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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Fifteen

He was so perfect! He was cute, we were into the same music, he was so funny, his eyes were so pretty, he was so sweet and I think he liked me. Not like that, though. He would never like me like that. He was too perfect, and I was to imperfect.
"Thinking about Jonas are we?" I heard Andy say.
"Hm? What?" I asked, not really paying attention. Everyone started laughing and Ella said,
"Awwww! Little Ravey has a crush on Jonas!"
"What? No! No, no, no, not possible." I stated.
"Yeah I think you do." Ash said.
"Ha, No."
"Yeah you do." Juliet said.
"How bout', no."
"How bout' yes!" Lauren
"Uh no."
"I finally get to help my little girl with boys!" Mom squealed
"Oh my god no!"
"Yes!" Dad and Jake yelled at the same time.
"I vote no." I stated.
"I vote yes!" CC screamed.
"You know what? It doesn't matter. He would never like me like that..." I mumbled looking out the window.
"So it's true!" Ashley exclaimed. "Whatever." I whispered.
"Oh come on! he obviously likes you too!" Juliet exclaimed.
"I don't think so. It doesn't matter anyway." I said repeating myself. We were going back to the band house so they could wake me up and take me to my first recording.
"I saw him looking at you when you turned around!!" Dad yelled.
"Whatever." I said yet again and got out of the car once it stopped. I walked up to my room and grabbed my song book. I sighed and flipped through the pages of un-finished songs in the back.
I didn't really want to finish one, so I thought to start a new one. Jonas. That was the one thing that came to mind. I liked him a lot and it's only been one fucking day.

The day is brighter here with you
You show me love can make it through

I smiled as I wrote the first lyrics, thinking about him and his perfect smile.

I wanted nothing more than this
My heart, it beats along for you

It sings a simple song on cue
We both deny this fire inside
I look in your eyes, all I see is perfection

Like the moon is aligning the sea to the shore
We both are awake, but we face this direction
So what are we waiting for
So tell me it's real

That I have found you
You are the one I've been waiting for
I'm learning to feel that I'm alive again
I can't believe it's so
So tell me it's real

Oh won't you tell me it's real
So take my hand and follow me

This is the world we hoped it'd be
And now we live it every day Forever
So Tell me it's real

That I have found you
You are the one I've been waiting for
I'm learning to feel that I'm alive again
I can't believe it's so
Yes I found you

Boy I found you

The song wasn't anywhere near done, but I fell asleep right on my desk.
I woke up and rubbed my eyes slowly then looked out the window. It was still dark outside and, wait- how did I get in my bed? I looked around to find someone sitting at my desk, flipping through my song book.
"What the hell?" I asked while looking at the clock. 12:00. The man turned around and it ended up being Andy.
"Andy what are you doing?" I asked slowly.
"Oh sorry I was just- I was gonna ask you a question, and then you were at your desk- so I put you in your bed and then I got curious and looked through your book... sorry."
"Uh, No it's fine. So what were you gonna ask me? And turn around." I said as I realized I was still wearing my regular clothes. He turned around and I slipped off my skirt. And blouse.
“Um. It was about this thing, and this person, and I just wanted to know-“ I cut him off while I took off my tights, and slipped on my pajama pants. “Use your words Andy. Use your words” I put on a tank top and he said, “Never mind I just… Never mind.” He ran out and said, “Nice song, by the way.” I smiled and turned off the lamp then fell back onto my bed.
I woke up the next morning I picked out my clothes, and grabbed my backpack and stuffed my song book, phone, Ipod, headphones, pencil case, some extra hair bands. I grabbed my guitar case and walked down the stairs to find the boys sitting at the breakfast bar eating eggs and bacon.
“Good morning…” They all groaned. I groaned in response and then we all shared a collective groan while I set my guitar case on the ground and kept my backpack on.
“Oh perk up you guys!” Dad said. “Raven has her very first recording today!” I made a grunting noise and rested my head on the counter while dad put a plate of one sunny side up egg and three pieces of bacon, just how I like it. Yeah. THREE pieces of bacon. I love bacon. I finished it all pretty quickly and then leaned on the closest thing to me. CC. He leaned on me and then Ash leaned on my other side, while Jake leaned on Ash and Andy leaned on CC. We all groaned at the same time and closed our eyes.
“Oh my god, you guys just get in the car.” Dad said while grabbing his keys from the wallet bowl and my guitar for me. We all stood up and used each other as leaned posts when we walked to the car. I was the last one out the door and once I got to the car there wasn’t any room left. This time we were taking Andy’s car which was just a 2012 black Porsche cayenne so there were only three seats in the back and two in the front. I shrugged and climbed on top of them. It was dad driving (because Andy was shit face tired), Jake in the front and then CC behind dad, Andy in the middle and Ash behind the passenger. Before dad got in the car her put my guitar case in the trunk.
My head was on CC and my feet were on Ash and my backpack was by CC’s feet. I was instantly asleep when the car started and I didn’t wake up until I felt someone shake my shoulder and I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed them.
I climbed out of the car, the boys following, and almost fell until I felt strong arms catch me. I stood straight up and came face to face with Jonas. He laughed and said
“You ok?”
“Uh yeah thanks…” Lexi said bye to her dad and he kissed her cheek then drove away.
“Blaze, Cat! Jonas is staying with you today.” Their mom said and then hugged all of them and drove away.
“Hey guys, is it ok if we stay? We don’t wanna miss Raven’s first recording!” Dad said. They all shrugged and we walked into the building.
Once we got to the recording studio, the boys collapsed on the couch and we went to meet our new manager.


Well the end of that chapter. What will happen next???? Drop a comment and tell me what you think!'



Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy


yay! i'm glad