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Meet the family


Summary:13 year old Independence has been an orphan since she was one. Her only friends are Jade and Kassie. Her life is pretty normal until she is adopted by black veil brides and things get pretty weird. Like getting banned from not 1 but 2 malls for life weird.




You know him.



You know him.



You know him.



Hey! I'm Independence but call me Indy. I am 13 going on 14 and I have lived in an orphanage all my life with my best friends Kassie and Jade. I love BVB, AA, ATL, FIR, MIW, KISS, ect.. I am funny, somewhat violent if needed, talented, somewhat athletic, crazy, sarcasitc and witty. Well that's all I got. Bye!



Hello, my name is Jade. I, just like Indy and Kas, have been here my whole life. I am 15 going on 16 and I can't wait to get a car. I am quiet, shy, funny,weird, and very protective over Kas and Indy. I kepp Indy from killing Kas because she talks WAY too much. I better go before Indy kills Kas. Bye!



You know him.



You Know him.



HI! I'm Kassie! I live in an orphanage with my 2 best firends in the entire world! I am 14 going on 15 and I LOVE to talk and can be very loud at times, I have gotten several shoes chucked at my head. My all time favroite band is KISS. I am sweet, loud, crazy, funny, weird, outgoing and at times sneaky. Did you know that BVB is comeing to adopt a kid? I know this because I work at the desk sometimes. I hope they adopt Independence. Well I better shut up before i get a shoe chucked at my head. Agian. BYE!

Sammi Doll

Sammi Doll

Jinxx's girlfriend.


  1. Welcome to my life...

    The day of the adoption

  2. My new family

    The car drive home

  3. A life, room, and we need a new car.

    Shopping with a twist

  4. That ain't gonna fly

    Indy has to deal with a "gift" from her mom

  5. I'm so board...Not!

    Old friends, Stood up, 3 drunks and blackmail!

  6. Hi Jimmy Kimmel!

    An intervew with Jimmy Kimmel. DUH!

  7. How'd we do that?!

    The spy kid and BVB and Jinxx's first date with Sammi

  8. Welcome to the family

    Independence goes to her first BVB concert and they adopt another child.

  9. The parent test.

    Will the guys pass the parent test

  10. Just call me dad

    This is a tribute to my dad.

  11. Red, White, Blueand Black of course. part 1

    It's Indy's birthday. How will they celabrate?

  12. Red, White, Blue, and of course black part 2

    The rest of the night.

  13. Monkey suits and dresses

    The girls meet Jon and we learn some stuff about Jade and Indy's life before the orphanage.

  14. You're grounded.

    The question is who got grounded?

  15. School...

    The girls have to enroll is school and they get a babysitting job.

  16. Babysitting...

    The girls have to babysit and Jade is conviced that romance is in the air.


Damn can't describe my emotions but the are good things. Soo oh my gerd.

taterbaby taterbaby

I can decide who my favorite character is but this story is awesome

taterbaby taterbaby

I'm slow. I just read the first chapter!! OMG!! Hakuna Matata?!!! LSHIDMTAMSFO (laughing so hard I drop my taco and my sombraro falls off)

LeGinger13 LeGinger13

HAKUNA MATATA!!!! Rofl, you nearly made me piss myself, I actually started laughing hysterically and couldn't effin stop XD

ElodieGrimm ElodieGrimm

wow really weird

i like it

DeviantDevil DeviantDevil