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Our Time Has Come

They're here!!

Ashley's P.O.V

I was asked to judge in a contest that would let the winners perform on stage at one of the festivals and even get the chance to record an album. Of course, I said yes. All I had to do was watch music videos then say yes or no. Then, they'd keep going until there's only the allowed amount of winners. I'm pretty sure in the last rounds we have to judge on our own songs that they cover. It sounds complicated because I'm not good at explaining, but they tell me what to do and when to do it and its alright for me.

I had to start judging today, since they already had many entries. They have another panel to make the first selection, so we only see the ones worth seeing.

I listened to a lot of people sing and play. It took me hours. I asked the guys to help me even though I'm not supposed to. I told them to make me listen to the ones they think I should say no to, and when we sort through everything I'll listen to their final selections. I mean, it comes back to the same thing but at least I don't have to be alone on this one. But don't tell the organizers!

It was really tough to eliminate people, but them not being there made it easier. For me anyways.

We worked the entire weekend on that. I'd still be getting submissions until the weekend after the deadline (next week- thank god!) but afterwards it gets easier- sorry- faster, since there are less videos to judge, but harder since the closer to the winner the better the talent is.

I heard a couple of our songs being played. Some classic rock songs, and some newer ones. Some of them were really talented. Some should get a but more training. I wonder how the ones that didn't make the first cut did...

"You just got three new entries to judge Ashley." Andy said. I checked the laptop and sure enough, three different video links popped up in my inbox. "Let's just finish the ones from the other email I got and we'll judge those ones tomorrow after our interview. I want to go to a bar right now.

It took us one more hour to judge what we wanted to judge, then we all got dressed since we had spent the day in our pyjamas, and we headed out for our favourite bar in all L.A.

I woke up in a hotel bed, beside a really hot girl. She stirred at my side and woke up.

"Hey! I'm Sophia in case you don't remember... Do you have some aspirin with you? I think I drank a bit too much" "Yeah me too. Wait a sec... Umm... No. Sorry. I'm Ashley by the way. But I have to go I have to work." "Thanks for the room anyways. I wouldn't of been able to go home on my own!" "No problem. Well I'm off!"

The guys are gonna be pissed at me if I'm late! Shit! I ran back to the house, thankfully nearby, showered, changed and ran out. I met up with the others and we walked on our bus where they would interview us.

It went fairly well, considering we didn't screw up every three seconds, saying something we weren't supposed to. I guess we can say pretty much whatever we want, but we've gotta be careful sometimes. Words can be twisted in so many different ways!

We all went back to the house where I plugged my laptop into the tv to watch the next submissions.

The first one was rejected, the second one was kept. But the third one... I mean, it looks so professional. Amazing sound, clips of the band on stage, back stage, rehearsing, and on a set. It was really cool. The first song was an original called... Better In My Dreams. It's really good. Soft at first, almost like a lullaby, then really intense. Then, we listened to Beth. Only the singer and the violinist were playing. "Are they allowed to do that?" Asked Andy. "Do what?" I didn't understand. "Just have two people out of five there?" "Why not?" Jinxx asked him. "Yeah you're right."

The last song was New Years Day. It sounded really good and the video for that one was my favourite.

"Yes or No?" I asked them. Andy said yes, CC said yes, jake said yes, Jinxx wasn't sure they were the best but said yes because they were good and I said yes. We sent our results back to the organizers. I'm pretty sure what they do is that for this round they send everyone a copy of all the selected entries, and if they have more yes that no, then they keep it.

"Come on guys, only one more week of non stop judging" I encouraged them.


So I didn't feel like waiting so I posted this. I'll probably post the next chapter soon.
what do you think of this?


Holy crap I just realized my keyboard's auto correct turned to French! Ill fix it and send a couple of chapters your way. The weekend was way too busy for me so sorry...
Gabe Gabe
updaaaaaaaaaaaaate im dying :3
Dont worry! I think its absolutly amazing :)
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul
I'm so sorry. I don't feel good today so tomorrow three for you to forgive me? Plus I tried to write but I kept pressing the wrong thing and the goddamn thing deleted like three times!
Gabe Gabe
more more moooreee in the midnight hourrr I cried moore mooreee morreeee
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul