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Vampires And Werewolves In London

Chapter 4

After a while of him crying, Andy managed to get himself under control, even though he was still clinging to Gerard. Now the older man realized just why this meeting was being called. The entire mythical population of London, and possibly Europe, and maybe even the entire world was being threatened here! Pan was a danger to all of them, because once the government, corrupt as it was, caught sight of one mythic, or even actually caught one, they'd go to any lengths to catch the rest, and try to keep them locked away, if not perform sick experiments on them.

“Come on, your warpaint's all runny.” Gerard said, patting Andy on the shoulder.

“How bad?”

“Horrible. Go upstairs and fix it, ok?”

Standing on shaky legs, Andy made his way upstairs, leaving Gerard alone in the store. No sooner than he had left than more people were walking in. Way looked up just in time to see Hunter Burgan, Adam Carson, and Christian Coma stroll in, slightly soaked around the edges. “Adam, Hunter, and Chuppy!” Gerard said, faking a smile. They returned the gesture and Gerard took the opportunity to usher them downstairs. With them now downstairs, it was near silence in the store.

Several minutes later, Andy came down, his boots clumping on each step. Most of his makeup was still intact, with the running bits washed away. “Better?” Gerard asked him. Below the badass exterior, Andy was quite a bit like Mikey, soft and too innocent for his own good. As such, Gerard took it upon himself to watch over the younger man and take care of him.

Andy nodded, before slumping into a chair weakly. He was shaky and several shades paler than his usual whiter than a hobbits ass color. “Just chill ok?” Gerard said, before adding in a softer voice, “It's gonna be ok, promise.” He noticed that the icy blue eyes were unfocused. Before he could do anything, the door flew open.

“What's good, bitches?” Matt Good yelled as he crashed in. From behind him, Ronnie Radke could be heard saying “Move it whore!” Finally, the two fell to the floor, having been shoved in by Max Green. “Come on guys!” Gerard yelled. He was already on edge because of Andy and now this! “Someone didn't get any.” Matt grumbled from below Ronnie. Gerard was tempted to flip him off.

Finally, Ronnie managed to disentangle himself from the pile of men and said, “Andy!” walking forward with one hand held high no doubt for a stupid handshake, and an equally stupid looking grin on his face. However, when he got closer, he could see the glazed look to Andy's eyes. The grin faded and Ronnie's hand went down. “You ok?” He asked. During the sudden hush, Max and Matt finally plucked themselves off the floor. Coming over, Matt asked, “What happened?” With a strange sort of reverence.

“He was telling me about that fucker Pan and explaining the reason this meetings called, then he started crying. He went upstairs to wash away his fucked up makeup and when he came back he was like this.” Gerard said.

“Damnit.” Matt snarled. “I'll kill that fucker with my bare hands!” Ronnie yelled. “I'll help.” Green offered. “Don't.” someone gasped. “Huh?” Everyone turned to look at Andy. He was looking at Ronnie, eyes barely focused, but just enough, looking similar to those of a deer in the headlights. “Don't do it... They'll get you...” He mumbled, reaching out and grabbing Ronnie's hand.


Yay :D
Trust me, I will be posting more in the near future.
This story is looking really good. I would love to see more :)