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Our Time Has Come


We walked quietly to jakes room. I saw that the movie was already on. "Why did you stay there?" Andy asked ash. "I thought I had forgotten my phone." He lied. Why didn't he want to say he was waiting for me. That's what he told me anyways. "You alright gab?" Michael asked me. I went to sit down beside him. "Yeah. It's just the emotions running wild. There's so much happening!" "It's understandable" Michael said as he hugged me from the side, earning us a jealous look from Ashley. What?

we carried on watching the movie. Ashley sat between Andy and I and I sat between him and Michael. Zach and Hayley were sitting on the floor in front of Michael and I as Jacob and David layed on the floor laughing quietly about god knows what. Jake was sitting beside jinxx on the other couch and CC was sitting at their feet.

Ashley would try to rest his hand on my thing of put his arm around my shoulders, but every time I would move away, closer to Michael. I cuddled up to Michael and he put his arm around me. Those are the advantages of having a friend who wants nothing a to do with a relationship with you and will only have sex with the girls who ask him. Or some prostitute he'll find. But technically, she's asking for it right? Anyways, Michael and I can seem like we're in a relationship, but to each other, were best friends that act like brother and sisters awfully close to each other.

ashley looked pissed when Michael put his arm around me. It was bothering me, so I started chewing on my necklace, a nervous habit. Michael noticed and started rubbing my arms, something that calmed me down every time.

The longer it lasted, the worst Ashley got. Suddenly he got up and walked out of the room. I felt bad, but I wasn't sure wether I should go after him or not. After a while, I told Michael I would go get myself some coffee. Then I asked for Ashley's room number to Andy. Then, I tried to find him.

i checked in his room first, without success. So I walked to the pool, the bar, the cafe, but he was nowhere. I looked outside, but he wasn't there. Then I remembered that the hotel had a rooftop garden. Bingo! I almost ran all the way up to the garden, and there he was.

"Ashley..." "Go away" his tone was harsh. It made me feel even worse. "Please tell me what's wrong!" "I don't even know myself! How in the world do you expect me to be able to tell you!" Maybe I can help you figure out.." I walked up to him and sat beside him. "Maybe you can't. I need alone time to think it through. Please." I nodded and gave him a quick hug before heading back to the room. I felt so bad!

i walked in the room, and sat back down. "Took you long enough and you come back with nothing?" Michael asked me. "Too many people in line and I saw Ashley so I asked him what was wrong. He wouldn't tell me though." I cuddle back into his side , and fell asleep for the rest of the movie.

when I woke up, I heard Michael and Ashley quietly arguing.
"She ca stay here, it's not a problem! That way we don't have to wake her up!" Ashley said.
"I think I'll just wake her up and bring her back to our room. She'll probably prefer being able to get up, shower and do her stuff, instead of having to walk out in her pyjamas."
"I'll just go get her stuff in the morning." Why was he so insistent? I knew Michael wanted me to go to our room so he would know that Ashley wouldn't try anything on me. They're pretty similar in terms of reputation: ladies man, bassist. He knows what goes on in Ashley's mind. At least, he thinks so, I decided to get up. I would spare Ashley's face and michaels patience. He always likes it his way, and when it involves people he likes or want to protect, watch out!

Michael and I walked back to our room, where he started to play on his guitar and I fell asleep listening to him play.


Awfully short, I know and I'm sorry. Ill try writing more tomorrow but I promise the two chapters tomorrow for the 20 subscribers. Also, read the last part of my note for last chapter, as it is information that I really want.

love ya guys!


Holy crap I just realized my keyboard's auto correct turned to French! Ill fix it and send a couple of chapters your way. The weekend was way too busy for me so sorry...
Gabe Gabe
updaaaaaaaaaaaaate im dying :3
Dont worry! I think its absolutly amazing :)
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul
I'm so sorry. I don't feel good today so tomorrow three for you to forgive me? Plus I tried to write but I kept pressing the wrong thing and the goddamn thing deleted like three times!
Gabe Gabe
more more moooreee in the midnight hourrr I cried moore mooreee morreeee
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul