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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Twenty Two

“No you didn’t…” I whispered as I put my right hand over my mouth followed by my left.
“Oh yes. I did.” Lexi said as she put her hand on her hips smugly. I squealed loudly and ran over the little black german shepherd puppy.
“Can I keep him dad???? Please??” I pleaded towards dad. He let out a laugh and said, “Sure thing hon.”
“Yes!!!!” I shouted as I ran over the puppy and picked him up. I kissed his little nose and he licked mine. It seemed like our little deal. I’ll stay loyal to him if he stays loyal to me.
“I think I’ll call you Ace.” I said as I rubbed behind his ears.

The memories of my birthday party came back to me as I sat in my bed, petting Ace. He was 3 months old and no where near his full size. Mom and dad got All Time Low to come to my birthday party and it was regardless the best party I’ve ever had. It was a surprise party and there weren’t too many people there. Just the band, dad’s band, for some random reason Lexi had to invite her cousin’s band –Underneath the Grey-, Cat and Blaze’s family and of course All Time Low. Oh and did I mention I was now going out with Jonas? Yeah.

“Hey um… Rave… Can I maybe talk to you… Outside… Uh, alone, maybe…” Jonas said, walking up to me and scratching the back of his neck. I blushed bright red and nodded my head. I could hear Lexi and Blaze squealing in the background but I dismissed it and followed Jonas outside.
“So um… What did you want to talk about…?” I asked awkwardly.
“Well…” He trailed off as we walked into a garden with twinkly lights hanging around the little wooden pillars. I let out a small gasp and put my hand on my chest. I turned around in a slow circle taking in all the beauty.
“I- I- You-“ I stumbled across my words until I found what to say. “Did you do this?” I breathed out.
“Y-yeah.” I said smiling sheepishly. “I was wondering…” He trailed off again and looked at his shoes.
“Do you maybe want to, um, maybe, um possibly uh… Go out with me sometime?” He asked awkwardly, and I might add, it was adorable.
“Yes, yes, yes!!! A thousand times YES!” I shouted then cleared my throat. “I mean, um, I would be honored.” I said awkwardly.

I heard a small knock on my door.
“Come on in.” I shouted picking up Ace and placing him beside me on the bed. He put his head on my lap and licked my hand. Dad walked through the door.
“Hey kiddo. Sup Ace.” He said. Ace barked and did his little dog smile. I laughed and said “He dad. What’s up?”
“So the concert is in tomorrow. You seem surprisingly calm.” He stated.
“Yeah. I’m excited but if I get to crazy then who knows what will happen.” He kissed my forehead and walked out. “Dinner’s in five.” He said over his shoulder. I sighed and got up. “Come on Ace. Time for dinner!” His ears perked up and he bolted out the already open door and ran down the stairs. I giggled and followed behind him.
“Hey mum.” I said as I sat down at the table. “Hey sweetie, can you give me a hand over here?” Mom asked. I nodded and stood up to help her with all the bowls.
As night fell I began to get a little antsy. It hit me. The concert was tomorrow. Tomorrow. I gonna flip a fucking table over. I excited and scared as hell all at the same fucking time. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God. What if they don’t like us? What if we don’t have a chance?
I flopped face first into my pillow and Ace hopped on the bed and whimpered.
“Oh Ace. If only you knew.” I said whilst stroking his back. He nuzzled into my touch and closed his eyes.
I got up and walked to the bathroom, Ace trailing behind me. I put my hair up into a high ponytail and brushed my teeth. I rubbed my forehead then filled up a bowl of water and set if out for Ace. I set my alarm and climbed into bed. Ace jumped in after me. He snuggled in under my arm and closed his eyes. I turned off the lamp and settled in.
Soon the sound of Ace’s snoring filled the room, letting me know he was sleeping, though I couldn’t fall asleep.
“Ugh shut up ya motherfucker…” I groaned as I hit the clock. Ace jumped off the bed and trotted over to the little water bowl I set out for him last night. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some leggings and a big sweatshirt. I headed down the stairs and called dad. The concert was at 5:00 pm and now it was 12:06 pm. We had to get to the venue at 1:00 so we could get ready and do the sound check and everything. My clothes were already there and the place was like 45 minutes away from out house.
“Dad! Hurry up! We have to go if we don’t wanna be late!” I yelled up the stairs. I heard thumping and then saw dad running down the stairs.
“Hold your horses. Geez.” He muttered. He picked up his keys and walked out the door. I grabbed my bag and followed him outside. We got into the car and we were on our way to my first concert. Even if were just the opening act.
“Hey you excited?” Dad asked glancing over at me. I just nodded my head and continued to look straight in front of me. Ok, maybe I’m not as excited as I thought I was. My stomach did multiple flips. I felt a warm hand on mine.
“Come on. You’ll be fine.” Dad’s soothing voice filled my ears.
“What if… What if they don’t like us? What if they hate us, and throw things at us and-“ He cut me off.
“Calm down. I had my first big concert. I went though what you’re going through. You’ll be fine. Trust me.” He said while keeping his eyes on the road and his hand on mine.
“Yeah dad, but did you have a thousand screaming fans, just waiting for a band that you’re not? People who aren’t even to see you, but the band that’s playing after you?” I asked feeling even more paranoid. He stayed quiet for a second, probably looking for a response.
“If they don’t like you, then that’s their problem, not yours. You like what you do, right?” He asked.
“Of course I do.” I replied instantly.
“Exactly. You like what you do and no one can stop you. You are you and that’s all that matters. I’m sure the army will love you guys. Now calm down and get excited!”
I kept quiet and brought my knees up to my chest and began tracing patterns on the leather seat.
“Thanks.” I said barely above a whisper. I could basically hear his little smile. I pulled my phone out and began looking at some random youtube videos. Then it hit me. I should make a youtube account.
“Hey dad?” He said getting his attention.
“What’s up?” He said giving me a side glance.
“Do you think it would be a good idea if I made a youtube account?” I asked.
“Sure. It might make your music more popular and it would be a good chance for your fans to get to know you. I simply nodded my head and began to make my youtube account. I pressed the sign in button. At the top right corner there was a little red square that said ‘create account’. I pressed it and then began to fill in the blanks.
First name: Raven
Last name: Ferguson
Blah blah blah.
I took a random selfy from my photo album as my profile picture. I went to the video button and clicked on ‘upload video’. I chose the ‘record video’ choice and began my video. I turned my head to the side and then when I started I turned my head to the little camera on my phone.
“Why hello internet. I didn’t see you there.” I said narrowing my eyes. Dad looked over at me and raise and eyebrow. I just brushed it off and looked back at the camera.
“So this is my first video and I feel like I’m talking to myself. Well anyway how bout’ we just start off with some introductions. Let’s see… My name is Raven Ferguson. This is my father,” I pointed the camera at my dad. He looked at the camera and smiled, then back at the road. “Jinxx slash Jeremy Ferguson. We’re in the car, on the way to my first show and his billionth show!” I pressed the pause button, deciding that I would continue when I got to the venue and the rest of the band could be in it.
“I didn’t see you there?” He said, quoting me. “Really? Is that the best you could come up with?”
“Well I was just blurting out what was on my mind. Pardon my awkwardness.” I said giggling. He laughed also and then I felt the car stop. I looked up to see that we were at the venue.
“Come on kiddo.” Dad said, patting my leg. “Time to go.”


Yep. I'm an official bitch. I haven't update in 27 days. I finally did. Sorry but this year has been so hard. It's been 3 weeks and we've had a test in every class and like a quiz for every class every week. It's esspecialy hard for me being the porcrastinater I am. Anywhore, I'll just leave you on your way.


P.S. You might get a special labor day chapter. Hint hint.


Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy


yay! i'm glad