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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Ten

"Bye Raven! Oh and we'll call Lexi and tell her." Blaze said. Raven was swaying a bit and closing her eyes. "Remember what I told you." Blaze whispered to me before she walked away. I'm sure she was referring to Raven's old cutting problem. "Thanks..." Raven said as she was about to fall asleep standing up. I gave Ashley a look that said 'Pick her up. If she falls you die.' I would get her myself but I needed to tell Sam about Raven and Ashley was closest to her.
"Babe, I need to talk to you." I said looking at Sammi. She walked over to me and said "Yeah what's up?"
On the way to the car I told her everything that Blaze told me. Raven was sound asleep with Ashley and the boys in the back so it was fine. "Oh god our baby girl..."
"I know. I'll talk to her when she wakes up."
"Ok." I got in the driver's seat while Sammi sat in the passenger's. The boys piled into the back along with Juliet, Ella and Lauren. Raven head was in Ashley's lap and her feet were on Andy with Jake and CC in between. I let out a small chuckle when I saw them. The car ride was silent until Ashley said, "Uh Jinxx?"
"What's up?"
"Did you know Raven had a tattoo?" He said.
"Yeah, man she has one on her ankle too." Andy said.
"I wanna see!" Juliet said as she leaned forward. "Me too!" Ella and Lauren said. They all started to look at her tattoos when she stirred around a bit. "What the fuck?" She mumbled when she saw everyone looking at her shoulder and ankle. "Oh we just saw you tattoos." Jake said.
"How did you get those young lady. Your only 14 years old." Sammi said while I just laughed at her attempt to be stern. "Oh about that... I was just drunk this one time... and one thing lead to another and..." She said while scratching her neck. I suddenly stopped the car and everyone abruptly turned to her and screamed
"WHAT?!" then she started giggling. Then laughing. Then trying to catch her breath. "Oh god, guys I was kidding, I was kidding." She said while waving her hand. I let out a sigh of relief and started to drive again. Good thing no one was on the road.
"But how did you get those?" Ella asked her.
"Oh yeah... Well Blaze MIGHT have a fake ID and I MIGHT have asked her to take me to the tattoo parlor and I MIGHT have gotten a couple..." She said slowly. Ashley let out a chuckle and said, "I had a fake ID when I was her age too."
The rest of the ride was just quiet and awkward. When we got out of the car I lead Raven to me and Sammi's room in the house and said, "I wanna talk." She sighed and said, "I knew this was gonna come sooner or later. Blaze told you didn't she?"
"Yeah how'd you know?" I asked, quite confused.
"I didn't. But I do now." I laughed and said
"Smart girl. But in all seriousness, what started this? I can't help you if you don't tell me."
"Ok, but can we sit down?"
"Sure." I smiled at her and she sat down and leaned against the headboard. I sat down with her and put my arm around her.
"Ok. So as you know, I was dropped off at the orphanage when I was 1 and 1/2. I never had a real mother or father because they would always send me back after a month or two. So when I turned 10, I got adopted by this kind looking couple. they looked after me for 6 months. One day the father, Jason, started hitting me. He would always call me one name. Useless slut. So then I eventually got out of that hell hole and returned to the previous one. Next thing I knew everyone was calling me a useless slut. The girls at the orphanage. Ms. Greene. Everyone but Blaze, Cat and Lexi. I couldn't take it anymore so I started doing things to myself that I regret. I eventually got tattoos that partially covered it up." She said and held out her wrists. On one, there was a bird cage with the door open and on the other wrist were birds flying away. She smiled looking at them and I noticed something. The one on her shoulder were also flying birds, and on her ankle was a wing.
"So birds huh?" I asked.
"Oh yeah, I just like how they symbolize freedom. And I wanted to show that I broke free from that thinking and I'm ok and now I can fly and where I want." I tightened my grip around her. and the door burst open and Sammi ran in, jumped on the other side of Raven and side hugged her. "Baby I love you so much, we love you so much, and would never do that to you!" Rave laughed and hugged back. I looked in the doorframe to find everyone standing there. Ella, Lauren, Juliet and CC were about to start crying and Jake, Andy and Ashley were smiling at us. Eventually they all ran over and jumped on us.
"Hey so we were wondering if you guys wanted to come out for a night swim?" Ashley said.
"Yay!" Raven yelled.
"I take that as a yes." Jake said. We all laughed and Raven said, "Guys I don't have a swimsuit..."
"You can use one of mine!" Juliet said.
"Let's go girls" Sammi said pulling them up and ran to god knows where. I laughed at them and now it was just the guys and me.
"Get out I have to change!" I yelled at them. They ran out and into their rooms. When I was done I walked downstairs to find all they guys sitting on the couch watching some random Tv show. "Sup?" I said while I came down and sat next to them. Andy switched off the TV and said, "So Raven. Did we hear right?"
"Yeah but all I can do is show her how much I love her."
"Yeah man you got a great family goin." CC said. I nodded and then I heard a lot of laughter coming from up stairs. We al looked at each other, shook our heads and said


Ok so done with that dramatic chapter. Well not really. Oh well. I wonder what the girls were laughing about... O.o. Just kidding, I know what they're laughing about but you don't.... hehehe.

Ok bai,


Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy


yay! i'm glad