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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Twelve

"RAVEN! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED!" Someone screamed at me while jumping on my bed. "What the fuck do you want...?" I mumbled while rolling over.
"YOU HAVE TO MEET WITH STAR AVENUE IN 3 HOURS!!!! IT TAKES 15 MINUTES TO GET THERE SO YOU ONLY HAVE...." There was a pause while they were doing the math in their head. It was CC. No one is that loud but him. "2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES!!!" He screamed at me. "Ok, ok, just shut up already. I have to shower. Carry me?" I asked while giving him the puppy dog eyes.
"Oh my god stop! Just stop! I'll carry you, I'll carry you! Just stop making that face!!!" He yelled while putting his arms over his face. I giggled and said "Yay!" Like a little kid when he picked me up. We walked out of my room and Andy happened to be walking by. "Ummm....." He said while looking at me funny.
"He's my slave. Move along." I said in a stern voice.
"Um ok then you go CC." He took me to the bathroom and set me down by the sink. "Good. Now leave me alone, slave." He laughed and then walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind him. I chuckled to myself and pulled a towel out of the closet, put it on the rack and turned the water on.
While I was waiting for it to heat up I stripped down and looked at myself in the mirror.
I don't want red hair anymore. I'm tired of it. I'll look for a different color later, I have more things to worry about.
I jumped in the shower and let the warm water hit my back.
When I was done showering I stepped out and wrapped the towel around my body and pulled the hair dryer out of the cabinet.
As I was finishing drying my hair I realized that I didn't have any clothes... "Fuck." I whispered to my self when I turned off the blow dryer. I tightened the towel around my chest and walked out of the bathroom, only to run into non other than Ashley Fucking Purdy. Well fuck.
"Lookin good little Ferguson." He winked and walked into his room. What a pervert. I walked into my room and pulled out some clothes. I slipped them on and picked up my boots then walked down the stairs.
I got greetings from everyone and I walked over to the front door and set my boots down.
"Do you guys have any food here?" I asked as I sat on the couch next do mom.
"Yeah sweetie there's some pizza in the kitchen."
"K thanks mom." I said while standing up and walking to the kitchen. There stood dad and Jake talking about whatever they were talking about. "Hey dad. Hey Jake."
"Hey honey."
"Hello Raven."
"There's some pizza on the counter if your hungry." Dad said gesturing towards the counter.
"Yeah mom already told me." said picking up one of the last two slices. I ate it pretty quickly and then Jake came over to grab the last one. I snatched it up before he did and ran out of the kitchen him in pursuit. When I turned around he was about 5 feet away from me so I picked up the pace and ran into the living room. "Give me that pizza!!!!"
"Never!!!!!!!!" I yelled while running behind the couch. There sat Andy, Ashley and CC. I'm pretty sure mom was upstairs showering. "Where are the girls?" I asked no one in particular. "Oh they went home." CC said.
"Cool." said ducking down. When Jake ran into the living room I put my fingers over my lips signaling them to be quiet. I saw Jake look around and then Ash said "She's back there." While jutting his thumb behind his shoulder.
"Idiot!" I screamed at him.
"That's what you get for jumping on me and making me fall into the pool." He said shrugging his shoulders. I groaned and looked at Jake who was drooling, staring at the pizza. I then licked the pizza hoping he would back off. He didn't.
"You know what?! Fuck this!" I shouted, shoving the whole thing in my mouth.
"Noooooo!!!!!!!!" Jake screamed, falling to his knees. I swallowed my piece and sat down next to CC. looked at the clock and It said 2:30.
"Dad! Can we go now?! I want to meet with the girls before we go in." He walked into the living room and said "Sure."
He got his keys out of the wallet bowl and headed over to the car. Yes the wallet bowl. (A/N: The wallet bowl came up in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIeCMwOFUY8) Yeah, I didn't think that was an actually thing until I saw it with my own eyes.
When we got to the studio I saw Lexi standing there with her mom and dad and Blaze and Cat were with a man and a woman and some Random, cute , boy. I got out of the car and said my greetings and then looked at the people Blaze and Cat were with.
"Uh hi." I said waving at them.
"Raven this is my mom dad and brother." Blaze said. I smiled at them and crushed Blaze and Cat into a hug.
"See? There is a purpose for those who wait." I said quoting our song. I let go and said, "Hi, I'm Raven, pleasure to meet you." While I shook their hands. The said hello and the boy said
"Sup i'm Jonas." He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
"Uh hi." I said.
"We should get going." Lexi's dad said. Everyone agreed and we walked inside the building. While we made our way through the halls Lexi asked where mom was. Dad answered for me and said
"She had to meet with her band." The rest of the walk was silent until Jonas said, "Wait aren't you Jinxx from Black Veil Brides?!" We all laughed and he said
"That would be me. "
We got to the office and Blae and at's mom knocked on the door.
"Hello? Who might you be?" A muffled voice said from behind the door.
"Uh, Hello sir, it's me Raven Ferguson with my band, Bulletproof Lovers."
"Ah yes. Please, come in."


Ok well that's that! I think I'll update later today.



Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

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yay! i'm glad