day of counseling!” she rubbed my shoulder

I looked down at my hands

“Oh……..I’m sorry sweetie I forgot about……today’s the anniversary of Andy’s passing isn’t it?” she asked

I nodded my head. I wanted to cry.

“It’s ok Sonny, look where we are today in life, no more counseling, you’re a survivor” she rubbed my back

I looked up and smiled at her.

“Oh my god I forgot to tell you! I won concert tickets on the radio this morning!” she squealed

“Really? What concert!?” I asked

“Falling in Reverse, and the tickets say special guest along with them so I have no idea who the other band is” she said

“WHEN IS IT?!” I practically yelled with joy

“TONIGHT!” she smiled “We are definitely going, to get you out of dumps” she said

I have to admit. It did make my day a lot better. I like Falling in Reverse, but I only know a few songs. When I went to counseling I was sheltered from music.

“But first we get ready and get some dinner!” Misty said driving off

Misty took me to my favorite restaurant. It was a Mongolian grill. It was a buffet of uncooked meats, and veggies, you got cold noodle and picked out whatever meats and such and they’d dump it on a grill and cook it right in front of you.
We went home and got in out get up. I just wore skinnies and a tshirt. I let my brown hair fall to my shoulders and put on black eye liner. Misty tends to go all out to get attention. We got in the car joking and laughing. We had to park like three blocks away from where the concert was being held. We had to walk a bit which didn’t bug me. There was a huge line leading out the door. I’m glad I came tonight. Keep my mind off of things. Within an hour we were inside. The tickets we won were right up front. We waited a few minutes, then the lights on the stage went out. I felt Misty clench my arm. Girls were screaming their heads off. Guitars started to play. Everyone was screaming and shouting. I was being shoved a bit.

“You kissed the lips of Evil, two months it’s all the same” the speaker boomed with a deep singing voice
Then the lights turned on. It took a second for my eyes to adjust. Once in focus the singer was standing tall on the stage. He looked like………no it couldn’t be, long black hair, with piercing blue eyes……….ANDY?
My mind went blank. I could no longer hear, it seemed like my ears were plugged. I was just staring. Staring at him. Watching his movements, his lips. I felt something shaking me. Misty was shaking me talking to me, I couldn’t understand.

“Sonny!” she yelled

I looked at her

“What’s wrong, you look sick” she said

I brushed passed her and ran to the restroom. I felt like throwing up. It was so crowded in there I only made it to the sink and started puking my guts out.

“Sonny?! Are you ok?!” I heard Misty yelling trying to get through the gaggle of girls staring at my puking self

“Oh my god! You must have eaten something bad!” Misty said rubbing my back

I couldn’t respond

“Why aren’t you answering me?!” she begged

“A-Andy” I said

“What?” she asked

“I saw ANDY” I said

“No that’s impossible, he’s no longer here honey” she rubbed my back


“Why are you doing this to yourself?! You’re only making things worse, you’re going to end up back in counseling!” she said

It took her four hours to calm me down. I ruined the concert for her with my stupid delusions. The concert was over and everyone was leaving or trying to meet band members. I sat at the bar drinking water. I must have had four glasses to calm my nerves. Misty came up behind me with her hand on my back.

“I’m sorry” I said tears rolling down my face

“NO, don’t be sweetie” she said

“We should at least stay to meet whoever you want” I said pouting

“Come with me!” she said

“No, I’m fine right here” I said not wanting to move

She took my hand and dragged me out of the bar chair. There were two booths set up. There was a line of people. Misty went straight to the Falling in Reverse table. I could see Ronnie Radke talking and taking pictures with some fans. I looked over at the other booth. Black Veil Brides. I looked at all their members, black hair all clad in stage make up. Then I saw him. I felt sick again. I found myself walking towards their table. A fan left with a smile on her face. I felt awkward as I set my hands on the table slowly looking up at them. I was only looking at him. His eyes met mine.

I saw his lips moving. I think he was talking to me.

“What?” I said

“I asked if you were crying” he asked sweetly with a deep voice

“Oh” I wiped under my eyes

“Are you ok? You keep staring at me” he laughed

That laugh. It killed me.

“You-you just remind me of s-someone I used to know” I said

He was about to say something but one of his band members interrupted. He wore a bandana, I think he was the drummer.

“Andy, can you help us move our equipment?” he asked

Andy. Andy. His name is Andy?! HOLY FUCK AM I TRIPPING THE FUCK OUT. I felt dizzy. I felt like my body was falling, turns out I actually was and blacked out.



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Update! Please!

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This is still the best story i have ever read <3 i want more
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