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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Nineteen

"Juliet Nicole Simms." Andy said as he got down on one knee. "Will you do me the honor, and become my wife?" He asked with a look of love in his eyes. Juliet put her hand over her mouth and widened her eyes.
"I-I... Andy... Oh my god yes!!!" She screamed, while jumping up and hugging him. The people in the restaurant clapped, including us, and cheered for them.

The memory played back in my head as I watched Juliet and Andy cuddle up on the couch. It turns out that the night Andy was in my room, looking through my song book, he was gonna ask me about Juliet. It's been a week and a half since then and today is Christmas so we were all at the band house, surrounding one big tree. There were presents wrapped in festive paper under the under it.
"Ok who wants to open the first present???" Ashley yelled looking at everyone. I was seated in between my mom and dad. Mom's arm was around me and dad's arm was resting on the back of the couch.
"Me! Me! Pick me!!!" CC shouted while we all laughed at his childishness.
"I think Rave should go first." Dad said giving me a side glance. "She's the newest addition to our family." Everyone agreed and CC pouted a bit but agreed.
"No, no you guys don't have to do that..." I put my hands up a bit and smiled.
"Awe come on lil' bird!" Jake said. Yeah they started calling me Lil' Bird, or bird, because my name was Raven. "Fine." I got up and picked up the first present I saw that was addressed to me. "To: Raven. From: Daddy Ferguson and the boys" I read out loud. The boys started calling dad, 'Daddy Ferguson' because he adopted me. They would sometimes call me 'baby Ferguson.' They all laughed and
The present was rather big and was wrapped in silvery wrapping paper. It was sort of heavy but not to heavy that I couldn't pick it up. I sat criss cross and placed it in my lap while I un rapped it.
"Holy shit..." I muttered as I opened the box. It was a guitar. A fucking new guitar. Oh. My fucking. God. I heard the boys laugh and I looked up and placed the guitar on the ground.
"I- You- guitar- me-" I awkwardly stuttered. Then I jumped on them and yelled "Thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" About a million times. They all just laughed and pushed me off of them.
The past hour went on like that. Everyone opening presents and giving out thanks. Then I looked out the window and saw what I've always wanted to see. Snow covering the whole lawn. (A/N: Ok I realize that they live in L.A, but in my world, it snows in L.A. so deal.)
"Holy fuck!!! It's snowing!!!!" I screamed and ran up to the window and proceeded to press my face against it like a little kid on Christmas. Hehe, wait... I am a little kid on Christmas... CC came up and joined me, making the same face. We looked at each other and dashed up the stairs to grab our coats and what not. I put on some grey jeans and an ugly Christmas sweater. Ther I slipped on some socks and rain boots so I wouldn't have to worry about the snow melting and seeping through my shoes. I grabbed my black coat and ran out the door to come face to face with CC. We fist bumped and ran down the stairs putting on our coats in the process. "Hey mom I'm going outside to play with CC!" I screamed as I buttoned up my coat, even though she was right next to me. CC was putting on that huge fluffy coat, (A/N: I've always wanted to touch that coat!) and we ran outside. I collapsed on the snow and made a snow angel. CC laughed and lay down next to me. I got up and formed a snowball. As CC stood up I threw it at him.
"Oh girl no you didn't!!" He yelled. "Oh yes I did!!" He picked up some snow and threw it at me.
"Hey! Rave!" I heard someone yell across the street. I looked over to see Blaze waving her hands and Cat with a huge smile and waving. They stood on the front porch of their house and then Jonas walked out and waved at us. Did I forget to mention that they live across from us? Well they do.
"Hey guys!" I called. CC gave me a little nudge and looked at Jonas. I nudged him back hard enough for him to step back. He nudged me just as hard, and then I full out pushed him. "Oh it's on!" He yelled. I giggled a bit and ran across the street to Blaze, Cat and Jonas. "Hide me!" I whispered and then ran behind Jonas and put my hands on his shoulders. Ok I know. Lame excuse to touch him, but he's just so warm. Ok that's not the only reason...
CC laughed and said "You kids have fun!" He then walked back into the house.
"Well I didn't think he would leave..." I mumbled, my hands still on Jonas. "Oh sorry um-"
"Don't worry. I don't mind." He smiled at me. I blushed and said, "Well I should get going."
I started down the stairs and then Jonas grabbed my hand. "Hey why don't you come in and meet some of our family. I'm sure your parents would be ok with it." I looked at Blaze and Cat and they both nodded their heads.
"Ok I guess so." They lead me inside the living room and I saw a bunch of random people.
"Hey mom, dad, you know Raven. Guys this is Raven. She's the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for our band." Blaze said looking at everyone. There were only about five people I didn't know. They all introduced themselves to me and then my eyes landed on one boy in particular. I think he was the cousin, and I'm pretty sure his name was Nathan...
"Hey you're..." I said pointing at him. Yes he was the waiter at the restaurant when Andy popped the question. He looked at me awkwardly and said, "So we meet again."
"Oh good you two already know each other!" Ms. Pac exclaimed. I gave her a fake smile and said, "It was wonderful meeting you all, but I think my family would like me to come home for the big dinner."
"Bye Rave." Blaze said giving me a hug.
"See ya later kitty cat." I said as I gave her a hug. "You can speak to your family. It's ok. They love you, I can tell." I whispered in her ear. She smiled at me and said
"Bye Lil Ray." Earlier I noticed Cat seemed a little uncomfortable around them but she needs to know that it's ok. I smiled at Jonas and debated with myself on weather I should hug him or not. We kinda stood there staring at each other awkwardly. Before I should decide, he hugged me and said
"Merry Christmas Lil' bird." quietly in my ear. I smiled and said, "You too." Then I hesitated for a moment and decided to be bold. I kissed his cheek, blushed and walked out. Yeah. That's bold, to me. I'm not all that good with boys if you couldn't tell...
"Bye guys!" I called over my shoulder. I walked back over to my house with rosey cheeks to find everyone setting the table and laughing together.
"Hey why are your cheeks so red?" Dad asked as I walked in and kicked off my boots. I gently touched my lips and then said
"No reason. It was just really cold."


Ok so if anyone's confused, She was adopted at the beginning of December and then their was one week for the misconceptions and one week from when Andy popped the question, so I only skipped like one week. Just wanted to clear that up. Anyway I had a lot of fun writing out Raven and her shyness! I hope you like it!



Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy


yay! i'm glad