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I only wanted you.

Tell me you love me.

I pulled up in front of Tyler's house with Izzy in my front passenger seat and Adam and Alex in back. I parked behind the black Expedition I recognized as Jinxx's car. I shut off my Denali before I got out, straightening out my tank top, my hoodie had been tossed aside in my room once I got home from school. As I walked up on to the sidewalk after grabbing my backpack out of the backseat, I saw Andy's car parked in front of Jinxx's with Jake's in front of his. Well it looks like the band has beaten us here, I thought to myself. I turned my attention to the front of the house just as Mrs. Henderson walked out with Mr. Henderson following behind her while hollering into the house, telling Tyler to be good. I should also add that Mrs. Henderson looked extremely beautiful in her strapless silk form fitting black dress that barely reached the top of her knees and her black stiletto heels. Her hair was down and lightly curled and she only wore her makeup very lightly since she was one of those types of women that didn't really need makeup to look beautiful.

"Oh hot damn, looking good Mrs. Henderson," I smiled as we all walked up their lawn while Adam and Alex both let out a wolf whistle.

"Fancy," Izzy dragged out the word with a smile while she raised her eyebrows.

"Thank you," she chuckled while smiling at us.

"You know, Mrs. Henderson, if I wasn't at your birthday dinner, I'd say you're about twenty-four," Adam said and she laughed.

"Yeah, well if I remember correctly, I was pregnant with Tyler at twenty-four and I wasn't very good looking during those nine months," she shook her head.

"What are you talking about? You were beautiful," Mr. Henderson protested before kissing his wife on the cheek.

"Yeah, and if Tyler and I weren't friends and you weren't married, I would absolutely make a pass at you," Alex said and Mrs. Henderson laughed as she shook her head.

"Hey, watch it boy," Mr. Henderson smiled before he placed his hand on the small of his wife's back, "let's go, honey and leave these kids to themselves. I'm pretty sure the house will be in one piece when we get back."

"Oh don't worry, we'll make sure the huge party we're about to throw doesn't get too out of hand," Adam smiled.

"Yeah, okay," Mr. Henderson rolled his eyes as we laughed before he and his wife headed over to their car and we all headed inside the house. When we walked inside, we could hear the loud voices of the rest of our friends and everyone headed to the living room as I closed the door behind us. I quickly followed behind my brother and when I walked into the living room, our BVB boys were spread across the room along with Tyler, watching See No Evil. I cringed at the sight of the movie on the TV, not because I don't like horror films, but because all I could think about was the killer ripping his victim's eyes out using his thumb and pointer fingers.

I turned my attention away from the movie when everyone chorus "Hey!" loudly and happily and I smiled while walking over to one of the black leather couches.

"'Bout time you guys got here," Jake said as Ashley pulled me down to sit between him and Andy. I smiled at Andy, who smiled back before I smiled at Ashley and leaned against him, setting my backpack down at my feet.

"Sorry, had to have dinner with the rents before I could call Addison to come get me," Alex said as Ashley wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a squeeze from my side, "my mom will put me on a guilt trip if I miss dinner and it's not because I'm working."

"Well, I bet that's a reason you can't wait to move out like your brother Todd," Andy laughed.

"Yeah," Alex chuckled, "and he booked it to the other side of the country. College my ass, he just wanted to get away from mom," he said, causing us all to laugh. Izzy sat down in the open spot beside Andy while Alex and Adam plopped down on the floor with Christian.

"Since everyone's here, my parents left us some money for a couple of large pizzas, so is anyone hungry?" Tyler asked.

"Fuck yeah!" Christian exclaimed.

"You're always hungry," everyone said in unison.

"Don't judge me," he said waving his finger around at all of us, causing us to laugh. As our laughter calmed down, Tyler removed himself from his seat and headed into the kitchen to order the pizza and Buffalo wings specially requested by Christian and me. When the movie was over, Izzy really wanted to put in the one movie that was the main reason I never owned a doll which would be Child's Play 2. I love the chucky movies, those being the first horror films I watched as a little kid and I have to say the second one is the best out of all five. Tyler joined us back in the living room saying our food would be here in about thirty to forty minutes as he plopped back down in his seat.

The time we waited on the food to get here, we all sat around and talked while the movie played in the background. Our BVB boys even told us that they will be going on tour at the end of this month after a show at the Mad Hatter. It was awesome that they were going to play a show that I could go to, but a little sad that they would be leaving after that to start off a tour in California.

When our food got here, Adam followed Tyler to the door to pay the remainder of the tab and the tip before they both made their way back to the living room. Tyler went to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with some paper plates and napkins, handing them out to everyone. I ate only one slice of pizza and Christian and I polished off half of the Buffalo wings together and they were good. When I was done eating, I got up and went to the kitchen to wash my hands and throw away my plate. Then I headed back to the living room, sitting back in my spot between Ashley and Andy before I leaned over to open up my backpack. I pulled out my Geometry notebook along with my Geometry book, it being the only homework I haven't done yet, setting the book in my lap. I think it's stupid to get homework on Friday since most kids at school weren't probably going to do it until the last minute if they even remember to do it at all. I unzipped the front pocket and pulled out a pencil, sitting back in my seat before Andy reached over.

He lifted my book, reading the title on the bind, "Geometry," he arched a brow.

"Yup, the easiest math class I think I've taken, not counting basic math," I said and he nodded before setting my book back down in my lap. As he took his hand away, it grazed my bare thigh and my breath got caught in my throat as I felt goose bumps form all over my skin. I let out a small breath before looking at Andy to see him watching me and I bit the corner of my lip.

"Sorry," he whispered.

"It's okay," I whispered back as we stared at each other for a bit before I turned my attention down to my Geometry book. I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, running my finger across the slide to unlock before opening up my Notes app to look over my homework assignments to see what pages I need to do. It would have taken me about twenty minutes to do my Geometry, but I was having a really hard time concentrating with Andy sitting next to me since I could feel his eyes on me every now and again. Both he and I seemed to be a little antsy seeing how I couldn't stop adjusting my legs and pulling my skirt down. He couldn't stop fidgeting with his fingers and rubbing his leg against the side of mine. I sighed and bit my lip when Andy brought a hand down in between my leg and his to scratch the side of his leg through his jeans, making his hand rub against the side of my bare thigh. "I'll be right back," I said quickly, closing my Geometry book before setting my schoolwork down on the coffee table, getting confused and worried glances from everyone.

I quickly got up from the couch, ignoring the looks and headed out of the room and down the hall toward the downstairs bathroom. I pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind me before removing my hat, tossing it on the counter. I placed my palms on the edge of the sink and took a deep breath, trying to calm my hormones before I end up jumping Andy right in front of everybody. It's getting harder and harder to resist wanting to kiss him the more and more he hangs out with us and I'm not sure if I want to lose that battle with myself just yet. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed to myself, feeling my nerves calm themselves down to normal. I was about to head back out there until I heard Andy's voice from the living room, "man, I can't take it anymore!" he said, making our friends laugh.

"No, Andy! Not in my house!" Tyler yelled with humor in his tone. I arched a brow before I shook my head and took another deep breath until there was a hard knock on the door. I turned my head and glanced at the bathroom door before I stood up straight and stepped toward it. I placed my hand on the knob and turned, pulling the door open to see Andy standing there with his hands on each side of the door frame. I stared at him for a few seconds as he locked his eyes with mine before he stepped forward, placing his hands on the sides of my face. He pressed his lips hard against mine as he pushed me further back into the bathroom, slamming the door by kicking it shut. I was a little shocked at first before I kissed him back and he ran his tongue across my bottom lip, so I opened my mouth a little, allowing him to massage his tongue with mine.

Andy brought his hands down and gripped the back of my thighs, lifting me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck with my fingers entangled in his hair as he sat me down on the bathroom counter. One of his hands moved away from gripping my thigh and I heard the lock on the door click before he brought his hand back to grip my thigh again. We kissed for a few minutes before he pulled away, resting his forehead against mine as we breathed heavily with our eyes closed. I untangled my fingers from gripping his hair and brought my hands down until they rested on his shoulders. Andy lifted his head as our breath became more even and I did the same as we opened our eyes. I stared into his that seemed to have a longing look to them before his face took over a pained expression. "Tell me you love me," he whispered softly.

"What?" I whispered back, almost inaudible.

"Please," he almost pleaded as he rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, squeezing them shut while I kept mine open to watch his face, "tell me you love me."

I placed my hands on the sides of his face, making him lift his head as he opened his eyes to show me the beautiful blue color they possessed. I ran my fingers through his side bang, moving it out of his face, so I could lock my eyes with both of his, "I love you," I whispered, placing my hand back on his cheek and he leaned into my touch. "And I never stopped," my voice cracked as my eyes watered, shedding a tear that he quickly wiped away with his thumb. He pressed his lips back against mine and I kissed him back eagerly as he made me wrap my legs around his waist. He picked me up off the counter and turned before he lowered us down till my back came in contact softly with the bathroom floor. I unwound my legs from his waist and planted my feet on the floor, bending my knees at his hips as I entangled my fingers in his hair. I moaned and laid my head back, pulling from the kiss as I felt Andy's hand caress my thigh and travel up the side of my skirt.

Andy attached his lips to my neck, creating goose bumps along my skin as I moaned again, gripping his hair a little tighter. I felt Andy's fingers wrap around the elastic band of my panties and he started to tug them down, making me lift my butt up from the floor a little and press my pelvis into his. He moaned at the contact I made with him before he pulled away from me, sitting up on his knees. He slipped his other hand up the other side of my skirt, grabbing onto my panties and tugged them down my thighs. I lifted my legs, straightening them out till the back of my calves rested on his shoulders, causing him to smirk down at me. I smiled before my eyes fluttered shut and my body shuddered as his fingertips caressed my skin while his hands traveled down my legs, bringing my panties with them. He pulled my panties off once getting them over my boots and dropped them on the floor before moving my legs off his shoulders so my feet were planted on the floor again.

Andy hovered over me, placing his forearms on the floor beside my head to hold himself up and brought his hands up to move some of my hair out of my face. He smiled at me before he cupped my face and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me with passion and force. One of his hands traveled down my side and passed my hip before his hand traveled between my legs, kneading my inner thigh. I gasped as he moved his lips to my neck and moaned before I reached my hand down, grabbing his wrist. I moved his hand from my thigh and closer to where I wanted him to touch me and gasped as I slightly arched my back when two of his fingers pressed against my clit. I brought my hand back up, gripping his upper arm as I moaned, my eyes rolling into the back of my head while his fingers rubbed me. Andy lifted his head from kissing my neck and pressed his lips back against mine and I kissed him back, placing my hands on the sides of his face.

I gasped loudly, pulling from the kiss about a minute later and moaned, dropping my head back as he slipped two fingers inside of me. He thrusted his fingers in and out as I placed my hands on his shoulders, gripping onto him before I looked at Andy to see him watching me. He smiled a little at me and I smiled back before I moaned as he thrusted his fingers a little harder. At the rate he was going, I don't think I was going to last much longer before my first orgasm erupted in me. Andy pecked me on the lips before he lifted his head back up and I groaned, my hands flying up to grip my hair while I arched my back as he slipped another finger inside me. He worked his fingers a little faster and rubbed his thumb over my clit, causing me to moan more and my breath to pick up. I released my hair and gripped the upper arm of the one he was using to pleasure me while placing the other on his side, gripping his shirt.

I could feel sweat forming on my skin and it wasn't much longer when I arched my back again, emitting a loud moan as I hit my peak. I tightened my legs against Andy's hips as my body shook and twitched from the intensity of the orgasm that washed over me. Andy pulled his fingers out of me as I started to calm down from my orgasm and I opened my eyes, looking up at him. He smiled and I smiled back before lifting my head, capturing his lips with mine and he kissed me back eagerly, leaning down to let me rest my head back on the floor. I felt his hand rest against the side of my head, entangling his fingers in my hair as his hand that was still between my legs rested on my hip, gripping it slightly. "Get away from the door and leave them alone!" Izzy's loud voice carried through the bathroom door from the living room.

Andy and I heard a couple of people groan from just outside the door before the familiar voices of Ashley and Alex were heard. "Fine," they grumbled, causing Andy and me to laugh against each other's lips. Andy pulled out of the kiss to glance over his shoulder at the door as I ran my fingers through my hair, tucking it behind my ears.

Andy turned his head back, looking down at me with a smile as I rested my arms on the floor, bending them at the elbow so my hands rested beside my head. "Do you want to keep going?" he whispered and I nodded my head slowly as I brought a hand up and ran my fingers through the side of his hair, tucking it behind his ear. Then I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down to press my lips against his. He kissed me back as he caressed the side of my face while his other hand was working on undoing his belt and the front of his jeans. He seemed to be having a difficult time doing it one handed as he groaned in frustration against my lips. I pulled out of the kiss and looked down the small space our bodies had between us, bringing my hands down to his belt. I unbuckled it ahead of undoing his jeans while he looked down, watching my hands before he hiked my skirt up some more.

I looked up at him, getting him to lock his eyes with mine before he started to push his pants down with his free hand, releasing his major hard-on from his boxers. I glanced down and my eyes widened a bit at the sight of him before I looked back up at him, "you're a lot bigger than I remember," I said, quietly.

He smirked, "that's because I was still a growing boy when I made the mistake to leave you," he said just as quiet.

"And now you're my full-grown man," I smiled and he smiled back before pressing his lips against mine, massaging his tongue with mine. I felt his hand graze my inner thigh as he took a hold of his hardened manhood, lining himself up at my awaiting entry. "I love you," I whispered against his lips.

"I love you," he whispered back before he started to slowly push his length into me, my inner walls gripping him tightly. I moaned and hissed at the slight pain I felt from being stretched open. Andy stopped pushing when I dug my nails into his upper arms and squeezed my eyes shut. He placed his hand he guided himself with near my side to hold himself up as he hovered over me. He caressed my face with his other and placed several small kisses on my cheek, temple, and forehead before pecking my lips. "Are you okay?" he whispered against them.

I took a deep breath, letting it out shakily before I opened my eyes to look into his concerned face. I nodded, biting my lip a bit, "yeah, it's just been a very long time," I said with a small whimper.

"It has?" he asked and I nodded again, "how long?"

"The last time was with you," I said and his eyes widened a little before he gave me a small smile.

He leaned down and pecked me on the lips again, "I'll be gentle," he whispered and I nodded before he pecked my lips once more, "just tell me when to push."

I sighed and just laid still, adjusting to the feeling of him partially inside me as he watched me, waiting patiently with a small smile on his lips. I looked up at his eyes and his smile widened a little before I placed my hands on his sides, gripping his shirt. "Push," I whispered and he nodded, resting one of his forearms beside my head as he placed his other hand on the side of my thigh, gripping it lightly. He pushed his hips forward, more of his manhood slipping inside of me and I whimpered, causing him to stop again. "No," I pulled him closer which made his hips push forward a little, causing me to emit a small gasp as he locked his eyes with mine. "Keep going," I said and he nodded before he continued to push as I arched my back. I groaned loudly when Andy had fully penetrated me and he moaned as well, being just as loud. He didn't move once he was fully inside me, bringing his other arm up to rest his forearm beside the other side of my head.

I had slightly squeezed my eyes shut, taking small breaths with small moans attached as I breathed out. Andy leaned his head down, turning it to the side to peck my cheek and the side of my head over and over as he caressed the other side of my face and ran his fingers through my hair. I hooked my arms under his, placing my hands on his shoulders and pulled him as close to me as possible so he was basically laying on me. I lifted my head and rested my forehead against his shoulder as he continued to place small kisses on the side of my head before placing some on my neck. "I'm ready when you are," he whispered in my ear and I nodded slowly before I turned my head, pressing my lips against his. He kissed me back, making me lay my head back down on the floor and I unhooked one of my arms from under his. I wrapped it around his shoulders, placing my hand on the back of his head and entangled my fingers in his hair.

It didn't take me long to feel fully adjusted, so I pulled from the kiss to look at him as he studied my face. "Make love to me," I smiled a little, getting one from him before he pressed his lips against mine as he slowly withdrew a little before pushing back in. I moaned against his lips, gripping his shoulder and his hair a little tighter as he continued to make small thrusts. When I could feel nothing but pure pleasure from being attached to him like this again, I met one of his small thrust by thrusting my hips down. We both moaned, mine being louder than his as we pulled out of the kiss and I laid my head back, closing my eyes as he rested his forehead against my shoulder. Andy withdrew a lot more before pushing back in and my legs tightened against him in their bent position at his hips. Andy got himself into a rhythm of long, deep, and semi-slow thrusts and we both moaned every time he thrusted into me.

Andy was building up a sweat as mine seemed to be getting worse and I wrapped my arms around his torso, pulling him tighter against me. "Faster, baby please," I whispered in his ear and he obliged, making his long and deep thrusts a little faster and I arched my back, moaning loudly. My moans continued as did Andy's while I dug my nails into his back and rested the side of my face on his shoulder.

"Gees, Addy… you feel so good," Andy moaned and I moved my head to press my lips against his while I could feel another orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. I started to thrust down, wanting to hit my peak a little faster and Andy pulled out of the kiss, placing his forehead against mine as we breathed heavily. "Fuck," he whispered, propping himself up on his hands beside my head to hover over me as I closed my eyes, biting my bottom lip. "Baby, look at me," he almost pleaded and I opened my eyes, locking them with his and we just stared at one another as we moaned at every thrust. My breath picked up even more as I felt like I was about to explode, arching my back, but I refused to take my eyes away from his.

Finally I couldn't hold on any longer and arched my back even move, shutting my eyes, "Oh god! Andy!" I almost screamed when my second orgasm hit me like a tidal wave as my toes curled in my boots. My whole body tensed as Andy continued to thrust and I dug my nails into his back as my legs tightened against his hips once more. Andy leaned down, kissing my neck before I laid flat on the floor, going almost limp and he pressed his lips against mine. It's a good thing I wasn't standing because I would have collapsed to the floor since my legs were feeling a little like Jell-O.

"I love you so much, baby," he whispered against my lips.

"I love you too, Andrew," I said and he smiled before kissing me, making his thrusts a little faster and we both moaned.

Andy and I lasted about another forty-five minutes before Andy tightly gripped one of my thighs, making me wrap my leg around his waist. His thrusts became a little rough as his moans and groans got louder, as did mine while my third orgasm was getting ready to peak and he was about to hit his first. I arched my back, screaming in ecstasy as I peaked and Andy moaned loudly as I felt him release inside of me, his cum coating my inner walls. He rode out our orgasms before he stopped and gently collapsed on me, resting his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I ran a shaky hand through his extremely sweaty hair before I kissed his forehead. We laid there for about five minutes before Andy lifted himself up and slowly and carefully pulled out, causing me to moan. He looked down at me and gave me a small smile and I smiled back as I lifted my hand, still shaking and caressed the side of his face.

Andy leaned into my touch and placed a hand on top of mine, kissing the palm of my hand. "Baby, you're shaking," he said, sounding a little concerned.

"I know, but like I said, it's been a long time and you made me peak three times," I said quietly and he smiled before he leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips. When he pulled back, I smiled at him, "we should probably get cleaned up to head back out there and face the music before Tyler's parents get home."

He slightly groaned, "Do we have to? Can't we just stay right here forever?" he asked and I shook my head, "fine," he pouted before pecking my lips. Andy reached down and pulled his pants up some before he sat up on his knees, fixing his boxers and pulled his pants up all the way, buttoning and zipping them. I sat up and wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging him as I laid my head against his stomach. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me lightly, kissing the top of my head. When we pulled away, he stood up before helping me up from the floor, but when I tried to stand on my own, my knees buckled. I grabbed onto the bathroom counter, but Andy was quick to catch me as well, wrapping his arms firmly around my torso, "you okay?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "just a little weak in the knees."

"Well my presence has been known to do that to women," he said and I lightly smacked him on the chest. "I'm just kidding," he laughed and I shook my head before he pecked me on the lips. Andy and I cleaned up, straightening out our hair and our clothes and Andy helped me put my panties back on. I straightened out my skirt before Andy cupped my face, making me look up at him, "I love you so much and I will never hurt you again," he said softly with sincerity etched into his face.

"I love you too and I hope we can last a lot longer this time," I said and he smiled before pressing his lips softly against mine.

"I have all the time in the world to make sure we last forever," he said once he pulled away and I smiled before I pressed my lips against his again while gripping the front of his shirt. He pressed his lips harder against mine as he entangled his fingers in my hair and we kissed for a bit. Once we pulled away, Andy unlocked the door to the bathroom and pulled it open, letting some cooler air flow in the pretty warm, almost hot bathroom. Because I was still a little shaky on my feet, Andy picked me up by hooking an arm under my knees and the other around my torso. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he carried me out of the bathroom as I rested my head on his shoulder. He walked out to the living room and everyone I'm sure looked at us, but I had closed my eyes so I wasn't positive.

"We don't even need to ask because from what we could hear, you two enjoyed yourselves very much," Jake said as Andy took a seat on the couch with me in his lap.

Everyone laughed while I tightened my arms around Andy's neck and Andy chuckled before he rubbed my head and kissed me on the forehead. "I like to think so, right babe?" he asked and I just nodded my head, feeling a little exhausted. "You tired, baby?" He asked quietly and I nodded again, emitted a quiet "mhmm" before snuggling more into him, "okay, I'll take you home in a little while, or do you want to stay with me tonight at my place?"

"With you," I whispered as I started to drift off to sleep.

"Okay, go to sleep baby," he said as he rubbed my head, running his fingers through my hair and it didn't take me much longer to fall fast asleep in his lap.

I ran my fingers through Addison's hair and continued to even after I knew she was asleep. I felt Izzy scoot closer, laying Addison's legs across her lap before resting her head against my shoulder. I rested my head on top of hers just as she spoke up, "so I take it you and Addison are officially back together?" she asked.
I nodded, "yeah," I breathed out with a sigh of relief.

"Good," she said before she lifted her head, making me move mine off hers and looked me in the eyes. "If you hurt her again, I will kill you. You have no idea what we all went through seeing her so heartbroken and trying our hardest not to mention you around her to keep her from crying."

"Don't worry. I'll never hurt her like that again because I love her way too much. And I know I made a mistake the second I told her it was over," I said and she smiled with a small nod before resting her head back on my shoulder. I looked over at Adam and he was watching TV, Nightmare on Elm Street was on, talking to Jake about how the older Freddie movies were way better than the re-make. "Hey Adam," I said quietly as not to disturb Addison and managed to get his attention, "do you think Mama and Papa Kauzer would mind if Addy stayed with me at my house tonight?"

"I'll let them know when I get home and I'm pretty sure they won't mind. Addison and I are considered adults being eighteen and all," he said and I chuckled a bit while nodding my head.

"Yeah, that's right, but I'd still want to make sure since you guys still live at home," I said and he nodded with a small shrug. I hung out with everyone for about another half hour until Addison shifted in my lap, making me want to take her home with me sooner rather than later. Izzy was still resting her head on my shoulder and I leaned over kissing the top of her head, getting her to glance up at me. "I'm going to head home with her," I said and she nodded before she kissed my cheek and sat up in her seat. "Can I get some help getting up? I'm going to head home and put her to bed," I said to no one in particular. Christian was up from his spot next to Izzy and walked over to stand in front of me as I adjusted Addison slowly in my lap so he could pick her up. He hooked his arms under her knees and around her torso, carefully picking her up out of my lap without waking her.

I stood up from the couch and straighten out my shirt, slipping on my jacket before I took Addison from Christian and she stirred a little, wrapping her arms around my neck. She rested her head back down on my shoulder and I kissed her forehead before I reached down, grabbing my car keys off the coffee table. "Well I'll see you guys later. You guys going to hang around?" I asked, looking around at my band mates.

"Yeah," Jinxx said as the rest of them nodded while Christian sat back down in his spot beside Izzy.

"Okay," I said as Adam got up from his seat.

He packed Addison's school work back in her backpack and pulled her car keys out of the front pocket, stuffing them in his pocket before slipping one strap of the backpack on his shoulder. "I'll take her backpack out for you," he said before taking my keys from me as he headed for the door with me following behind him.

"Later guys," I said and they all chorused "bye" quietly to not wake Addison before I headed out of the house with Adam. We walked down to my car and Adam unlocked it, pulling open my passenger door and laid the seat back. He tossed Addison's backpack in the backseat before he stepped out of the way and I laid Addison down on the seat. I pulled the seatbelt over her, leaning over as I did and I buckled her in. I started lean back out of the car, but stopped when I felt her hand on my cheek. I looked down at her and she gave me a tired smile with her eyes half open. I smiled at her before she leaned up and peck me on the lips. I kissed her back before she laid back and I pulled myself out of the car, closing the passenger door and turned my attention to Adam. "Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow when I bring her home," I said and he nodded.

"Yeah, just… take care of her this time, please. I really don't want to fight you again," he said and I chuckled.

"Yeah, I don't want to get punched in the eye again either," I said and he chuckled this time, "but I promise I'll take care of her. I love her too much to put her through that again. Izzy's already threatened to kill me while we were sitting on the couch in there."

Adam chuckled again, "yeah, well I'll see you tomorrow," he said as we gave each other a bro hug before he headed back inside and I walked around my car, getting in the driver seat. I pulled on my seatbelt and started my car before leaving Tyler's house on Silverspring, making the ten minute drive to my house on Happy.

When I got to my house, I parked in the driveway and Addison stirred in her seat as I turned off my car. I glanced over at her as she yawned, stretching her arms above her head before she opened her eyes and looked over at me. "Hey baby," I smiled and she smiled back.

"Hey," she said softly, "we at your place?" she asked just before looking out the car window at my house.

"Yeah, let's go inside," I said as I pulled off my seatbelt and she nodded, removing her own, "your backpack is in the backseat. You can leave it in the car or take it inside."

She nodded, "thank you," she said as she reached into the backseat, grabbing her backpack. We both got out of my car and I locked it up as she waited for me near the front of my car, slipping her arms through the straps of her backpack. I walked up, standing beside her and slipped my arm around her shoulders and we headed to my front door as she slipped her arm around my waist. I pulled her tighter against me as we walked and kissed the side of her head and she smiled up at me before puckering her lips. I chuckled at how adorable she looked before I pressed my lips against her, giving her a small gentle kiss. I was ecstatic that I finally had the right to do that again and call her mine after two years of being scared she would never forgive me. The thought of never feeling her kiss or gentle touch again was enough to put anyone in a deep depression and make them go insane.

I don't know how to explain it, but her kiss was one of the most precious things in the world to me and deserved to be cherished, never taken for granted. I know the pain of doing just that with the feeling like I had lost her forever and knowing it was my fault due to stupidity only made my heart ache even worse. Now that I've been given a second chance, I will do anything in my power to keep from losing her and assholes like Jason Harlow will never come between us again.

I pulled my lips from hers and smiled at her as we reached my front door and I isolated my house key on my key ring before unlocking it. I pushed open my door and we walked inside. I closed it behind us as she slipped off her backpack, setting it down by my door side table. "So you want to go to bed?" I asked as I locked the door before turning to look at her and she nodded as she stretched her arms out toward me. I smirked, "you want me to carry you?" I arched a brow.

She nodded her head again, "mhmm," she mumbled before shuffling her feet across the floor, inching toward me a little. I chuckled before I stepped toward her, placing my hands on her hips as she slipped her arms around my neck. I lifted her and she rested her thighs at my hips, wrapping her legs around me and hooked her feet as I placed my hands under her ass to hold her up. She smiled at me before pecking me on the lips as I carried her toward the stairs. She pulled away to rest her head on my shoulder as I headed up the stairs to my room, walking inside before I set her down beside my bed. I walked over to my closet, sliding open the door before I removed my jacket, hanging it back up. I turned around to see Addison sitting on the edge of the bed, removing her boots and I worked on stripping out of my clothes, down to my boxers.

"Do you want something to sleep in?" I asked as she took off her last boot, tossing them near my dresser and removed her socks and her bracelets and necklace.

She looked up at me while setting her jewelry down on my night stand as I removed my shirt, the last piece of clothing I had on besides my boxers. "No, that's okay," she shook her head as she stood up from my bed and walked over to me.

"What? You going to sleep in your clothes?"

"No," she said as she stopped in front of me before she unbuckled her belt and unzipped her skirt. She wiggled out of it, letting it drop to her ankles before she kicked it away and I bit my lip as I watched her. She crossed her arms in front of her, grabbing the hem of her tank top before pulling it up and off, tossing it where she kicked her skirt. "I'll sleep in my underwear," she looked up at me from the tops of hers, "just like you."

I smirked before I leaned down, pressing my lips against hers and she placed her hands on my hips. I kissed her passionately as I entangled my fingers in her hair and she moaned against my lips before I pulled away. "That's fine with me," I whispered and she smiled before biting her lip. I smiled back before pressing my lips back against hers and picked her up, making her wrap her legs around my hips. She placed a hand on the back of my neck while the other rested on my shoulder and she tilted her head as she slipped her tongue passed my lips to massage it against mine. I moaned as the barbell in her tongue clanked against my teeth and ran across the roof of my mouth. I walked over to the end of my bed and laid her down on my bed as I hovered over her while we continued to kiss. I placed a hand on my bed to hold myself up as I kept my other arm around her waist and scooted her up higher on my bed.

Once her head rested on my pillows, I pulled out of the kiss and pressed my forehead against hers with my eyes closed while we both breathed heavily. "I love you," I whispered breathlessly as I opened my eyes.

She opened her eyes to look back into mine, "I love you too," she said as she caressed my cheek.

I smiled before I pecked her lips, "let's get some sleep," I said and she nodded before I pecked her lips again. We both slipped ourselves under my black comforter and the gray top sheet before we both got comfortable. She slipped her arms around my torso, resting her head against my chest and I slipped an arm under and around her shoulders while draping the other over her arm and torso. I kissed the top of her head and heard her sigh, sounding relieved, "goodnight, baby," I whispered.

"Goodnight, boyfriend," she whispered back, placing a kiss on my chest and the word boyfriend caused me to smile. I gave her a slight squeeze and kissed the top of her head again as she nuzzled her head against me. I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep and Addison managed to slip into her slumber before me. I'm so glad to have her beside me as I slept and she fit so perfectly in my arms, making me feel very content just like I remembered. My life was completely perfect once again and it's going to stay that way.


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