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Vampires And Werewolves In London

Chapter 1

It was a cold and stormy September night. The rain poured down in heavy sheets, making it difficult to see things that were more than a few feet away. The streets were covered In standing water, the gutters overflowing. A single step would have caused your shoe to fill up with water. The sidewalks were soon to be covered in water, the same as the streets. If you take a single whiff of the air, your nostrils would be invaded by a horrific stench.

What is this scent, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It is the filth and grime from the gutters, being washed up by the sudden rains. It is the stench of rotting foods that have been thrown into the streets for the mongrels and stray dogs. The disgusting scents of humans who do not have a way to dispose of their wastes properly. No sewage systems here, you see. No garbage pick-ups either.

This place must be hell you remark. In a sense, it is, yet is not. To the ones who can afford to live in better places than this, it is not. To the ones who cannot afford to live in anything but this place, and here only just barely, it is. However, to these people, besides it being a perpetual hell, it is also their everyday life. And do not be so quick to pass judgment, as there are far worse places to live than this. Much worse.

If you are still wondering just where we are, wonder no more my dear. We are currently standing in the middle of a street in one of the middle to lower-class areas. This street, and the ones around it, are mostly filled with the shops and markets that provide everyone with what they need. Thereof, the stench is not as bad as it could possibly be. Welcome to Victorian era London.

Overhead, lightening flashes and thunder rumbles. It'll be a bad storm, alright. And the worst of it hasn't even begun. No, it'll start sometime later, in the middle of the night sometime. But it is already the middle of the night, you protest. Looking at you, I laugh. You are very strange, thinking that it is the middle of the night. It is barely 8 P.M.! Looks darker than that though, right?

And that provides the perfect cover for what is going to happen tonight. Yes, what happens tonight could very well change the future as we know it. And it all starts here, on this very street. Look down the road, about midway. Do you see that shop? No, not the medicine-woman's shop. The one right next to it.

Yes, that one. The one with the mostly dark windows, and the bizarre sign on the outside. The one with the pentagram and the runes on it. A strange little shop it looks like. But even when the others have closed for the night, there is still light coming from within the shop. It looks as though someone is trying to keep their after-hours dealings a secret.

A sudden gust of wind makes the rain change it's direction, to come back and hit us straight in the face, ignorant of the hats we wear to try to keep the rain from soaking us to the bone. It catches the sign as well, making it flap wildly, creaking and screeching like an old woman. Unholy thing, isn't it? It's the only sign on this street to act like that. Rather frightening thing it is too.

If there is some reason to be afraid tonight, this is it. There's a good reason to be afraid tonight. This shop and what's about to happen in it is just one of the many reasons. If you're scared, and want to turn back and go home now, by all means, do so. I won't stop you. Leave whenever you want. But if you leave, I must warn you, do be careful. There's a serial killer on the loose.


Yay :D
Trust me, I will be posting more in the near future.
This story is looking really good. I would love to see more :)