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I only wanted you.



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RATED NC-17 for Language, Violence, and Sexual Situations.

I N T R O D U C T I O N .

What do you do when you love someone so much and wish you could take back a mistake you made almost two years ago? To wish you had never given up the relationship you cherished more than anything?

That is actually how Andy Biersack, or Andy Six to his fan base, feels about the relationship he had given up with his first and only true love, Addison Kauzer. It was a mistake he made after a boy Jason Harlow got between the two of them and ruined their relationship for his own amusement by kissing an unsuspecting Addison. Andy, who witnessed Jason kissing his girlfriend, had become very angry and instead of putting the blame where it belonged, took out his frustrations on Addison. He ended their relationship without giving her the chance to explain only to start another one with a girl who was a close friend of theirs, Scout Taylor-Compton.

Addison had never been more heartbroken losing her boyfriend and it made it worse to see him kissing someone she thought was her friend the very next day. She did her best to avoid him and she didn't talk to or acknowledge their presence whenever they were hanging around with the friends that they shared. Andy hated that he had hurt her and ruined any chance of keeping any kind of relationship with Addison by dating Scout.

After graduation, Andy had left to California to work on his band that he had started when he was fifteen and Scout had gone with him to further pursue her career as an actress. With Andy being in California, Addison managed to begin the process to heal her broken heart by keeping Andy out of her thoughts and it helped that she didn't see him anymore after he graduated. It also helped that her friends and her brother never mentioned Andy around her. They didn't want to be the cause of her tears and heartache.

Things out in California only seemed to get worse for Andy when it came to his relationship with Scout. His band was doing great and they were getting a very good fan base, but he and Scout's relationship was not what it started out to be. Now in the year of two-thousand ten, Andy and Scout seemed to be doing nothing but fighting about Andy's long hours spent in the studio working with his band on their debut album. Things eventually ended between the two and he moved in with his bass player before they finished their album.

Now with Andy and his band mates coming home to Cincinnati after being on tour all summer for their new album and Addison starting her final year of High School, Andy is hoping things with his old friends would somehow go back to normal.
[DISCLAIMER – I don't own Andy "Six" Biersack or any member of Black Veil Brides or anyone associated with them. I do however own the character Addison, her family and friends and any other made up character. I'm not from Cincinnati, Ohio, so I don't really know what it's like except for what Andy said in one of his vlogs that it's boring, cold, and snows like a mother fucker and mother fucker's snow a lot, like 30 inches of snow per mother fucker. I'm also not sure if any of the band members besides Andy are from Cincinnati, but for the sake of my story, I'm going to say they are and they all still live there.]

Title credit: Me. // Connection: None.
Type: Story. // Status: Active.

©2010 Kasey J Vengeance


  1. Prologue.

    word count : 435.

  2. He'd love a cigarette.

    word count : 10,090.

  3. Not as sorry as I am.

    word count : 15,194.

  4. A Chance with BVB.

    word count : 6,748.

  5. Pent-up sexual tension.

    word count: 6,281.

  6. Tell me you love me.

    word count: 7,514.


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please update this? I love it, thank you so much for writing :D
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