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Breaking The Addiction

Chapter 2

Andy still couldn't fall asleep, even when the sun rose above the horizon. Finally, it was nearly 9 AM, Ronnie was still awake, and Andy was still hovering over him. Finally, he decided to call someone he knew who had had difficulty getting clean. Gerard Way.

He walked into the kitchen to avoid disturbing the conked-out, and probably coked-out singer, before pulling out his phone. Looking through his contacts, he didn't find Gerard's number. That's strange, he thought he had it. Instead, he came across Mikey's number. Close enough. As it dialed, he put a pot of coffee to brew.

The phone rang several times before the skinny brunette picked up. "Hey Andy."

"Hey Mikey, sorry to bug ya so early, but I was wondering something."


"Think you can do me a favor?"


"Tell Gerard to call me?" Andy meant it to come out as a statement, not a question.

"Andy? What's this about?" Mikey asked.

Biersack froze. Should he say? After all Mikey had done this years before he did, and he might have useful advice.

"Well you know Ronnie, right?" Andy asked, trying not to make it too painful.

"Ronnie...Raddie? Radkin? Radke? Something like that?"

"Radke, yeah."

"I think I mighta met him once or twice. Singer for Escape the Fate, right? Is he in trouble?"

"Falling in Reverse these days, and kinda."

"Andy..." Mikey said, somewhat dangerously.


"Be truthful."

Andy took a deep breath, before blurting out, "He's going through what your brother did!" He hoped it was fast enough that Mikey didn't hear it, or at the very least, didn't understand it. But he did. "He's got alcohol issues?"

"Close. Drugs."

There was an awkward silence, before, "Tell me everything."

"Well, Ronnie's got issues and he came to me, and asked for help getting clean, and I said yeah, cause I know if I said no, he probably wouldn't ever get clean, and I want him to be clean..."

Silly Andy, Ronnie has situations, and Craig has issues. Everyone knows that! And if you want Ronnie to be that clean, tell the fucker to go take a shower!

"He's serious about it?" Mikey asked.


"He's going to try his hardest?"


On the other end of the line, Mikey heaved a sigh, before saying, "Andy, I don't think I gotta tell ya this, but it's not gonna be easy for you or Ronnie."

"I know."

"I'll talk to Gerard about this, ok?"


"I'm sure when he hears this he's going to want to help. He doesn't exactly like seeing other people stuck in what he was going through."

"Thanks Mikey. This means a lot to me."

"Always glad to help, Andy."

With that, Mikey hung up, and Andy decided to enjoy a cup of coffee. Well, not enjoy it, more like use it to soothe his nerves for the day ahead. He would most certainly need it, there was no doubt about that. Besides the fact, Andy couldn't help Ronnie get clean if he was suffering from caffeine withdrawal himself.


An update to this story coming to a computer near you in the next 2 weeks.
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