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Runaway love.


What happens when a girl, runaway with her brother, and some body unexpected saves them ?


Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

hi. my name is andrew but call me andy like my sister. well im 7 and I don't know much. but me and my sister aria have abusive parents. they hit us but aria doesnt let them hit me. I love my sister. I don't know what ill do without her. anyways. ive seen my sister crying and had blood on her arms and lines. I dont know why but I don't want to lose her bye v:

Aria Parker

Aria Parker

Hi. as you know my name is Aria. I have a brother, his name is Andrew, but I call him andy , just like my hero andy biersack. Well, every body hates me for being different. but different is good right ? Well not in high school. thank god 4 more months and no more school.. anyways my parents hate me and my brother. were my mother's and father's disappointment. im 17 and my brother's 7. He seeing what im going through, he's basically my life. Anyways Ima go and keep living hell, I mean life. xo. did I mention I cut and have black and purple hair? well I do

Black veil brides

Black veil brides

Well you should know who they are c;




I know I messed up it was confusing, sorry. ill try to fix it , it should have been 4 years later, Iwas in a hhurry , it was 4am and I had to finish is before my mom woke up for work.
Sorry again
This is really good
I sorry but lil Andy age is weird it is two year later shouldn't he be nine maybe 10 not 11?
Plz update soon